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This time it’s about the state’s standards for English teachers. Arizona wants them to be fluent in English. The feds assume this is bigotry.

Feds probing claims of bias against Arizona’s non-native English speaking teachers

The federal government is investigating whether Arizona has discriminated against teachers who are not native English speakers, state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne confirmed Tuesday.

The state Department of Education for years has been monitoring English fluency of teachers who instruct English learners, but in April began instructing districts to fire teachers who weren’t proficient in the language.

At issue is a push by the state Department of Education to get tough on teachers who lack basic English skills or whose grammar is considered so poor that it could detract from children’s ability to learn.

This action goes on the stack with other federal harassment against Arizona.

In addition to suing Arizona over SB 1070, federal officials have named the state in a federal court case over its programs for English-language learners.

The federal government has brought a case against the Maricopa Community Colleges for asking legal immigrants to show their green cards before employment.

And federal civil-rights officials recently sent a letter to state education officials saying two state practices – identifying which students require English-learning services and for how long – violate federal law.

The federal government wants to punish Arizona and smear Arizonans as bigots. They also want to intimidate other states. Don’t go near anything remotely connected to immigration or we’ll poke and probe you until it hurts.

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  1. Artgal says:

    Here is Tom Horne back in May being interviewed on a news program in Phoenix about the English fluency situation – something AZ has been enforcing since 2003, but it only became a problem after SB1070 was signed.


    It was federal law that prompted the English fluency standards so I guess we’ll be punished for, yet again, enforcing another federal law. Go figure.

  2. varmint says:

    It’s clear that a bunch of Feds have got to be fired. I want to elect the right conservatives to get these creeps out of our government. We will need people with the drive to investigate and prosecute the real crimes taking place in our government lately. The malfeasance, the dereliction of duty, the possible treason, all has to be looked into thoroughly.

  3. TheresaMC says:

    We left the public schools and so are many others (the private schools in pasadena, Calif. are REALLY liberal but not as bad as the Public schools). Everyone who can needs to leave the public schools and let them be what many already are and that is schools for illegals.

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