Exclusive: Democrats Ask Pentagon for Info on Potential Obama Challengers

Video) Sharron Angle send Joy Behar flowers. Behar Doubles Down On Angle: Calls Her “Bitch” Again. Lovely.

Miss Lindsey, apparently having been in a coma for the past 20 months, thinks the GOP “Needs To Show “Willingness To Work” With Obama”

During the weekend, John Boehner also expressed a desire to work with the maniac who’s destroying the country. Oh, then he changed his mind after everyone screamed at him. I just have 4 words for you: Michele Bachmann for Speaker.

The fake president chats with the fake news comedian.

AP has seen the 8 episodes of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” and they like it 🙂 Some interesting tidbits in the story, well worth the read. Sarah Palin plays TV tour guide in her home state

In the meantime Fat Boy (aka Karl Rove) questions Sarah Palin’s suitability for president. He mentions, as an example, that the fight for 2012 is gonna be “blood, sweat and tear.” What, like the sweat he breaks our into going from the couch to the kitchen?

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  1. thierry says:

    the bitch is going to hell , still … as opposed to being IN hell i.e. sitting next to joyless on “the view.”

    rove is Prince Puttybutt- a big fat puffy white dough boy, the face of the Republican party today that’s begging for a right good slapping. they better not start thinking they won; we’re the ones who are going to win on tuesday.

    and the orange colored prince puttybutts of the lame old party better start shutting their dough holes and obeying us. has boner decided to start channeling miss lindsey graham or is he escared of how urkel will react to losing congress? these aren’t the three branches of the US government- it’s “Heathers” with no one wanting to upset Head Heather in Chief urkel.

    don’t democrats want apple slices and carrot sticks not cookies? or is it french fries for me but not for thee?

  2. tamcat says:

    Ha ha, Karl Rove is such a pain in the head. I can’t think about him too long.

  3. franknitti says:

    Goober gets things bass ackwards as usual. The GOP needs to show no willingness to work with Urkel on anything. However, should Urkel move to the right and decide to go along with the GOP we can always decide on a case by case basis.

  4. BastiatFan says:

    So Goober thinks the Republicans need to show a willingness to “work” the Asshat in Chief? Isn’t that a little like telling a rape victim to lay back and “enjoy” it?

  5. Tirian17 says:

    I’m from OH. I second Tammy’s cry “Michelle Bachman for Speaker.” GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. We cannot let ANY politicians take us from ditch to ditch. Is caving in their DNA or something? Moral integrity, anyone? We the people gotta keep this thing on the road. The vetteran politicians can’t.

  6. Sierrasman says:

    Joy Behar is all class, LOW!!!!

  7. […] week, Tammy Bruce riffed on a line that President Obama has been using to characterize Congressional Republicans as sitting back, “sipping a Slurpee,” while […]

  8. radargeek says:

    In reference to the fat man and who is lining his pocket and who he is working for. Look at how clinton is stumping for a “make-believe-independent” formally known as a rino in florida by trying to get rid of the front running D (Kendrick Meek). Sounds like the political class made up of progressive-socialist, liberal dems and liberal rinos don’t care about crossing lines out in the open to get what they want. The fat man is part of that political-low-class. If there isn’t a better example of the liberal r’s and d’s looking out for each other and maintaining the liberal torch to burn this country to the ground, I don’t know what else will convince my fellow citizen.

  9. glwinch says:

    The Dems are going to be in their own Hell next week, and the only question will be: ‘(Do they want to be served) Crispy or Grilled?’

    As for Christine O’Donnell, I have a gut feeling she is going to be the upset of tuesday night;What Gawker just did to Christine O’Donnell was the equivalent of the disgusting funeral for Sen. Wellstone back in 2004-it ticked off voters in the worst posible way.

  10. livin2luv says:

    While Karl Rove is annoying me, I think what he’s doing will just help Palin even more in the end. She’ll be able to use him as a first class example of the Bush/Republican elites(the old guys) being out of touch and stuck in the past. I would be worried if he did like her. It’s not like Americans hang on to Rove’s every word. In the end, they’ll probably be more inclined to flee in the opposite direction.

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