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Remember: “Operation Bristol” is tonight! Practice voting for a Palin at and call 800-868-3407.

NATO official: Bin Laden, deputy hiding in northwest Pakistan

The only other show more appropriate for Obama would be “What the Hell Is Wrong With You?!” but since that show doesn’t exist, he’ll be on Mythbusters instead.

Video: Sarah Palin Slams Obama: “Shovel-Ready Jobs, My Astroturf”

🙁 Daily Beast, Newsweek End Talks On Merger

Jewish Groups Launch New Online Nazi-Looted Art Database

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  1. makeshifty says:

    Re. Obama on Mythbusters

    Gee whiz. This is so ripe for a snarky remark, but I’ll resist…

    The show is repeating itself. They already did a show at least a year ago on whether Archimedes would’ve been able to burn a ship using mirrors. They also looked at other devices, like a claw that could’ve shaken a ship to throw crew members, and cargo overboard, and possibly sink the ship. That seemed more plausible. Anyway, promoting math and science education is good, and Mythbusters does make science interesting. So I’ll chalk this up as one of Obama’s good deeds.

  2. Bigjohn6531 says:

    Re: Obama on Mythbusters

    It’s feel good media coverage for Obama but it doesn’t serve the greater national good. Although, his intentions to promote science and mathematics education for our younger generation is admirable, his main focus should be on teaching youngsters’ and politicians how to maintain a viable budget.

    He should show, through his actions, in a TV classroom atmosphere how fiduciary (budget) responsibility is essential for a strong nation and should be promoted by its’ leaders. How about, he goes on TV and gives a show for the younger generation on how to set a budget, hold to it, and decrease congresses’ over–all “pork barrel” spending.

    This would be a good lesson on how to increase the value of the American dollar instead of decreasing it. Might even entice younger people to save and invest more of their money.

    It would be a better use of his media time on TV.

  3. TheresaMC says:

    Here is the video from 2 years ago….only two years!

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