Yes, that’s right. Seafood from the gulf will be deemed safe if some guy comes by, smells it, and says it smells okay.

Gulf seafood must pass the smell test

That’s right. I can see this implemented in so many other ways. You go into an Emergency Room because you have chest pain. They’re jammed (it’s so tough to fit all those Spanish language interpreters in there!) and you walk up to the Obama DeathCare Assessment Desk. If you’re under 50 and look like there’s still some tax generating left in you, you get directed to take a number to see a doctor. In probably 6-8 hours (Hey! don’t complain, at least it’s the same day! Ungrateful peasant!). If you’re over 50 a guy comes over to you, smells you, and declares that you’re just fine.

Frustrated man in Sweden sewed up his own leg after ER wait

And from the system our new Medicare Death Panel Czar thinks is the perfect model for us:

Woman in England miscarries after waiting 3 hours in emergency room.


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  1. Slimfemme says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready. Unless this disaster is repealed, my suggestion is to prepare yourselves!!! Please maintain or start living a healthy lifestyle. Also please let your physicians know where you stand on this government run healthcare!! Even in emergencies, government healthcare will be a nightmare!!! So get the word out to doctors, nurses, therapists!!! This is a matter of life and death!!!

  2. Pathman says:

    Our FDA inspector for a hospital blood bank in Alaska had a background in fish processing. I never saw him smell the blood.

  3. Pat_S says:

    Well, you have to admit, sometimes the answer is right under our nose.
    ‘Sniff code’ device controls wheelchair

  4. brandonj says:

    Wow, the Obama Administration has managed to take stupidity to an entirely new level. A smell test? How does one smell toxins contained within the tissues of seafood because they developed in water polluted by petroleum? Just because it doesn’t smell like oil doesn’t mean it’s safe! I’ll tell you what-I’ll eat gulf seafood that was only subjected to a smell test after Barry and his merry band of dumbasses does!

  5. lord-ruler says:

    None of it would pass my smell test fish stinks!!

  6. MRFIXIT says:

    Believe it or not, the USDA has employed “super-smellers” for decades to determine the freshness of seafood. Some people have more than double the average amount of scent detecting cells, and can sniff out problems long before anyone else can. Super-smellers can earn big bucks, because they are rare. Dogs and cats have much better olefactory capabilities, but they can’t talk, and might eat all the best seafood! Another place super-smellers are employed, is in natural gas leak detection. They can smell the additive Mercaptan (distilled essence of crapola) before VOC detectors begin registering gas.

  7. brandonj says:

    Understood Mr. Fixit, but I’d prefer that they rely on some scientific testing as well, such as chemical analysis of the water where the seafood comes from and some chemical testing of the seafood as well. And still, I wouldn’t eat it until Barry and his band of thugs does first. I refuse to believe everything is ok just because they say so…

  8. thierry says:

    all the seafood especially shell fish we get in the shop come with little tags certifying where it was fished from and by who and that it passed inspection. we’re required by law to keep these tags for several months after using the sea food. this has been in place for some time.

    a gross old skool trick for chicken meat that has gone iffy was running it through bleach water. some of the sick stuff i have seen…you’d never eat again.

    everything you ever wanted to know about seafood safety but were afraid to ask.( i had to learn all this and be certified. in my state at any food plant someone HACCP certified has to be on site at all times when it’s operating.)

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