So as to not be a spoiler, if you want to know whether or not Bristol survived Round 2 at Dancing with the Stars, click through for the answer.

Bristol is safe and will dance another week!

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  1. jeaneeinabottle says:

    Yay, the Hillbuzz guys had her coming in 3rd in phone votes, there must be a site out there that measures the online and text votes, we shall see. Hope you’re doing better Tammy, take your time we’ll be ok. (but we do miss you)

  2. angelaisms says:

    I was so glad they addressed “Boogate.” Very classy, DWTS. Bravo!

  3. Rob_W says:

    I am so proud of our future First Daughter! I was so excited about Bristol the Pistol’s performance , I replayed it over and over again on my TIVO and forgot to vote. oops!

    This is great PR for Sarah. Loved the visit to their home – even got a glimpse of the anti-pervert fence!

  4. otlset says:

    That means Tripp is a son of a gun! (Dang me, oughta take a rope and hang me)

  5. Ayeboots says:

    At the end of Dancing With The Stars, ABC announced that Bristol was being
    investigated about an occourance in the performance and it would be on the
    11 Pm news. Now, what was that bit of network garbague about? Haven’t
    heard a word since – is the lame stream is getting lamer, or what?.

  6. jap81 says:

    It was not in the performance. It based on the fact that Bristol went to a restaurant in Alaska to watch her dance partner Mark Ballas sing. The lamestream media chose to go with the meme that it was a bar. It is just so dumb, a non-story that apparently some in Alaska want to use to hurt the Palins.

  7. naga5 says:

    people want to hurt the palin family out of pure spite?
    color me friggin shocked!

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