Last night as I was watching the Fiorina/Boxer debate here in California for our senate seat another debate was underway in Arizona. Governor Jan Brewer faced her opponent Attorney General Terry Goddard in an hour long debate focusing on a number of issues. It’s what happened during the opening remarks, however, that has most people talking. In what was either stage fright or simply a brain freeze, Brewer drew a 13-second blank in the middle of her opening remarks. It is a painful thing to watch, and she has been mercilessly skewered for it all day. Interestingly, Obama’s mob continues its war against that state (and all others) day after day, yet Jan Brewer has a misstep of a few seconds and it becomes national news fodder.

It is worth remembering this is a woman not only trying to protect her state from invasion, but is also dealing with a federal government that is acting as though it is on the side of the invaders. Running a state in this country as we have a president working to destroy this nation must be difficult enough, let alone then having to deal with federal lawsuits, international lawsuits, death threats, and the murder of your constituents by illegal aliens and invading drug cartels. The environment Brewer faces on a daily basis presents a sort of personal and political pressure most of us would never be able to endure.

Her position on SB 1070 and subsequent work as governor has put her nicely ahead of her opponent, and she will survive this. Governor Brewer’s deer-in-the-headlights moment is a reminder that anything can happen during a campaign and reinforces the importance of not wavering in our support for this woman and the state of Arizona. Here’s one of the more decent pieces of coverage of the event, and the video itself.

Jan Brewer’s Debate & The Fed’s Continued Attack On Arizona

The Fed Continues To Pressure Arizona & Governor Jan Brewer

In a recent debate that Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer conducted with opponent Democrat Terry Goddard on live TV, the pressure that the feds have been exerting shows. Appearing awkward and tired from the strain of defending her state from the continued vicious attacks by the federal government over the illegal immigration issue, the debate took an abrupt turn.

In a move that will undoubtedly delight liberals as they conduct their unwavering assault upon Arizona with boycotts and frivolous litigation, Governor Jan Brewer began the debate with a few positive statements about what her administration had been able to achieve, but was obviously under pressure…Showing the strain of the last few months and what the price of courage in her convictions and protecting the interests of her people has taken out of her, Governor Jan Brewer was obviously distraught and weakened. She abruptly ended the news interview amidst the hammering of reporters and her Democratic opponent, Terry Goddard.

The latest on Obama’s war against the people of Arizona:

First, the good news: Wyoming Man Donates $1.5M to Defend Arizona Immigration Law in Court (HT Chris)

New evidence undermines feds’ case against Arizona

LAT: U.S. sues Arizona sheriff in civil rights probe

CSM: Joe Arpaio: Why is Obama administration suing an outspoken Arizona sheriff?

Washington Times: EDITORIAL: Obama administration indicts America

American Thinker: U.N. report clearly not treason, just treasonous

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  1. Slimfemme says:

    The woman is obviously tired; it was a brain freeze. We’ve all seen her perform in her duties. She’s not an incompetent who can’t handle her job. If Arizona voters hold this against her, shame on them!!

  2. radargeek says:

    I’d rather have 15 seconds of silence from her than have to hear one more second from dumb-ass-in-chief. United We Stand? You other state citizens that think you are above all this harassment have another thing coming! You need to get off your @$$ and show your support for AZ and AZ’s Governor! Don’t think your sovereignty is safe from the domino effect!!

  3. Tinker says:

    She won’t lose a single vote over it, but whoever goes after her for this will only look petty. My thoughts echo Tammy’s, Can you imagine the pressure she’s been under? and continues to be under every day? She’s only human (and probably is in desperate need of some times off).

    As I’ve entered my forties I’ve noticed that even the most simple of words fly completely out of my mind in the middle of a sentence. So I can’t help but sympathize with her on this.

  4. varmint says:

    I like Governor Brewer even more. She is obviously giving 100%, defending Arizona’s State powers, against the oppression of Federal Democrat political offensives in the courts, trying to protect the people and borders, not on vacation every other week like the Presididn’t.

  5. Artgal says:

    Thank you for your observations and insights on this, Tammy. Unfortunately, there are morning shock jocks in Tucson (sure it’s happening elsewhere) completely mocking Brewer on this. What can you expect from little boys who have never had to face the REAL challenges Brewer is dealing with? Oh, and the mocking comes from so-called ‘conservatives’. Love how the GOP eats their own.

    You can give your opinion on a poll they are conducting on one radio station:

    When I saw Brewer pause, the first thing I wanted to do is give her a hug and tell her we’ve got her back – most of us do! The strain on her is apparent and all one has to do is look at her as she’s speaking. Does it mean this job is too much for her? Not at all! She will win HANDILY!

    Brewer just took over Napolitano’s disaster in January of last year. In those 19.5 months, she has indeed cut programs/spending in this state for which I applaud her. If it weren’t for 3 Republicans in the state house, Napolitano’s disastrous budget of 2008 (credited with our current nightmare) would have never been implemented – not to mention the many years prior Napolitano took us through a collision course – with a GOP led house. Brewer was the one left to clean it all up. I didn’t agree with her 1% tax increase proposal, but she did let it go to a ballot decision & Arizonans voted for it.

    Considering the news coming from the feds on delivering 30 of the 3000 troops we asked for and coming out against Sheriff Joe, Gov. Brewer – our entire state, I would hope people would realize the gravity of this situation and be more forgiving of our governor’s momentary pause. I don’t envy her position. She’s the one who has to respond to the feds, the lawsuits, the UN review, the continued assaults from Mexican Marxist groups such as Derechos Humanos who have issued a new campaign this week launching a ‘witness’ program: anyone being asked about their legal status is to contact a number set up by Derechos Humanos and it will be investigated and filmed. The city of Tucson already has Isabel Garcia, Derechos Humanos activist & Pima Co. public defender, who should have been fired, jailed and deported 2 years ago when she led a group of teens to beat a pinata of Sheriff Joe, sever it’s head and walk around with it in the parking lot of Barnes & Noble as Sheriff Joe was signing books inside ( If that’s not hate, I don’t know what is. Leave it to city gov’t in Tucson to find nothing wrong with those actions. Napolitano didn’t mind either. Oh, and Garcia has also said the Krentz murder was a set up by law enforcement to place blame on illegals. Priceless.

    This is just a fraction of what Brewer is dealing with. She’s also on the frontline and has to pursue this head-on as an example to other states interested in having their own version of SB1070. If she backs down, it’s over. That’s why she is NOT backing down! She’s taking one for the rest of the nation, and for that, she needs our prayers, support and presence. I say ‘presence’ because we all have to be in this fight against the powers that be in some way.

    This is a war not only against a governor and a state, but against every person who wants to secure this nation from invasion and to keep it from undergoing ‘fundamental change’. Make no mistake: we are at WAR! It was not what we brought, but it’s what is being handed to us and now, we have to defend ourselves against our own government. Jan Brewer is the leader in that fight. When you see the feds tightening the noose around Arizona, attacking a 78-year-old sheriff who has complied with their requests for records, visits, etc. then lying about him, lying about our state law and our legal citizens in AZ, you are watching an administration employing tactics both Stalin and Hitler would be proud of! We are being made an example to other states of what happens when you don’t bow down to Obastard.

  6. morecowbell says:

    She blinked, it’s too bad and it’s that simple. She is a professional politician, performing under extreme stress, exhausted and overwhelmed are all part of the job. This faux pas will be a good test of her resiliency: an opportunity. We’ll see how she bounces back, but I highly doubt this will impact her ability to retain her position in November.

    • Artgal says:

      Excuse me, Morecowbell – having your state being sued by the fed due to having a state law that is enforcing federal law is NOT ‘part of the job’! Neither is having our state law submitted to the geniuses and human rights champions in the effing UN, or having an administration supporting groups undermining your state, or who are on a full scale agenda to demonize people in AZ, harass them, lie about them – do you see how far this can go? That is not normal procedure in the United States of America! Gov. Brewer has definitely been delivered a task that is very unique in American history, and God obviously felt she was up to the task when she ‘just happened’ to be next in line for the governor’s seat last year.

      What does she have to ‘bounce back’ from? She didn’t fall to begin with! She has not strayed from SB1070, fighting the feds in court, delivering on SB1070, trying to get help for border patrol, cutting spending in AZ – none of that has fallen! She has a pause in a debate and is supposed to suffer? Puh-lease!

      As for being a ‘professional politician’, let me be very clear: she’s a human being first – and THAT’s what is coming through in this – she’s REAL!

      Note that she’s so real that she didn’t need a g**d**** teleprompter to take over for her!

  7. Artgal says:

    As for her resiliency – hasn’t her undying support for our state law and overall, our state shown ‘resiliency’?

    • morecowbell says:

      Ok.. I get it, but you are not reading my comments correctly, I have not listened to the podcast yet, but I hope Tammy pointed out a few of the following points:

      First: Brewer never should have been in the debate in the first place, there was nothing she could gain. Her peeps never should have let her do it, someone needs to be fired.

      Second: No more Kool Aid for anyone: We don’t do our politicians any favors by not pointing out their mistakes/weaknesses. It does not mean we don not have their back, the goal is to help them improve with confidence. The strategy of promoting/defending politicians without a critical eye is how we got Obama.

      Third: The 13 second gaff itself is not important, nor the point: it will have little influence on the election. The reaction to the gaff (by the media and the left) is what needs to analyzed, it exposes their weakness: image over substance. Hopefully, Brewer is savvy enough (i.e. resilient) to ignore the Gaff all together and continue with her message, which has been the antidote to the left’s strategy. The last thing she needs is to be knocked off message.

      Fourth: I see this situation as an opportunity. Arizona has become a microcosm for what we can expect in the 2010/2012 elections. We need to be aware of how folks react to the unexpected and learn from it: what works and what does not. If you think Brewer is in a bad pickle, imagine what it is going to be like in 2012. Candidates need to know how to steel themselves and folks like Brewer, Palin and Haley are going to be examples of how to survive the onslaught.

      Lastly: Take it easy, I am on your side. I like Brewer and was disappointed in her performance (and politicians, like athletes and musicians, are performers to a certain extent). Save your passion for November.. we are going to need it …(-;

      • Tammy says:

        Hi cow, I do think I answered your questions re the Brewer situation. I, too, was concerned that she had agreed to do the interview when there was nothing to gain, but I have since learned she had to do it to receive some sort of matching fund situation in Arizona. And lastly, I agree with your point re not addressing gaffes or mistakes. What I consider is whether or not the enemy will glom onto something, and the benefit we have of being able to answer criticism of our candidate or even concerns within our own cadre re a certain candidate. More information is always better, and being able to confront attacks on our candidates makes up more powerful.

  8. Winegirly says:

    This woman must be exhausted…if only she could have had 1 of Obama’s 6 vacations.

  9. DogOnCrack says:

    I’m willing to bet that Governor Brewer knows exactly how many states there are as well as the difference between a breathalyzer and an inhalator and how to pronounce the word corpsmen.

    From now on all our candidates should remember to use any moments of speechlessness to tell us all about their favorite kind of pie!

  10. smokyboy says:

    When she acknowledged Larry, Barry and Terry, I think she may have had a Winkin, Blinkin and Nodd comical “thought association” moment and just had a brain f*rt. I would too, I think. No big deal. It’s abundantly clear that Jan Brewer is sharp and focused individual that believes in the adage, “When in command, command”. Go Jan!

  11. jerocat says:

    U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 10:

    No State shall, without the Consent of Congress,
    lay any duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace,
    enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power,
    or engage in War,
    or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.
    Governor Jan Brewer,

    According to our Declaration of Independence, you and the citizens of the State of Arizona have the natural rights to life, liberty and property. No one from the District of Columbia* has the authority to stop you in your lawful defense. The rules of engagement are spelled out clearly in the above text from Article I, Section 10, the CFTUS and in its evil twin the COTUS.

    * The District of Columbia:
    – a box of land designed to contain the federal government,
    – originally 10 miles by 10 miles square overlapping the Potomac River (100 sq. miles, now 68.3 sq. miles) but reduced when Geo. Washington angrily revoked the gift his Virginia land, (Even then, he thought it was too big.)
    – now owned and operated by the International Monetary Fund.

  12. Teri says:

    Is this what Jans opponents will use against her and claim she will not be able to serve the people of Arizona ? Who among the human race has not lost their train of thought before & stumbled on a reply ? They must be kidding and very desperate.

  13. jeaneeinabottle says:

    I think she was just realizing just how STUUUUPPID it was right after she mentioned Larry, Curly and MO! I can imagine what her thought WAS, probably what I thought, SHE HAS TO SIT THERE WITH THESE IDIOTS! And she had to FORCE herself to say SOMETHING! I’m surprised it wasn’t longer than it was. I can’t believe we’re talking about this but this is Urkels world and crap like this I guess matters because some people can’t figure it out what this poor woman HAS BEEN THROUGH! Your own government SUIING YOU AND SIDING WITH THE SCUMBAG ACROSS THE BORDER! The democrats gave that scumbag/pres of mexico a STANDING OVATION to come over here and TRASH HER! Deeeeeep breath, I think Gov Brewer deserves a GOLD MEDAL and a trip to HAWAII not the crappy job of Gov of AZ!

  14. ffigtree says:

    Believe me. I have had my fair share of awkard moments of silence where I have totally forgotton what I was going to say. Too many brain teasers and puzzles I guess! LOL

  15. thierry says:

    so typical that this woman , someone in direct opposition to It, gets grilled and flayed over saying nothing while those who enable the criminal murderous rampage of illegal thugs or those involved in feeding what’s left of the Constitution and rule of law through the shredder are never confronted or called to answer for all the ill they have actually done.

    at least the woman cares about protecting her citizens instead of what people will say or perhaps even do to her( because they are THAT sick.).

    if only the worst thing urkel could be accused of is a momentary disconnect with his brain i.e. TOTUS. can we get this upset over a woman being stoned to death for ‘ adultery’ or people doing culturally appropriate duct tape swathed terrorist dry runs?

    america suing arizona while indulging islamic nazi states on the UN human rights council. mexican gangs controlling the entire country and executing browner skinned poorer mexicans en masse while suing arizona themselves. it would be laughable if innocent people didn’t die miserable cruel deaths amid the hypocrisy and political vogueing. i don’t care if she has an outbreak of Tourettes while standing on her head- she is doing the right thing and doing the right thing now is a very lonely dangerous place.

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