**Updated 8/30 with more pics!**

You guys look fabulous! Here are a few of my favorite pics from today.

In case you missed it or want to see it again, go to Conservatives4Palin for video of Sarah’s speech. And LAT: Social media wrap: Glenn Beck rally, Sarah Palin light up Google Realtime

Beck featured this pic on his 8/30 show today, with Palin praying prior to her speech at the rally. She didn’t know they were photographing her and did give permission when asked to show it. As I mentioned in my Tweet with this pic, it’s the private moments that say the most about us. I think this and the CSpan ‘Amazing Grace’ Palin moment, speak volumes about her character.

And here’s a link to Glenn Becks page of pics from the event, including the one of Palin praying prior to her speech.

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  1. LJZumpano says:

    the pictures say it all. wow
    God Bless us all and God Bless America.

  2. ShArKy666 says:

    this was GREAT!!…i found it very disappointing though that the c span cameras DID NOT show beck hugging alveda king before she spoke…hmmm…i wonder whyyyyy?

  3. IloiloKano says:

    Top three favorite pics… Hmmm… In some ways, Tammy, you are so very predictable. 😉

    I wish I could get that overhead Mall shot in resolution like this one I found on TwitPic: http://twitpic.com/2j1mt3/full, which is my current favorite.

    If we could get a few images of the entire area at that resolution, we wouldn’t have to count on estimates. We’d actually be able to count the total ourselves, but it’d admittedly take quite a while to do so.

    I’m still internally chuckling over your 3 top pics. 😀

  4. jeaneeinabottle says:

    Sarah sounded very strong and clear, the best I have heard her speak. She, I hope is gearing up for great things and to be the leader our country truly needs. I will stay away from the bickering the left wants to do and hold in my heart what really happened today. God is so awesome and is in control, so all who wish to stand with him need to decide and open their heart, get on your knees and pray for more time and courage/wisdom/grace. Hang on TAMS and hunker down, you KNOW it will get bumpy at the least before it gets better. What I do know, we have so much more of what it takes! God Bless you and America.

  5. JuanitaDugas says:

    My husband and I attended the 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally at the Lincoln Memorial and felt envelopoed in a cocoon of patriotic brothers and sisters. All of us so proud of our military heroes present on stage being honored today, those still serving, those who served like my husband, and those who will never come home. I’m so grateful for Glenn’s vision, fabulous ogranization and inspirational message of Faith, Hope and Charity. Dr. Alveeda King was so exuberant and brave; she continues her devotion to her heritage and continues to persue the DREAM for us all. Oh yeah, Sarah was here too, stunning as always, but today she was just a proud Mom of a military man. But we all know she’s so much more, however, there was no politics today. NICE!! Proud to represent you Tammy and those who couldnt be there.

  6. sanmaz says:

    I watched the entire event. I got chills many times, especially when Sarah Palin spoke. She is truly the only one I see as our next President.
    I am the wife of a veteran and know how difficult it is having your loved one leave you. My husband was in the Navy on a ship during Vietnam. Many months would got by time and time again not knowing when I would see next.

  7. DaveVA says:

    I could not attend and am just now looking at the pictures. Have goose bumps already. Can’t wait to watch the replay when available.

  8. naga5 says:

    in addition to being bitter and clingy, i am also the “E” word-evangelical. i have my set list ready for my funeral. like sarah, i get emotional when honoring the military and i always tear up when bagpipes play amazing grace. i didn’t include it in my playlist when i’m dead because i thought bagpipes at an asian funeral was even too kinky for me! (i did include country music.) anyway, newton’s story behind amazing grace is pretty dang cool, read up.
    i was in DC back in ’97 for the big Promisekeepers rally. i have wonderful stories of that time. say what you will about that movement, but i was reminded today of what i felt back then; that there is so much more that unites us than separates us.
    urkel wants us divided, like any adolescent teenager would; pitting the little people against “the man”, the unfairness of it all and how we need to claim what which we have not earned, because we are entitled to it.
    the founders said that god gave us life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
    we have life, no one argues that. we are here, moron.
    we have liberty, the freedom of choice. progressives will argue that we are pawn-like victims of society-that we have no say in how our lives are. i personally reject this. we can do things!
    we have the pursuit of happiness, not the guarantee of it. we can pursue that which makes us happy. we prudently stop where our pursuits hurts other people. we try to do what we like, what we are good at, without hurting society.
    and where the founders sought to use the word property instead of pursuit of happiness; i say, same difference. god says we chase after what we want to own. my friend phil said that with his business, we offer a good service at a fair price, take it or leave it. it is his. crappy business has its own cost and lack of success. you reap what you sow. that which is ours, is ours. my good decisions are mine, my bad decisions are mine. where there is cause, there is effect. that is truly what going commando is, to be answerable to those who support you! only urkel thinks that cause and effect is no longer in play; that there are only excuses, inheritances of circumstances and victimizations.
    i am encouraged by today’s events.
    we honored those who truly sacrificed and continue to sacrifice their lives and livelihood for you and me.
    we pledge to remember that god is ultimately in control and we need to ask him for wisdom.
    we need to restore the position that which god has blessed us with. as a country, we have been honored to allow each and everyone of us to have, as john wooden said, “the self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” no guarantees, just knowing that you did what you could do.
    now bring on november, i can see it from here!

  9. larrygeary says:

    I just got back from 8/28. I was somewhere between the end of the reflecting pool and the WW2 memorial, toward the left side but with a direct shot of the stage. Those pictures don’t do justice to how far away the stage was. I could barely see it in binoculars, and even through a 700mm lens Sarah looked the size of an ant. But technically speaking, I did see her. 🙂

    The crowd was awesome. As you can see it filled the reflecting pool area, both overflow areas, and people kept coming until the crowd stretched almost to the Washington Monument. Our bus leader says this crowd was much bigger than last year’s 9/12 event. I think 1 million is a reasonable estimate of the size. And we all sang “Amazing Grace”.

    I enjoyed the companionship of like-minded people on the bus trip, but was frustrated that they liked Sarah Palin, liked her speech, yet didn’t think she should be the 2012 presidential candidate. “Her voice is too high pitched.” “She has too much baggage, like Newt Gingrich.” Sigh.

    Odd that our Teaparty bus leader had never seen Glenn Beck’s show and didn’t know much about him. He’s now been educated. 🙂

    • BeforeGoreKneel says:

      On their 11pm news, NBC’s Philadelphia affliate channel 3 claimed 100,000 attended Beck’s rally and “a crowd of thousands” for whaziname. They were careful to do their live stand-up piece at the head end of whaziname’s parade. I had to laugh when their reporter’s line about Sarah was pretty much: ‘Palin, the Tea Party leader, also spoke.’

  10. Whitney_pip says:

    We at C4P decided that this event gave us not goosebumps but “moosebumps”. Truly inspirational! 🙂

  11. Tinker says:

    Thanks for adding the pic of Palin praying! One more indication she’s just like us, praying before big moments (and little ones too!) 😮

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