So as to not be a spoiler, if you want to know whether or not Bristol survived Dancing with the Stars, click through for the answer.

Sadly, Bristol did not win. The winner was Jennifer Grey. As I tweeted just moments ago:


and from her mother:

PalinTwibe: Bristol the Pistol Misses, DWTS Curtain Falls, Bristol to Reload

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  1. Bash1955 says:

    woot! love our girl!

  2. JuanitaDugas says:

    Wahooo She’s looking more confident every week….go Bristol!!

  3. The Ugly American says:

    Fat ballerina bested by a Palin …hilarious.

    Can’t wait to hear Cho’s inevitable rant on CNN’s Parker-Spitzer, since the only guests they appear to book have an inordinate fear of Mama Grizzly.

  4. lord-ruler says:

    So Cho is gone? I voted for her how can that be?

  5. Americanvln1 says:

    Great news! A wonderful, growth experience stretching her skills and abilities and, building her confidence. Making her more dramatic…more dynamic…and, a more responsive public star!! These experiences will mold and guide her future success. Looking forward to seeing more of Bristol and Mark!!

  6. ecu22331963 says:

    Lord Ruler,

    Let me start by saying Bristol Palin, thanks to her mom is bring in high ratings for DWTS, Choe didn’t.

    Secondly, we as well as you love seeing and hearing the soon to be First Daughter of the United States of America.

    Its funny when I see her interviewed, I look for characteristics of her mother.
    I know, I know I sound weird, but it’s like an honor to see the Palin Family!

  7. jap81 says:

    Wohoo Palin power baby!

  8. Chuck says:

    She danced much better this week than last week. She deserved it. Go Bristol!!!

  9. MaccabeeMaven says:

    Yay, Bristol! 🙂

  10. blogchick says:

    I was blown away by Bristol’s dance tonight. Her confidence has soared. Go Bristol!

  11. angelaisms says:

    Tammy mentioned how no one is ever going to hear “Barracuda” again without thinking of Sarah Palin. I just watched the live DWTS performance of said song, and loved how they (probably unintentionally) reinforced that connection even further: all the women dancers on stage while Heart was singing were wearing sparkly purple that was very reminiscent of Bristol’s dress this week.


    • bassace46 says:

      Yeah, it was cool! I caught this article today that states Ann Wilson (of Heart) was disappointed that Sarah wasn’t there because she wanted to dedicate the song to her. I’m a huge longtime fan of the band Heart, and it’s disappointing to see that they’re being somewhat vindictive about the issue 2 years later. They state in the article that the song was written about women (musicians) trying to fight the male establishment (record producers/corporations) in the 70’s. Is Palin’s fight of the good ol’ boy network any less similar?

      I personally would like to see everyone, women in particular, grow up! Whether they (women) agree with her (Palin’s) political stances or not, wouldn’t it be nice to see women who disagree on certain issues, agree to unite as women becoming successful in a so-called man’s world?

      Here’s the article:

      • thierry says:

        i recall( i bet it was on that horrible ‘ face the music’ show on vh1)nancy telling a story about how music biz a-holes would imply that her and her sister were lesbian lovers along with all the other assorted male moron porn fantasies that were projected all over them. it becomes apparent that they felt enslaved by how the industry wanted to package and present them, entirely focused on their sex appeal as women not on their music, and how it alienated them from their muse. when ann, the lead singer, gained weight she was forever being hidden in videos behind objects and in big suits while they tried to have nancy rolling around scantily clad.

        heart still does one of the best covers of led zeppelin ever. ann had an extraordinary voice.

        i like a lot of heart’s music but like with the gheys i realized long ago that liberal artists and musicians like the rest of liberals never grow up . they never ever learn to respect others as they so often demand to be respected no matter what they do or say. freedom of speech, expression and conscience is always a one way street for them. the wrath liberal women rain down on other women, often expressed in the most misogynist terms possible, particularly distresses and saddens me. it never surprises me which is a source of the greatest sadness of all.

  12. aardvark says:

    Is it too late to start a write-in campaign for the Chicago Ballerina — just fer laffs? Uh…ummm…”Dancing with Thugs”?

  13. redneckgal says:

    It is obvious that Bristol comes from a background of hard work ethics. It is paying off! She was awesome Monday night.

  14. Therese says:

    Whew! Alright, it is a good night.

  15. dew937 says:

    Way to go Bristol! You made my night!

  16. Conservatarian says:

    When I cross paths with a bitter Liberal that spouts that Bristol shouldn’t be there, my response is “It’s just a dance contest, it’s not like she undeservedly received the Nobel Peace Prize.”

  17. jap81 says:

    Wahoo, semi-finals! Yay! 🙂

  18. Joel267 says:

    Great dancing Bristol! I was worried because I felt all the dancers did so well yesterday. You did your part and then we did ours!

  19. naga5 says:

    excellent job dancing, bristol!
    all that hard work is paying off, in spite of or because of an apparent vast right wing conspiracy led by tammy bruce, social media and the interweb tubes to both support the next president’s daughter and pull up and zipper bill clinton’s pants.
    ooh, i feel da power.

  20. ecu22331963 says:

    On to the Finals, finally!

    What was up with J. Gray, she and her dance partner looked oh soooo pissed off?
    Was it because Bristol was in the Finals, that Brandy was voted off, or could it have been a combination of both?

    The Palin Power continues on!

  21. Tushwa says:

    I think Brandy deserved to go to the finals based on her raw talent. But life isn’t always fair….and the people have spoken. The lefties are going to make hay with this one! They are all for “democracy”, unless of course it doesn’t go their way. Can’t wait to hear their pathetic whines…

  22. sandyl says:

    YEAH BRISTOL!!!!! I already read some lefties’ remarks. They are soooooo pissed. 🙂
    They are saying votes are being paid off by Palin’s 🙂
    “How can such a stupid family have such influence?” 🙂
    They are saying that it should be about dancing–not fan base. 🙂 —–Have they ever watched the show before?—-can someone say Donny Osmond? He was not the best dancer, but still won because of fan base. These libs NOW want it to be all about talent. I wonder if Bristol had been the absolute best dancer, and got voted off, if they would be upset????
    All I know is that I AM LOVING THIS!!!!!!! Eat your hearts out lefties. 🙂
    Get used to it lefties. 🙂
    Better line up your meds; you’ll need them, because just wait till we get to vote for the Mama Grizzly herself. 🙂
    Revenge is a dish best served cold, and this is SWEET, SWEET Revenge for all the crap lefties have put the palins through.

    If you couldn’t already tell, I am happy. 🙂

  23. Joel267 says:

    Go Bristol!

  24. ecu22331963 says:

    Dawnnelle, FaceBook DWTS is worse, lol.
    I see we have alot of work to do in 2011………punching Liberals in the face (figuratively of course), he he he.

  25. jap81 says:

    Hey Tammy,
    Do you know some access hollywood guy mentioned you in questioning Bristol about the vast right-wing tea party vote conspiracy. I thought it was pretty funny. Here’s the video:

  26. CurliQ says:

    Ya know, if Bristol was out there stinking up the joint, not giving it her all, and just really not doing her best, I would not vote for her. Even as a Palinista I would not vote for her. She gets my votes because she is working her butt off, giving it everything she has, keeps improving, and is really getting to be a good dancer. Her last 2 performances were just totally awesome. As the judge said, she was haunting in the one dance. She has really just blown me away with how far she has come and I am so very proud of her.

  27. GoofusKAC says:

    I totally forgot to vote! Glad she made it!

  28. TLindaman says:

    I have to admit I haven’t watched DWTS for a couple of years, and I didn’t catch too much of it this season for the same reason I gave up on “American Idol” a couple of years ago: neither show has an honest voting system in place. The fact the same people can vote multiple times for an individual skews the actual count, thus we will get situations like this occurring. (Of course, that’s also one of the reasons I’m opposed to electronic voting, but that’s another rant.) In any case, having Leftists complain about possible vote tampering makes me laugh, given the number of times they’ve benefited from it in more meaningful arenas.

  29. Palin2012 says:

    Congratulations to Bristol – a well fought competition. I wonder if she is as happy this is over as I?? Just sayin ;). To Joy Behar – so happy there is no need for you to have an absolute complete meltdown over a beautiful, brave, young 19 year old mother competing in a dance contest with a bunch of professional actors, dancers, comedians, sport stars….You are pathetic.

  30. Rob_W says:

    Bristol finished a winner – with something more important than a disco ball on a stick. She persevered, made it to the finals, and was a class act all the way through. We got to know the Palin family a little better and liked what we saw.

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