**UPDATE: With so much going on, I’ve decided to make this week’s “Palin Report” public. The podcast is now accessible at the bottom of this post.**

C-Span video: Sarah Palin at Iowa Republican Partyโ€™s annual Ronald Reagan Dinner

Palin Opens Up About Possible 2012 Run, Says She’s Willing to ‘Give It a Shot’

Des Moines Register: Sarah Palin: GOP, Itโ€™s time to unite

Jim DeMint’s Take America Back PAC

Ambinder: Will the White House Play the Palin Card? My suggestion? Please do.

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  1. IloiloKano says:

    I have a weird feeling about that bear logo. It sort of remind me of the Russian Bear for some reason. Something about the star? I don’t know. I hope others don’t get the same feeling, because I like Sarah. Just get someone to redraw the bear so it looks a little less Russki. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. RuBegonia says:

    Lady from Alaska” was the Drudge Report headline on August 29, 2008. Eons of Ions have passed through the “INTER-WEB-TUBES” since then.

  3. BenPeter says:

    “Sarah Palin drew the largest crowd here tonight in the history of the Iowa Republican Partyโ€™s Ronald Reagan Dinner โ€“ more than 1,500 people.โ€ Impressive.

  4. thierry says:

    although there are only 8 types of bear they are an enduring part of the human psyche- most every hunter/ fisher tribe had/have bear cults( the name Arthur means bear as does Bjorn. Ber in yiddish today in israel translated to hebrew as Dov is a popular name.). bears are prominent in native north american culture- it’s right they are important to places like alaska. it was noted that they were peaceful foraging animals until provoked or having their cubs threatened then they became fierce unstoppable warriors. the bear is the official animal of finland too and the kingdom pf persia but people only seem to think of russia when they see a bear used as a graphic representation. bears are in the bible symbolically used exactly as sarah palin has used them and as many ancient pagan cultures viewed them.

    the star is important because of the constellation that is the pole star, the hub of the universe, polaris in ursa(meaning= she bear) minor. ursa major, the great bear, also known as the big dipper points the way to the pole star which previously had been alpha draconius, the head of the dragon which accounts for the importance of dragons in so many cultures. the association of bears and the stars is ancient and predates mother russia and communism. ursa major rules the stars and is the protectress of the axis mundi . from homer to king arthur all you do is have to look up to see the ‘ myths’ that were being described. the stars we are.

    i think this would be an excellent momma grizzly banner save for the fact that these deranged damaged little boys probably fantasize about being spanked by conservative women:

    A bear hunt gone wrong-

  5. Mrs. Malcontent says:

    Plus, they make a darn good football team!

  6. KarenAllen says:

    Thank you for the shout, Tammy! The race for November is ramping up more than ever, and we need every soul willing to give what they can to help the Governor’s endorsed candidates. I’ve been in touch with many, and they need phone calls, door knocking, and $ for ads. The liberals are not going down without a fight…a pitiful fight to watch, but annoying and costly nonetheless since the LSM is in their pocket…and we’ve got to face them now or sit through worse later.

    Whether it’s spending an hour a week phone banking or hosting a fundraiser dinner or saturating the internet with truth, we need those boots on the ground and fingertips at the keyboard.

    Thank you again for your support, Tammy. I’ll see you in Chicago at the C4P meet. Oh, and @thierry, nice synopsis on the bear logo. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  7. naga5 says:

    just saw the cspan video of the speech.
    nice shout out to you tammy! ๐Ÿ™‚
    just a quick observation on palin’s speech. she seems to open many of her speeches with loving freedom and thanking out troops.
    it must gnaw at urkel being entirely unable to love our freedom and hate our military. palin opens with it and urkel cannot even muster the words.
    odd, no teleprompter at palin’s speech.
    well, off to the gym and listen the tammy’s podcast!

  8. ffigtree says:

    Yeah for Palin’s shout-out to YOU! ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Rightmindedmom says:

    I missed it when I listened to the speech. Thanks for pointing it out, Tammy, and for replaying it. Right after your name, she said, “all y’all”! That’s a southern term that I only have known for about 10 years, not being from the south.

    Sarah’s bringing all the factions of We the People together, to fight against the Left, and restore the America that we haven’t known since Ronald Reagan.

    Thanks for replaying that, and thanks also for your Palin Report. I’ll meet you in Chicago!!

    Mom in Wisconsin

  10. Gunslingergirl says:

    Tammy, I don’t know why you said Christine O shouldn’t go to the Values Voters Summit. She shouldn’t hide who she is or try to explain away her faith or beliefs. People of faith who are also in politics have been doing that for too long. Anyway SHE ROCKED IT!

    This is no lamb for the slaughter! lol.


    • Chuck says:

      I was watching Sean Hannity speak at the Values Summit also (just before Sarah was on the podium in Iowa), and his speech was also very good and very entertaining. He went through a long list of things that Obama has done during his short tenure. His message about the importance of the midterm elections to stop the Obama agenda was right on and applicable to any forum, whether values-related or not.

    • Artgal says:

      I agree, Gunslingergirl – there is no reason at all why O’Donnell should not appear at Value Voters Summit nor should she avoid invitations from Right to Life or whatever; it is part of what she is passionate about, and the supporters she has from these groups need to know she is not going to distance herself from them or the important work of defending the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for all Americans.

      Interestingly, I just received info on endorsements from NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League). Many of these candidates have speaking engagements at NARAL forums. Will their presence at these forums raise questions as well?

      • Gunslingergirl says:

        Exactly, Artgal/Chuck! I think blue state voters will give a pro-life candidate like O’Donnell and Fiorina a chance as long as they are upfront with their beliefs and how they would govern. The priority is getting off ledge and back up to the top of the cliff…

      • Tammy says:

        And…thanks to Artgal and Gunslingergirl for making morecowbell feel comfortable being contradictory and unruly ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wouldn’t expect anything less! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • morecowbell says:

          Hey.. wait a minute…I am not contradictory! No… wait…yes I am, dang, if I am contradictory then I don’t contradict Tammy, meaning I am not contradictory. But I do contradict Tammy, which means she’s right and I agree and therefore I am not contradictory… making her wrong and I would have to contradict that making me contradictory…. hmmmm. Let’s just keep it at I’m afraid of Tammy and she has a gun. Therefore she is right, I am contradictory.

          Just saying… unruly takes a lot of effort !

    • morecowbell says:

      Thanks Gunslinger Girl . I agree with you and Artgal… I thought I was the only one! Earlier Tammy recommended Christine OD just be herself… and then to advise purposely avoid the Values Voters Summit.. what was that all about ? For Christine to downplay her faith as a strategy to woo voters would be disingenuous at best and dishonest at worse. I was surprised Tammy even went down that road.. I would even go so far as to say it was capricious !

      Thanks again, I was too afraid to point it out as Tammy frightens me.

      Oh yeah ..Christine did ROCK !! I can’t wait to see her on Fox News Sunday where it will be ROCK !! part II.

      • Tammy says:

        Apparently I wasn’t clear in why I thought she should avoid going to the Values Summit thing. First of all, it was based partly in the notion that she should stay in Delaware. Going to a summit out of state isn’t necessarily going to bring her closer to the peeps of DE. Her cancelling her appearances on Sunday morning shows was a good idea, specifically for that reason–so she could attend local events and connect with local peeps. There are a few Sundays between now and Nov 2, and I do think appearing on a show or two is a good idea, but later.

        And yes, she should be herself, but she can be herself where ever she is. My impression is the peeps of Delaware still need to get to know her. I’m not sure what she gains by going to that conference and secondly, she is running in a state which, while independent, voted for a tea Party candidate who specifically has avoided pushing on social issues during the campaign. DE knows about her faith and past (and the Lamestream Media will make sure it’s always front and center). That’s a good thing, but all of us are pretty much voting on saving our country and the Tea Party approach is allowing our tent to get bigger. Attending a summit like that could send a message that faith issues, or legislating via one’s faith, is something O’Donnell will do. I don’t think it is, which is why attending a summit like that, which could send the opposite message in the short time we have, wasn’t necessarily the smartest choice.

        Campaigns are strategic things, and the less people know about someone, the more that they do can be distorted. I just didn’t (and don’t) see the benefit of her leaving town immediately to attend a summit like that run by people who promote anti-gay and some of the other more harsh theocratic lines that have splintered the conservative movement, which is the opposite of what Tea Party has been building. I hope she’s advised on the nuances of this as we move forward.

        • Artgal says:

          I appreciate your clarification, Tammy. You’re already aware of where we disagree on some of these points – and yes, agree on others; I hope someday to be able to talk more in depth face-to-face as I started to write a more thorough response and it was becoming entirely too lengthy.

        • Gunslingergirl says:

          I hear ya Tammy! Believe me I’m no fan of the FRC and other such groups. Many are self-appointed. Like you said its about community and that’s how believers make a difference! I remember 2000/2004 casting my vote as one of those “values voters” as the media dubbed us with such hope only to be disappointed again! As a Christian I’m proud of my lifestyle. I don’t think it makes me theocratic or anti-gay (angry lightening bolt sound effect). Just kidding. Anyway, love your show lots! It was nice of you to match me up with Artgal and Morecowbell! I will try to follow you guys on Twitter etc. You rock Tammy just like Sarah and Christine! (insert Chippy laugh here) Love some Chippy!

          Much love from a Protestant non-denominational Christian in South Florida clinging to her bible and gun!


        • Gunslingergirl says:

          Whoa, gotta agree to disagree wth Two Good Legs and Carol. Sarah Palin is not opposed to attending such functions. Check out her speech at the Gospel Quartet Convention in Kentucky.

          I don’t think Jesus loves us less because we attend a mega church or judges us for having bumper sticker. It’s about community. The first thing Paul did when he came to a new city to spread the gospel was to seek out fellow believers. The community is about helping each other, keeping each other strong. No different than the Tea Partiers today. We sought each other out because we had common beliefs about this country and how it should be governed.

          I hope that secular Tea Partiers like yourselves can come to terms with the fact that they have Christians and social conservatives in the foxhole with them.

          • Carol says:

            I didn’t mean Jesus judges us or loves us any less for anything, that’s impossible for Him. Because of His love, He took our guilty judgment upon Himself, so He’s done. I was referring to how we could be perceived by young believers or unbelievers (future believers). I’m very judgmental as you can tell. ๐Ÿ˜‰
            Are you from south FL? I used to be. Well I guess I still am from there, but live in central FL now.

        • morecowbell says:

          Thanks Tammy, bless your heart, I understood exactly what you are trying to say, you made your point crystal clear in the podcast. Now I know it would not be prudent to get in a tussle with you, but what the heck, let’s go ahead and do it: I respectfully disagree. For me the issue had nothing to do with the Values Summit, it’s agenda, benefits or nuance. Simply, IMHO, from an ethical standpoint, political obfuscation is not a “strategy” but a form of dishonesty. I was surprised you would have proposed such, smart or not. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate your opinion. I am a TAM precisely because I respect your honest commentary.. you say your mind regardless. I would have it no other way.

  11. jiaconis says:

    Tammy, I just got an email from Meg Whitmans campaign, and she met with Nancy Reagan and Nancy has endorsed her run for Governer. Having worked at eBAY, I met Meg on several occasions and she always impressed me, me just a low level Document Control empolyee, she was always gracious to us “grunts” in the trenches, I think she has what it takes, to retake this once proud and productive State, and return it to it’s former glory. Jerry Brown is just a 70’s retread and is not qualified to run a city, much less what used to be the the top State in the union, Go Meg Go….

  12. LJZumpano says:

    While Iowa and New Hampshire have turned politics into a big State Fair, setting up the “rules” for MSM & the outsiders who decend upon them looking to do well in the early primaries for President, in most states and local communities, the sudden attention of candidates and the media may not be so welcome. Delaware is a small state, a “pass-thru” place which links many northerners to Virginia and Maryland. I would suppose they want to feel that they are in control of their elections, and want candidates who will speak for them, & not focus on becoming media stars for the rest of the country. Those wanting to help Christine, need to be sensitive to the folks in DE. Ask her how they can help without appearing to control her message. Providing money and volunteers is great, but not if the unruly peasants think we don’t ultimately trust their judgment to be as good as our own. Christine is fortunate that the size of the state is not so large that she can’t reach out on a very personal level. Delaware needs to believe that they have made the best choice for themselves, as well as for the rest of us. They need to know we’ve got their backs and will support the effort to bring a conservative voice to the Senate. Taking on the establishment of both parties is a huge task, and carries many risks. A victory there means so much to all of us, it’s hard not to get really pushy, but the folks in Delaware are us, and they know what is at stake. Let them breathe and know that we are here to support them in any way they want, but that we walk together to a brighter future for all.

  13. LJZumpano says:

    re the logo: It didn’t hit me at first, but thierry’s thoughts made it seem spot on. Still not sure about it, but after HillBuzz brought out that the Dem logo looks like a toilet seat, anything else is fine.

  14. jeaneeinabottle says:

    There’s a great article at about Urkel and his beliefs in God and who he thinks is the moral authority(himself) and it helped me understand the atheist thinking too. We are living in exciting times, where we the people can make a real difference! Keep praying and working hard Patriots!

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