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On Labor Day our President honored workers by vilifying business. Boiler plate Marxist rhetoric. Nasty fat cats exploiting people–the Marxist are going to end all that. Obama is working hard for labor and the fat cat “special interests” talk about him like a dog.

Just a note on honoring workers in China.

Government worker Zhu Jihong was exhausted from working extra hours on a park project when he
fell to his death. Not from a bridge or a crane or anything like that. He fell off a toilet. Don’t ask me how but he suffered severe head injuries from the fall.

He died of his wounds two days later. Because he was working overtime, on a weekend, when he suffered the fatal fall, and given his impressive work record – the man is said to have juggled three jobs without any complaint – the local authorities honoured him posthumously for “dying a hero’s death while carrying out his duties”. Zhu was also hailed as a “model party member”.

He surely died doing his duty, but still the Shanghai Daily took exception to honoring Zhu under the circumstances. It’s not like the good old days when hero workers were the likes of “Iron Man Wang” who dug for oil with his bare hands.

Funny how someone worked to the point of exhaustion and death is heroic when the Communists are in charge.

In America capitalists can talk about the President like he’s a dog. In China the workers are treated like dogs. Our President likes one of those systems better than the other.

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  1. LJZumpano says:

    I don’t understand. Americans love their dogs. They choose cute and distinct names for them. They groom them and feed them only the best. They keep them in the home, or build them houses if they need to remain outdoors. Americans treat their dogs better than people in many countries treat their children. Hollyood knows a movie with a dog will be a big hit. Who didn’t love the adventures of Rin Tin Tin or Lassie. And the dog in Frasier always got a chuckle out of the audience.
    So, why was BHO whinning about Americans treating him like a dog? I would think that would please him. I know many Americans value their dogs more than they do him.
    Two theories come to mind. Sorry, but both smell of conspiracy.
    1. He and his family don’t treat their dog Bo very well, even though he (is it a he?) shares initials of POTUS for a name, or was the dog named after Bo Diddley or Mr. BoJangles – a tricky MO could be having a private joke on the malignant narcissist who would of course assume he was the only BO of note.
    The whine may be a symptom of the treatment the man with the stinky socks gets behind closed doors in the House he shares with his mother-in-law (and we all know how they can be- with the exception of mine who was truly a saint). So, maybe the whine had a back story.
    2. This is really far out — could he really be the cultural Muslim some claim and is just repulsed by dogs, and used the “treat me like a dog” line as his way of expressing a deep hatred that he senses on the part of the American people?

  2. Brontefan says:

    BO is a Black Liberation Theologist who believes completely in Marxism; he has to use his community organizing skills to delineate the “bad” guys so his supporters will know who to hate, who to slander, and who to rally against. I attended a Tea Party yesterday and no one there believes in a single policy of this administration, yet NO ONE was racist! However, many were small business owners who are struggling in this atmosphere of anti-small business and anti-American dream. It amazes me that many of these “workers” who support this president and his Marxist policies, are the very same people who will whine the loudest when their jobs are gone and they are drone workers for the zero liability voters.

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