Hey boys, bring it on!

I decided to make a public podcast of my commentary on Joey Scarborough’s article in Politico today illustrating, by example, how the GOP can “man up” by beating up Sarah Palin. I encourage everyone who is considering running for president to follow Joey’s advice. Maybe someday they, too, can have their own show on MSNBC!

It never ceases to amaze me the depths to which the GOP Boys will stoop. Here they tell us they should be the ones ruling the world and then use Scarborough to test run a whiny, juvenile attack on Palin. Make no mistake–this has quite a few more fingerprints on it than Scarborough’s–and those prints belong to the Bush/Romney/GOP Machine.

In an tantrum remarkable only for the fact that he put down his binky and rattle to write it, Joey illustrates what he wants the GOP Boys to do–“Man up” as he puts it, and “confront” Palin. And what exactly does this manly strategy of confrontation consist of? Besting her on the issues and debating policy? Explaining how they have better ideas and a more fabulous vision for the country and it’s conservative too! Er, no, not quite. Joey’s screed consists of nothing but personal attack after personal attack, absurdly misrepresenting her comments, and assigning vile, ridiculous intentions to her commentaries. One thing his “op-ed” makes clear–Joey Scarborough personally doesn’t like Sarah Palin very much. My guess, like most others who display an irrational dislike of Governor Palin, she reminds Joey of someone else attached to some existential threat to his own ability “man up,” something which should be a topic with a shrink, not the subject of a political opinion piece.

When it comes to Governor Palin, the GOP Boys, of course, really have no other option than to debase themselves. You see, they can’t talk about policy and ideas because they have been in charge for quite some time and their liberal, Big Government policies are responsible for the economic disaster with which we’re contending. They know Palin is the only one, whom by her very legitimacy as a presidential contender, exposes the rankness of their morally vapid liberal masquerade which condemns Reagan and with it, this nation. If Palin were to be gone, the GOP Boys are answerable only to each other which means answerable to no one.

So the machine now has a Sophie’s Choice of its own–engage Governor Palin on the issues and lose, or…scream at her and try to beat her up, and lose. Either way, Gentlemen, bring it on. You see, things have changed more than you know, and Sarah Palin is like no one you’ve known.

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  2. karenfromny says:

    thanks for sharing this podcast.

  3. BastiatFan says:

    Go Sarah Go. Make the boys cry and take their toys home.

  4. CurliQ says:

    What is so pathetic is they don’t even realize how far behind her they are. She is already a dozen steps ahead of them and can’t even hear their rants at this point. The decision to run is hers alone and nothing they do will matter. It is their egotism in the end that will end what is left of their careers. Sarah won’t hear the taunts of destruction (because she is too focused to pay attention to the drivel) but the rest of America will…and they will not like it.

  5. Gordon says:

    Joey Scarborough = RINO Putz. (Of course, RINO and Putz are synonymous and thus, redundant.)

  6. morecowbell says:

    Now, I am about as deep as a bowl of chili, so forgive me if I am not as sophisticated in my analysis as Tammy.

    I find the personal attacks by Scarborough on Palin less interesting than his premise.

    Strategically, what advantage do any of these potential candidates have by engaging each other this early? There is none. Even I can see that. Nobody is going to say anything negative about anyone for a while, and they certainly won’t start because of the opinion of a political commentor on MSNBC.

    So what is Joe’s motive?

    Most of the time things are exactly as they appear to be.

    What I see is that anything Palin drums up numbers, good or bad. The more negative, the higher the numbers. My God, just look at the Twitter traffic today on that silly piece.

    What I see is a “mushy middle” talking head, at a flagging cable channel who may just lose his job with the Comcast buyout. What better way to get attention than go after Sarah Palin. It appeals to MSNBC’s base and fires up the Palinistas. Got Tammy going, we know more about Joe Scarborough now than we ever wanted to.

    Seriously, is it so outrageous and surprising that a Talking Head on MSNBC would be trying to turn the GOP politicians against themselves and generate buzz about himself… isn’t that they’re profession? Isn’t that the oldest Liberal tactic in the book: divide and conquer through personal attacks and moral indignation… have them fight amongst themselves and pick off the survivors? Use emotion rather than reason. Generate some drama on manufactured issue so we don’t focus on the real issues. Demonize, Isolate.. blah, blah, blah… we all know the game by now.

    Please, after the last 2 years, I just read the Politico article (another joke media outlet) and laughed. Thanks to Tammy, I see right through this kind of tripe and move on to more creative crap: The Onion.

    • Chuck says:

      I agree. Tammy’s analysis is right on, but let’s consider the source, shall we? Joe Scarburro? The fake conservative with a morning show that no one watches? To me, he’s background noise as Megan McCain.

      • morecowbell says:

        Exactly.. it’s like getting football analysis during the game from Chris Collinsworth.. just because he played the game and is on TV doesn’t mean his analysis is correct (and it usually is not or he states the obvious). We have to remember the Talking Heads who only do commentary are now entertainers first.. if they were really good at analysis, had any insight, they would be working in the field.

        • Carol says:

          It is so great to hear about someone else, a stranger, who feels the same way I do about CC! As a native Floridian, and daughter of a successful HS football coach, I remember this guy touted as one of Florida’s best all around athletes from the 70’s. He was not on my dad’s team, but we all heard of him. Year after year, he has gotten more and more full of himself. The kicker for me was while interviewing Kobe Bryant about playing on the US Olympic team, he tried to get him to denounce “over the top” displays of patriotism by flag waving; I won respect for Kobe when he did not take the bait.
          Everyone’s right, there seems to be something about being on TV a lot that affects certain people.

          • morecowbell says:

            I remember the Kobe incident as well… CC is an arrogant doofus. I am afraid however it wasn’t TV that made CC go bad, I think that as the years went by and he felt comfortable on TV, he exposed his true self. The worst games to watch are those hosted by Joe Thiesmann and CC.. both make you want to throw something through the TV.. LOL

          • Carol says:

            Yeah, you’re right. This is great! Me too about Thiesmann who changed the pronunciation of his name in college to rhyme with Heisman… but he was a loser, Jim Plunkett won the trophy! CC and JT love to hear themselves talk, and can’t shut-up.

          • morecowbell says:

            One of my happiest sports memories was watching LT take out Joe Thiesmann for good on MNF. I had as much contempt for him then as I do now. (-;

          • Carol says:

            Me too again. 🙂

  7. Dave J. says:

    Once upon a time, Joe Scarborough was one of the revolutionaries of the Class of ’94. It’s genuinely sad to see what a pathetic worm he’s managed to devolve into. So much of what motivated him here is jealousy: she is what he used to aspire to be, and no longer even pretends to.

    • Gordon says:

      The sad experience with the class of ’94 fully illustrates the old Scottish proverb, “Fool me once, shame on you…but fool me twice, shame on me.” In hindsight it would seem that the progressive corruption and failure of the class of ’94 was due to the lack of diligence on the part of their constituency in not maintaining vigilance. We failed them in not keeping our representatives’ “feet to the fire” and not letting them loose sight of why they were elected in the first place. We must not allow this to happen again, nor can America afford it; hence, it is imperative that we avoid the second half of the proverb as an obligation of all patriots for our country’s future. We cannot allow ourselves to ever be fooled again by any branch of our government; elected or running.

  8. Southrider says:

    Say. speaking of ‘manning up’ – But among those who did care, most were troops performing combat arms duties. Nearly 60 percent of those in the Marine Corps and in Army combat units said they thought repealing the law would hurt their units’ ability to fight on the battlefield.

    Read more:

    The combat troops say NO – and that’s what matters. How unwed mothers looking for benefits and metro-sexual clerks in the states feel is irrevelant to combat effectiveness.

    DADT must stay.


  9. thierry says:

    most telling part:

    “What man or mouse with a fully functioning human brain and a résumé as thin as Palin’s would flirt with a presidential run? It makes the political biography of Barack Obama look more like Winston Churchill’s, despite the fact that the 44th president breezed into the Oval Office as little more than a glorified state senator.”

    translation: even barack obama is a better president than this girl will be because at least he has a penis like we do! we’re the only ones who can take on the penis (even though we really didn’t challenge obama and his penis in ’08 because we were too scared of what the other girls would say about us.)!( and a note: when they say palin doesn’t have the ‘ intellectual capacity’ to be president they really mean she doesn’t have the penis.).

    this guy is hysterical in the old 19th century medical use of the term- irrational and hysterical, near to having the vapors. this guy is a registered republican , not lisa madcowski of course, and he’s saying this sort of smack ? sarah palin can and would help them, and they know it but can’t admit it, or she can hurt them and oh dear do they get that.

    a bag full of fluffy pink boas next to a pitcher of shirley temples doesn’t even make barry look like winston churchill. the last election really DID make them wet their panties after all. and mittenz romeny’s pants apparently are the ones that need changing the most often. i suggest strapping him to the roof of the car to save the upholstery .

    maybe this is the reason besides being a bloody liberal that no one can pry mittenz’s paws off romneycare and he refuses to disown it- he knows it was his republican death knell so it’s no matter. it just opens the door for another f’ing bush because ‘ no one else can win against obama’, perhaps the worst president in our entire history . they’d see the country utterly destroyed before they’d let a sarah palin, even with popular support, threaten what they personally want for themselves.

    go away, little girls. you’re not manning up, you’re acting like spoiled 7 year old girls who forgot to take their naps. it’s pathetic. with all the horrible things democrats and obama are doing to us and all you can cry about is sarah palin? none of you have the’ intellectual capacity’ to be let alone vote for a president.

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  11. wastubbs says:

    It is strange what an effect an TV program can have on an person, able to turn him into an raging maniac.

  12. Tinker says:

    Joe is weakminded mush and just wants to one of the popular kids up there in Manhattan. He’s totally lost his compass, if he ever had one in the first place. (Mika doesn’t have a ponytail for him to pull, so this is the next best thing he can do to impress her)

  13. Rightmindedmom says:

    Tammy — This is very off topic, but I had to spread this around: A “spontaneous” flash mob chorus:

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