GOProud on the Willow Palin “Controversy”
Statement of Tammy Bruce – Chair of the GOProud Advisory Council
(Los Angeles, CA) – “Willow Palin is a 16 year old girl who, like all 16 year olds is going to make mistakes and say things she shouldn’t have. This, however, has nothing to do with Willow Palin or the substance of what she said on Facebook. The ‘slur’ used here is one you could hear on the streets of West Hollywood or Chelsea every day of the week. Apparently, it’s only a ‘homophobic slur’ when it comes from the daughter of a conservative female leader. Make no mistake; this is all about destroying Sarah Palin by any means necessary.

“The angry misogynistic left and their accomplices in the main stream media have been unable to take down Governor Palin – no matter how hard they have tried. Unable to take her down directly they now have decided to try to hurt her by attacking the most important thing in her life – her family.

“Any person, gay or straight, who participates in this cheap political smear should be ashamed of themselves.”

Visit GoProud for a direct link to the statement. The other absurdity is the fact that the LSM has decided to make a 16 year-old in a flame war on Facebook news simply in an effort to make her mother look bad. Pathetic.

Mediaite: Willow Palin Should Not be Attacked For Calling Someone ‘F*ggot’ on Facebook

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  2. The Ugly American says:

    No doubt, GLAAD operatives are winging their way to the Palin home now to whisk her away to re-education camp.

    Anyone have a spare attic room?

  3. thierry says:

    but it’s perfectly fine for “ADULTS” on the left to hang sarah palin in effigy, make ‘ jokes’ about her being gang raped by black men in the ‘ hood? that’s not misogyny and sheer hatred? that’s sophisticated political dialogue by champions of minority rights?

    and this just happened the other day with about zilch news coverage: gay rights activists chain themselves to white house fence, call president a ” silent”( maybe they meant ” closet”) homophobe for not sticking by his campaign promise to end don’t ask, don’t tell. this gets no news coverage but a twitter hissy fit among children is note worthy and some how important?(sorry it”s huffpoo- hardly anyone else had the story on line in any depth because it reflects poorly on our Mess of a Messiah, Miss Duck Thang, who was suppose to be all things to all ‘oppressed by WASPs’ people.)

    no one uses the f word more than gay men. no one uses the n word more than black people. this is plain foolish and does nothing to end real violent crime, real hatred with real sickening and tragic consequences that are irreversible. discrimination against gay people by the government will never end under liberals because it’s perpetuation keeps the pawns relatively docile slaves, content with crumbs, begging dribs and drabs of ‘ rights’ from the overlords they themselves have chosen to cede their power to.

    what power exactly does willow palin have over their lives as compared to urkel?

    warning: the f word appears in this numerous times. the actor is himself gay. TKITH is awesome.

  4. Therese says:

    Thanks Tammy for speaking out right away on this topic.

  5. makeshifty says:

    This continues to show how much the left fears Sarah Palin. If they didn’t fear her this wouldn’t have seen the light of day. I think it also shows the class distinctions that the left continues to use to make the point that they should rule, and not someone like Sarah. They use this as case in point (one of many) that she’s “trailer trash.” Of course smears of this sort carry no stigma for the ones who hurl it. It’s not like using the adjective “street” for Obama’s language, because, you see, that has racial overtones (oh, doesn’t any criticism of him!). What they really didn’t like was that Drudge would dare talk about Obama in such “ghetto” terms, because, you see, he went to Harvard. He’s risen above all that. Don’t you dare try to drag him back down with your backward, disgusting ways! Know your place! Go back under that rock from whence you came! Gee, I’m getting the impression we’re becoming like England was 100 years ago…

  6. ConservativePup says:

    I noticed that too, the “trailer trash” comment. And I thought, geez, these are the great, wonderful, tolerant, accepting-of-all-people liberals? They show their true inner selves every single day. If it weren’t for the lamestream media, none of them would ever have been elected to anything. The vast majority of Americans loathe this kind of “class” warfare.

    I’ve lived in a trailer park. It was FULL of working people and many retired people. I can tell you that just in my little area there were more American flags flying from the homes and small yards than you would ever find in many other “classier” places. I felt very safe and satisfied there.

    We can indeed tell who is the biggest threat in the leftists minds by whom they attack the most ferociously. And whomever they think is their biggest threat, that’s the woman or man I’m going to stand beside.

    And there is NEVER any justification for ADULTS to attack children. Disgusting.

  7. Tammy says:

    My dear, my first book is about the problems of name-calling. And unless parents are with their children 24/7 or lock them in their basement, teenagers are going to do things their parents don’t approve of. I think my statement about this was very clear and direct– I note Willow made a mistake and like other teenagers say things they shouldn’t. Short of that what would you suggest I do? None of us have to guess her parents were no doubt unhappy with this, and it’s not my business to rip a 16 y/o a new one and I have no intention of doing so. She’s a child, has been eviscerated already in the worldwide media, has apologized and took the page down. I have no intention of piling on.

  8. thierry says:

    while people were getting all twisted over the use of a word by a teen, the UN did this, so congratulations:

    “Arab and African nations succeeded Tuesday in getting a U.N. General Assembly panel to delete from a resolution condemning unjustified executions a specific reference to killings due to sexual orientation.

    Western delegations expressed disappointment in the human rights committee’s vote to remove the reference to slayings due to sexual orientation from the resolution on extrajudicial, summary and arbitrary executions.”

    from atlas shrugged: “The U.S. delegation voted against the deletion but abstained from the vote on the final resolution.”

    we ie the USA abstained from the vote on whether or not people should be EXECUTED for being gay?

    where’s the outrage or is it safer to be, rather, outraged at a foul mouthed little girl?

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