And next year I hear she’ll be getting the Nobel Prize for Medicine. You know, that garden is healthy! And she will make history by also being awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics for those gargantuan sweet potatoes she grows. And then she’ll receive the Grammy for her singing in the shower. Right after her husband wins an Oscar for managing to fool so many people into believing that he knew what he was doing and wouldn’t be a complete and total utter eff up as president.

But let’s get to the latest award shall we? Michelle Obama. Best Dressed. Vogue. Crackheads. That is all.

(above courtesy of DebSinger2)

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  2. eMVeeH says:


  3. angelaisms says:

    Prediction: the very people who fawn over this news are of the same sort who are incensed — INCENSED — that Bristol Palin is in the DWTS Finals.

    It’s only tangentially related to the matter at hand, so sorry about that, but I simply cannot understand the mindset of those people. I read what they’re saying, but I can’t grasp how a sentient human being can strain at such a gnat while swallowing not only camels but blue friggin’ whales without so much as a grimace. And then I feel bad for being so bewildered, because I remember how easy it was to parrot Leftist Talking Points, especially since doing so was a sure way of feeling comfortable in your own “intellectual superiority.”

    Sigh. Oh well. I guess this means we can all walk into Vogue HQ wearing wrinkled, poorly fitted, overpriced, mismatched clothing and none of them are allowed to bat an eye. Come to think of it, that kinda sounds like fun. A TAM field trip in the making — recreate your favorite FLOTUS Fashion Disaster and stand on the sidewalk outside their offices holding signs that say, “Vogue thinks I’m fashion forward too.”

    I think I need to go to bed now.

  4. animalfarm says:

    Though I keep checking, no wall of Boob Belts on display yet at JCrew.

  5. varmint says:

    Princess Letizia and the first lady of France Carla Bruni, seem to pal around a bit. I wonder if they kind of consulted about outfits before going on this outing? I bet they have seen various versions of photos taken at this venue before…
    They are so classy..totally yum. The cleaning lady seems to have worn her outfit a day or two too long..

  6. trevy says:

    Watching Mrs. Obummer walk is like watching 2 bobcats fighting in a gunny sack! She has a pair of hips like a pair of battleships!

    If Vouge likes the way she dresses then they would’ve LUUUUVED the jeans, white shirt, and skuffed boots I wore to Church this morning!

  7. IslandLibertarian says:

    I will not criticize anyone for their God given human body shape…….but fashion selection and style is fair game.
    The First Lady needs to get a clue and FIRE her fashion consultants.
    And Vogue needs to come back to reality.

  8. welling1 says:

    At least spend our tax dollars on something that looks good.

    • eMVeeH says:

      Hear! Hear!
      Heck, even the Midnight Velvet catalog offers more stylish clothes than Madame’s “fashion[?]” consultants. And it’s affordable, too.

      Regardless. Maybe she’s no longer “proud of her country,” and she shows it by dressing “shabby chic?”

  9. aardvark says:

    Does a barf bag come with that issue of Vogue?

  10. debsinger2 says:

    Thought I’d share my original PhotoShop of the girls with you all.

  11. MOTUS says:

    I’m sorry. I guess I’m just not getting the job done for the American people. I’m badly in need of an upgrade, butt you don’t want to hear me whine. I still think we should have been numero uno.

    Maybe we should have worn more boob belts.

  12. thierry says:

    i have just one thing to say:

    i’ll reserve my judgement on who does better girl drag- moochelle or walks like a duck- when i see urkel in that sofa dress of michelles’.

  13. ecu22331963 says:

    This is too funny!

    Maybe the people at Vogue are smoking just a little bit more of there product than usual, wee-weeding up again.

    Next, GQ will name “O-Brother You Got a Dime” ™ the Sexiest Man Alive.

    Yea that’s right, my damn TM, now what?

    This is the year of “Change”.

    I never had a Trade Mark before, have you?

  14. girlsgotrhythm says:

    I gotta say, that post was effin’ BRILL!! I am laughing my ass off! The pictures WITH the commentary made it particularly amusing! LMAO!!!!!

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