Another awkward Obama Backyard Infomercial. Video: Woman To Obama: My Son And His Friends “Are Losing Their Hope”

Really, this is now getting insane. I know Janet Napolitano probably isn’t getting any nookie, but she now just seems obsessed with wanting to see everyone naked. Oh, to say nothing of the problem of these freaks running around performing warrantless searches on Americans without cause, and radiating us in the process. Other than that, no problemo. ‘Feds radiating Americans’? Mobile X-ray vans hit US streets

The DNC/B.o.B/Obama Event.

DNC/Obama event performer B.o.B and the lyrics to his very special song, which, if we read the lyrics to someone, we’d be arrested for a hate crime.

Hmm, really not impressed. Joe Miller tweets about house-hunting in D.C., then deletes it. Joe, take nothing for granted. Lisa Murkowski presumed a bit too much during the primary. Let’s not make the same mistake in AK or anywhere else. Sheesh.

Whitman’s husband: That might be my handwriting but the letter doesn’t prove anything

Even I couldn’t impress Bob Dylan, Obama admits

Tony Curtis dies at 85

Pirates shoot US man in Mexican waters

Pics: Chernobyl – 24 years on

Fisher-Price recall is complex. Here’s how to sort it out.

White House Apologizes For Turning Away War Hero’s Family Over Shorts

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  1. makeshifty says:

    Re. the immigration issue and Whitman

    Taking a look at the Hot Air article I’m in agreement with it. All the letter says is that there’s a mismatch between the name and the SS number. The Whitmans knew that their housekeeper went by two names, so they probably assumed that was the reason for the mix-up. I’ve seen SS numbers get mixed up before. It’s not a “red flag” of anything beyond an accounting error. The letter even explicitly stated that the matter was not meant to flag anything about their housekeeper’s immigration status. Even though the Whitmans are changing their story about receiving the letter, the letter itself doesn’t sound incriminating. It’s a dud.

    I watched O’Reilly last night, and he thought the press conference the former housekeeper held looked contrived. Having seen liberals pull stunts like this before to tug on people’s emotions and distract them from the issues of governance, I’m suspicious of this as well. The nice thing about having some experience with politics is that while no one is “fool proof” in the sense that we can’t be fooled, it’s harder to be convinced by a contrivance. Hopefully the voters of CA will see this incident for what it is, however I think Dick Morris’s analysis is on the money: It’s not a matter of whether people will see through this and other such smears.

    The problem is the Democrats are playing the wrong game, because it’s the only game they know how to play right now. Morris said the voters are deeply concerned about our government’s fiscal situation, and in that case a candidate’s position on social issues just isn’t as important. What the Democrats have been missing for more than a year is that the people are concerned with money issues: the economy, the government’s spending, its debt, the solvency of entitlements, etc. The Democrats are trying to play to issues of race and it’s not flying. I guess we should hope they keep it up, even though it’s distasteful to watch.

  2. lord-ruler says:

    I am so dissapointed the link to the B.O.B lyrics doesn’t work. I am sure they were uplifting.

  3. MainelyRight says:

    Hey Tammy, Slip and Slide was the greatest…especially when you positioned it on a hill and poured Joy dish soap on the plastic sheet. It’s a wonder any of us survived. And as for the awesome hose toy, it was the Wham-O Wiggle Works. Growing up in the 60s, when toys were best.

  4. morecowbell says:

    A federal employee friend of mine took great offense at the comment in the 29th daily podcast at around the 16 minute mark at FED’s as: “big, fat bloated and on free anti-depression medication”. He wanted me to clear up a blatant lie in the comment. The FEDS do not get free anti-depression medication, they have a co-pay.

  5. aardvark says:

    Although you’ll probably be reported/sued/prosecuted for a hate crime, but there is always “Report” at

  6. BarbaraM says:

    Re: Chernobyl: And the world is allowing neophyte Iran to proceed alone…no lesson learned.

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