And I bet he loves what’s happening to us. Oh, and Chertoff, former Homeland Security/Amnesty Shill Director for Bush, is now shilling for the naked machine company. As we get poorer and groped they all get richer.

George Soros also profiting off controversial new TSA scanners

…Carney notes that a company called Rapiscan got a $165 million contract for the new body image scanners four days after the underwear-bomber incident this past Christmas. Not surprisingly, Rapiscan is politically connected…

Then this morning Carney also noted that former Homeland Security secretary Michael Chertoff was flacking for Rapiscan.

…As for the company’s other political connections, it also appears that none other than George Soros, the billionaire funder of the country’s liberal political infrastructure, owns 11,300 shares of OSI Systems Inc., the company that owns Rapiscan. Not surprisingly, OSI’s stock has appreciated considerably over the course of the year. Soros certainly is a savvy investor.

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  2. Maynard says:

    The price of OSI Systems Inc. stock (OSIS) is listed at about $35 a share. If Soros owns 11,300 common shares, that’s worth about $400,000…in other words, insignificant, both in terms of company control (more than 18 million shares outstanding) and relative to Soros’s net worth (infinite). This is not to say that the business is not incestuous and corrupt…I assume there’s an element of that; there always is when someone becomes a government supplier, especially when the same players that were buying for the government yesterday are selling to the government today.

    The stock price of OSIS moved from about $20 to about $30 from 2006 to 2007, and then it trended in decline, crashing to about $10 in late 2008. From there, a steady build-up to today’s mid-$30’s. So if Soros bought in at the exact right moment, he could have more than tripled his money. But even if it happened that way (which I wouldn’t assume), it wouldn’t be significant (although I’d be curious about the logic of Soros’s market timing). Whatever the story is, it’s not about 11,300 shares of common stock.

  3. thierry says:

    there are other machines that unlike the naked machine can detect explosives and drugs. they’re called ‘ puffer machines’. the naked machines would not have detected the shoe bomb- a puffer machine would have. most are made by GE. many were replaced in airports with the less effective naked machines probably because soros hadn’t sunk enough coin into GE. it’s the TSA that removed the puffers- which did have problems as do all such pieces of equipment but one wonders if that’s the whole and truthful story.

    “The term “trace-detection” refers to the machine’s ability to detect extremely small “traces” of these compounds. The exact sensitivities of these machines is not available information, but a mass spectrometer detects compounds on a molecular level and would only be limited by the efficiency of the collection from the air puffed to obtain a sample for analysis. The machines also have a low false alarm rate that can be less than 1%.”-

    even if one person like soros hadn’t played with naked machine stocks we know the government plays with government contracts and the companies who seek them out. maybe GE didn’t grease the same palms at the right time as OSI systems. those are the deals corrupt politicians make their main bling on, are offered golden parachutes through and get their loser family members jobs at.

    and ex director of homeland security Michael Chertoff is working for a company representing one of the naked machine manufacturers- going back to 2005. the body scanner lobby goes back to right after 9/11 and is filled with ex-politicians and ex government employees, republican as well as democrat. they’re all getting thiers, post-washington SOP.

    if you keep complaining about your puny urkel given rights they may just install the Body Orifice Chair( the BOSS- body orifice scanner) in the airports- used in prisons:

    if my orifices are going to be scanned in public i require cocktails, drugs, mood lighting, a mirror ball , techno music and money for a cab home, thank you… and a tasteful gift basket, perhaps one of those cute fruit bouquets, sent the next day is a nice touch.

    they’re treating us as if we are the criminals because to the urkel set, we are. one of the big black panther demands in the 70s was letting all black males out of prison and making all black males immune to ‘ white law’ of any sort. now all muslims are immune from our laws. and we’re being punished- made to pay for being capitalist racists and refusing to submit to islam.

  4. varmint says:

    It’s about that new airport reality TV show, “Groping for Dollars.”

  5. thierry says:

    perhaps we’re just not looking at this the right way: maybe the “aggressive patdown” is part of Obamacare- one of those magical cost saving provisions that remained hidden until being passed by congress.

    imagine the savings :pap smears, breast exams, prostate exams and colonoscopies performed by non-doctors forced on the population of ingrates while they’re herded through the airport. this is why nancy was reelected Loser Leader- what a genius. what an humanitarian. why Walks like a Duck got a nobel prize and not nancy…

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