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Karl Rove on Fox News Sunday, again attacking Christine O’Donnell. Wallace and Rove discuss nothing about Chris Coons but focus on the overwhelmingly important national issue of O’Donnell’s comments about “witchcraft” 11 years on a TV show, referring to something when she was in high school. Yeah, focusing on that instead of how liberals and Dems are making a bonfire of this nation sure makes sense.

O’Donnell responds to the absurdity of the issue. O’Donnell: No Witchcraft Since High School — If so, Rove Would be a Supporter LOL!

Malkin: Bill Maher’s witch hunt — and the missing context for O’Donnell’s remarks; Update: O’Donnell responds

What are Rove and every other establishment operative trying to do? They want to “change the subject” from the dangerous incompetence of the political establishment to, er, witchcraft. Here’s Howard Dean explaining it to a bunch of Austrian students in May of this year.

For first time in months, President Obama attends church publicly

DSCC first ad for DE senate race? Nothing about how great their guy is, just another attack on Christine O’Donnell

Support Bristol Palin! Vote for her on Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars: How to Vote

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  1. franknitti says:

    Egad! Margaret Cho and David Hasselhoff?????????

  2. mrcannon says:

    O’Donnell Derangement Syndrome, anyone?

  3. thierry says:

    RINO / Democrat think tank, subject: icky girls –

  4. morecowbell says:

    Thanks for the Howard Dean comments and analysis, it was right on target, perfect example of what has gone wrong with our political system.

    The antidote is the emerging strategy Chris Christie has been using. He goes right into the belly of the beast, tells the truth, lays out a strategy and doesn’t back down. His appearance and speech about state pension reform at the NJ Firefighters Convention in Wildwood provides a great contrast to the elitist strategery we all have been fed for the past 2 decades.

    Here is a link to part of the speech from a local PBS station. You need to click on the link named “Christie Pension Reforms” on the right hand side of the media player to skip to the part of the show with the segment.

    Note: Christie uses no notes or prepared statements: he owns his policy and doesn’t waver despite being booed and heckled.

  5. Pat_S says:

    More reports of Christine O’Donnell’s kookiness are starting to pour in. Reliable sources say she once believed in the tooth fairy and wrote letters to Santa Claus. She was observed on different occasions crossing her fingers or making knocking gestures on furniture while muttering the incantation, “knock on wood”. News networks are trying to confirm rumors that she once tossed salt over her shoulder. Stay tuned.

    • Artgal says:

      I totally see the connection between O’Donnell’s belief in the tooth fairy and her later interest in witchcraft. It appears a quarter actually appeared under her pillow every single time she lost a tooth after performing the sleeping ritual so necessary for summoning the tooth fairy in the middle of the night. O’Donnell’s obsession in corresponding with Santa Claus was not helped when she woke up to find presents under the tree on Christmas Day filled with things she told Santa she wanted.

      I’m beginning to have concerns about O’Donnell; after all, I’m reading the latest tweet from Karl Rove that OD is believed to have picked her nose when she was 4; did not handle her finances well when landing on Boardwalk when it had a hotel on it resulting in an embarrassing Monopoly loss in 1985; and her abuse of other’s property when she spilt milk on a kitchen counter after preparing a bowl of Lucky Charms (cereal for witch-wannabes).

  6. jiaconis says:

    Props to Tammy,

    Since I’v gone commando I will put forth a few totally disingious examples of what the Lame Stream media has totally ignored. So, Christine O’Donnell did some witchcraft in Highschool.
    So what, Bill Clinton smoked pot, the lame stream meda said it was just a youthful mistake,
    G.W. Bush got busted at least twice for DUI, which means that he probably drove drunk many more time than that. And, now our fearless leader admits to indugling in Coke in College. The lame stream media say it was just youthful mistakes. Funny they don’t give Christine the same benefit of the doubt. So she on Holloween she did some highschool witch stuff. It’s been over 20 years ago, I have changed in the past 20, so have most people.

    Her opponent in his college admits he is a marxist, and is commited to bringing down the capolist system, not one word from and lame-Stream media outlet, This total Bullshit and gives me another reason to support Christine…

    The lame stream media say it was just youthful mistakes. Funny they don’t give Christine the same benefit of the doubt

  7. Conservatarian says:

    Want to talk about a defective candidate, how about Nathan Deal in GA. Thanks alot establishment for this one. We had a great Palin/Tea Party Candidate with Karen Handel but no, Huckabee and Gingrich came in here and supported Deal. After this and the Rove Tantrum, I cancelled all my RNC/GOP communications and voting Libertarian for GA Gov. If the Dem wins, well, too bad for us all thanks to the elite establishment GOP.

  8. Mutnodjmet says:

    Tammy: I know you reference Christina Hendricks of Mad Men quite a bit, who I also admire for style and acting ability. Therefore, you may find my post today amusing:

    MAD MEN PASSION INDEX for a rating on the November election.

    I listen via podcast; I will be very interested in hearing your take on the Delaware Senate Race.

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