With courage and grace, Governor Palin has spoken out providing the dignified leadership we’ve been missing for far too long. The following is her statement on last week’s tragedy in Arizona and the aftermath.

“America’s Enduring Strength”

Sarah Palin: “America’s Enduring Strength” from Sarah Palin on Vimeo.

The complete text is at Palin’s Facebook page.

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  2. ffigtree says:

    What a wonderfully refreshing message to wake up to this morning.

  3. flaggman says:

    It’s morning in America! Brilliantly written, brilliantly delivered, totally inspiring.

    Someone in her camp understands that the battle is not between Republicans and Democrats, it’s between freedom and authoritarianism.

  4. DogOnCrack says:

    Does anyone remember this?


  5. 1ntbtn says:

    Just heard Sarah Palin speak. She certainly shows a kind genuine voice of compassion for all involved in this tragedy as well as for her country. She absolutely comes across as the kind of person I would like to see as my leader in this still, FREE country. Thank you Tammy for showing this to us on your website, as well as other matters of interest not seen anywhere else.

  6. naga5 says:

    what a palate cleanser from the weekend!
    hmm. quotes madison and reagan? shall i say it sounded presidential?
    things that it doesn’t reminds me of:
    what romney said, what t-paw said, what mitch daniels said, what pence said…
    tammy, you said it earlier. the repubs let sarah swing in the wind. no one was brave enough to say enough of this crap. so sarah comes out swinging with what i think is a home run.
    so what is urkel going to say now at his death rally that won’t pale in comparison to what she just said? i bet a side by side comparison of the two speeches would be quite telling in terms of who is presidential and who is a poseur.

  7. ChrisL says:

    Sarah Palin displayed strength, thoughtful consideration, compassion, and spoke from a Loving perspective. Each time she publicly expresses herself regarding matters of serious gravity, she delivers a message and an attitude we desperately need to see in more of our elected representatives. She’s a leader Americans can believe in.

  8. makeshifty says:

    I was watching clips of “The View” and Scarborough’s “Morning Joe” show, talking about the shooting and the “heated rhetoric” yesterday, and the odd thing that came across to me was that it was as if they had been fearing for a while that an incident of political violence would occur because of the “heated rhetoric,” and their fears were triggered by this incident. Even though they have learned that the “heated rhetoric” had nothing to do with it, they feel compelled to engage in “emotional association,” like, “Okay, I know this isn’t what happened, but I’d like to take the occasion to talk about how I feel about what’s been going on with this ‘heated rhetoric,’ as if it was the cause, because I’ve been afraid of ‘this’ for a while now.” It’s not as if this fear has been brewing under the surface and is just now coming up. Liberals have been talking about it for a while, as evidenced by the archival footage that has shown them talking about it publicly, but I guess they feel as though they haven’t had a chance to express it to conservatives. Now that they have the chance, they’re taking the opportunity: “I don’t like how you’re conducting your politics. It feels dangerous.” To us, though, it’s like your neighbors have had this fear that since you don’t walk your dog with a leash, one day your dog is going to get hit by a car and die. Then one day your dog dies, and they all start coming up to you saying, “Gosh darn it! You should’ve been walking your dog with a leash,” when that wasn’t the cause at all. The dog was just old, and it was the dog’s time. No matter how many times you tell them this, they still want to commiserate about how you should’ve had a leash on your dog. I’m not making a parallel at all to what happened with the shooting. I’m talking about, basically, the Democratic response to it, and I gotta say, once I saw this, it felt really odd. It’s like they’re experiencing this through their emotions. They “can’t get no satisfaction,” and they can’t get past it to the actual facts. Rather than deal with their emotional response they’d rather dump on conservatives, thinking it will somehow resolve the issue. It doesn’t appear to, not least because to us it doesn’t make any sense to talk about what happened in these terms. To us it’s like, “Okay. You’re off in some parallel universe where what you imagined happened, but I’m living in the real world, here.” I get the feeling these people need to talk to their therapist…

  9. SmallgGay says:


  10. SwimnLA says:

    Wow. Thank you Sarah & thank you Tammy for sharing. Who needs coffee after that ‘Good Morning America’?! I think I’ll have a cup of tea instead!

  11. wilde1 says:

    That was great! Can’t you see that from the oval office?

  12. USApride says:

    Tammy, AGAIN Sarah rises above the political nonsense. As I watched her on the video I kept remembering Ronald Reagan and how I felt when he was in charge.

  13. Mkironman says:

    Thank you Sarah

  14. Tinker says:

    President Palin has her armor on.
    Eph. 6:16 “Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.”

    I haven’t truly admired anyone in the political arena like this since Reagan. It seemed odd at first (becuase it has been so long) but I’m really getting used to it. 😮 Very proud to be on this team. Thank you Tammy for your unwavering support of Palin.

  15. ConservativePup says:

    Genuine compassion, words of faith, words of love for America, words of encouragement for Americans, unafraid to speak plainly about the false accusations and crass behavior of the unprincipled left—in short, courageous and inspired.

    She is the most principled and honest true leader I’ve seen in a long time.

    Presidential. I could see her sitting behind the Resolute desk. God bless Sarah, God bless and heal the wounded, and comfort the bereaved, and God bless America.

    Oh, and the timing is brilliant.

  16. Rightmindedmom says:

    I should have known, Tammy, that you would have had the foresight to post this on your site. I watched it on C4P, and read that it also was on Drudge and Hot Air. Then I came here, and you, being one of the strongest Sarah supporters here, also had the video posted. Thank you for your strong voice of support for Sarah Palin. You, Mark Levin, Rush, and a few others, are unwavering in your support for the next President of the United States — Sarah Palin!
    Mom in Wisconsin

  17. jeweytunes says:

    It seems impossible, but she’s even more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside. J

    • ancientwrrior says:

      That she truly is, her inner light shines so brightly through to her external appearance. She IS, the NEW EVE. Like Joan of Arc, she is the iron fist in a velvet glove.

    • Teri says:

      Julia, She defies it. To be more beautiful on the inside. During the campaigning in the last presidential election I had the good fortune to be up close and personal with the governor. I was within a few feet of Sarah on two occasions. This may sound crazy but she felt like a mother figure to me. Very attractive but so much more someone who made me feel safe and assured. So,,,,, not impossible J !!!

  18. LoriG says:

    Same thought as SmallgGay – PRESIDENTIAL. Amazing. Calm yet assertive, comforting yet bold. Saying what needs to be said. Once again, dismissing the false narrative created by the media and the political vultures. I almost feel sorry for the actual President that his speech in Arizona will be compared to this one.

    Mark Halperin complained yesterday about how the conservatives are stepping up to defend themselves instead of accepting blame. Yep, we should just sit down in the barage of ridiculous attempts to link the AZ tragedy to the Tea Party, Talk Radio and Sarah Palin without a shred of proof. No way. We don’t have any cheeks left to turn. The time has come to call out these idiots on every level. Good people will no longer allow these smear merchants’ assertions to go unchallenged.

  19. Nativevoice says:

    I have no words for how I feel after listening to Gov. Palin except ‘comfort’. For days hearing nothing but hate toward her I wondered how she could rise above the vitriol but I just kept praying that God would give her wisdom to handle this tragedy. Tammy, I believe He did.

  20. MacMom says:

    Finally some common sense and leadership. I have not been sold on Palin being the best person for the presidency but am rapidly moving in that direction. Soon I will be a convert! Thanks to Sarah for this wonderful video!

  21. JuanitaDugas says:

    Sarah’s been silent til now for a reason. After all the bluster, blame and hate speech leveled at her in three short days since the Tucson massacre, her comforting words of compassion for the injured and the lost stands in stark contrast from the bomb throwers on the left and sadly some on the right. She also offers leadership in reiterating her support of our constitutional principles while rejecting the hysterical calls for abridging any our of freedoms. Very proud of her calming words and presidential demeanor!

  22. Kimj7157 says:

    In the last “Palin Report” Tammy said: “When you’re based in something that is decent you can address anything.” I think that is certainly evidenced in this response. And as naga5 mentioned, I can only imagine Obama’s comments tonight paling in comparison. While watching this, I thought to myself: “Now THAT’S a President.”

    My trust in her character and abilities continues to grow with each passing day.

  23. Kelly says:

    Once again, Sarah Palin demonstrates that she knows how to strike the right tone at the right time and this knowledge has nothing to do with what an opinion poll or focus group tell her. This knowledge comes from being authentic. She knows who she is, what she believes and why and she can honestly speak from that place at any time in reference to any topic. This is a quality that Obama, Pawlenty, Romney, et al, don’t possess.

  24. Rob_W says:

    I am reminded of how the media declared President Reagan “The Teflon President” because in their tunnel vision “issues did not stick”, when in reality, America did not buy the media’s lies. After the media declared Reagan’s Teflon had worn off, the comment was made, “underneath that Teflon is stainless steel”. This is the stuff of which leaders are made. We will be truly blessed if we are fortunate to have Sarah Palin as our next president.

  25. creativegeek says:


    Pitch Perfect.



    God Bless America.

    God Bless Sarah Palin, the next President of the United States.

  26. ancientwrrior says:

    Listening to Sarah I felt, now here is a LEADER, someone who inspires the best in all of us to come forth. Someone who we can follow to that shining city on the hill.

  27. varmint says:

    Last seen talking to a snowman in Jacksonville Florida.

  28. Maynard says:

    Palin’s words are interesting. She repeatedly used the word “exceptional” (or “exceptionalism”), which I take as a subtle-but-clear slap at Obama’s overt rejection of America as an exceptional nation. (His notorious quote, when asked about this, was that he “believe[d] in American exceptionalism, just as I imagine that Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism and the British believe in British exceptionalism.” In other words, he regarded the concept of an exceptional America as silly.) And her reference to those who “embrace evil and call it good” (not sure I got her quote exactly)…an allusion to Isaiah 5, “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil”. A call for moral clarity, citing — for those that catch it — the only true basis for a moral foundation.

    In other words, she didn’t rub it in, but she implicitly advocated a vision and philosophy that’s the polar opposite of Urkel’s. And she did it within the framework of a call for unity that nobody could reasonably disagree with. Sweet!

    However, I do think Sarah blundered in neglecting to offer a shout-out to Dr. Joe Medicine Crow.

  29. geezer says:

    I have to say her manner of speaking conjured up Reagan for me, too. A few of the gestures, asides, turns of a phrase along the way could have been the man himself speaking. In some subtle way that also was comforting. No one in public life speaks like this to people since Reagan.

    I also loved the eye contact. She wasn’t gazing over our heads at a prompter above the camera. And her eyes weren’t moving back and forth reading lines from a teleprompter. It couldn’t have been more effective if we were sitting across a table from each other talking one on one. And it came across as if we were doing precisely that.

    This was sincere. Intimate. Spoken from one heart to encourage another. And so it did.

  30. ravens says:

    Thank you, Sarah. Thank you, Tammy. After this terrible weekend, with heartbreak being bludgeoned by anger, you’re website offers a comfort hardly to be missed. President Palin? Well and, why not?

  31. Maynard says:

    Oh, I must comment on the reference to a “Blood libel, which is a powerful religious allusion. The Wiki page begins:

    Blood libel refers to a false accusation or claim that religious minorities, in European contexts almost always Jews, murder children to use their blood in certain aspects of their religious rituals and holidays. Historically, these claims have – alongside those of well poisoning and host desecration – been a major theme in European persecution of Jews…

    This is a strong analogy, and of course will be controversial. Someone rushed to create a new Wiki entry, Blood libel (U.S. political term). It begins:

    The term blood libel was used incorrectly by former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, Glenn Reynolds and other conservative commentators in January 2011, in the aftermath of the 2011 Tucson shootings. Another conservative commentator, Jonah Goldberg, expressed his opinion in his blog that he was “not sure” Sarah Palin or Glenn Reynolds “intended to redefine the phrase, or that they should have”. The phrase is highly offensive to Jewish people, as well as nearly everyone else, because, used correctly, the term blood libel is an antisemitic canard that refers to the utterly false accusation that Jews use the blood of murdered Christian children for Passover matzohs…

    This entry, which is obviously an editorial posing as facts, is of course under review by Wikipedia. It will probably be deleted, and in any case it won’t stand (so don’t worry about it). But we should certainly be able to address the charge of an offensive reference. And I think we can answer that charge easily. Sarah Palin’s named was dragged out of nowhere, and she was overtly and publicly charged with responsibility for the Tucson murders. This charge was made and continues to be made by prominent members of society. Meanwhile, while Tea Party rallies have been notoriously civil and peaceful. Yes, this is indeed a blood libel, an accusation of complicity in murder. This is a serious charge. And it comes from the people who are themselves proponents of the mob. (See Michelle Malkin’s compilation if you haven’t already.)

  32. makeshifty says:

    I really liked the part where she reaffirmed the reason the framers of the Constitution structured the government the way they did. So right on! I can’t remember the last time I’ve heard a conservative politician say it that way. Impressive! I figure some will say that Reagan talked this way, but I remember Reagan in hindsight. I don’t remember much about him, because I was not as politically aware then.

  33. angelaisms says:

    Tammy totally called this one. 🙂

    It was strong, compassionate, to the point, and very presidential. Very nice contrast to the other events of the day.

  34. RuBegonia says:

    Waited until after POTUS’ speech tonight so as to make a comparison but there is no comparison. It’s one of those apples/oranges things.

  35. IloiloKano says:

    “Sarah Palin is a plucky woman. Many resent that fact. Perhaps an indication of misogyny.” Mayor Ed Koch on Twitter (http://twitter.com/mayoredkoch/status/25634243400962048)

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