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Video) Actually some of the more balanced comments by Rove about Palin from Fox. Sarah Palin: Contender or Pretender?

Sarah Palin Defends Korea ‘Slip-of-the-Tongue,’ Blasts Media

Weigel: Palin Wins A Round

C4P: Governor Palin’s Book Signing in Tulsa/Open Thread

Video) Gov. Christie Laughs Off, Shakes Head At Palin Presidency

Pajamas: Critics on Both Sides Be Damned: Run, Sarah

American Thinker: Holding Sarah Palin to Her Promise

Sandra Bernhard Calls Bristol Palin a Hooker on ‘Joy Behar Show’

“America By Heart” Book Tour Schedule

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  1. TheresaMC says:

    Tammy, Just want to tell you how Thankful we McCloskeys are for YOU!
    Love, Theresa, David, and Frances

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  3. laney77777 says:

    Thanks Tammy.
    WSJ has a poll on Sarah or obama for 2012…Sarah is ahead by 3%…


    Run Sarah Run…

  4. tamcat says:

    Sarah Palin just has to run for high office. We really do need her.

  5. Artgal says:

    I really do believe in my heart of hearts that Palin will indeed run. Though I appreciate that she is seriously considering how this may impact her family, I do believe what she revealed this week about being the ‘distraction’ was actually quite clever. By making that statement, the establishment looks upon it as, ‘Hey! All we’ve got to do is abc, and we get her out of our way!’ But that’s not what she has said at all when it comes down to it. What she has done is expose the GOP establishment even more to get the public more active – and vocal!

    I truly cannot see her backing down from a presidential bid at this point. All the indications are there and if there was ever a time when she was treated brutally along with her family, it was 2 years ago. They have proven they can weather this storm!

    Remember what Palin wrote in ‘Going Rogue’: it was the people coming to her to run for offices in Alaska. That’s what needs to happen now. She’s already said she’s thinking about it & has put her concern in the public square (very Reaganesque, btw. That’s how Reagan was able to get things done: he went to the people first!). It’s time we respond – both to her and then to the GOP establishment by constantly countering them on their candidate suggestions (which can be done locally if you can stomach being a precinct committmen or chairperson), attending local Legislative District meetings & whatever planning committees exist in your city regarding upcoming GOP events. Just be there to counter them because I can guarantee an awful lot of GOP local chapters are already speaking the dribble of Rove/Bush/Gingrich/Christie.

  6. angelaisms says:

    Thanks so much, Tammy.I look forward to it.

    I was finally able to put my thoughts into coherent form re: Bristol and DWTS. My musings can be found here for anyone who is interested.

    Also, I picked up America By Heart yesterday. I’ve read the introduction so far, and I’m excited to take in the rest.

  7. the_aged_p says:

    As per usual the BBC was going orgasmic over the NK “gaffe”…unfortunately the Daily Mail & Daily Telegraph (both supposedly right wing) were also pushing it..not surprising because each of them have form on Palin. However the Telegraph has now actually highlighted Palin’s riposte…is that a pig up there in the sky?http://bit.ly/e5Bmgz

  8. varmint says:

    ‎”Social Justice” is to justice as, “manure milk”, is to milk.

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