They have no idea what it is they’re doing, they don’t care, they only think of themselves, and they’re enjoying themselves throughout it all. Upon the Obama admin arriving back in Washington after the at least $1.5 million vacation we paid for. From the NBC Photoblog, these two pics say it all.
No, the horizon isn’t really tilted. A photographer has finally just captured what’s happening to this nation.

Check Urkel’s jacket. Really, The Most Powerful Man in the World and just look at the Dumb Bastard’s jacket.

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  2. naga5 says:

    re:urkel’s coat.
    really? first the picture of him holding the phone upside down and now this?
    how does this guy function in the world?
    ah, don’t answer…
    face palm.

  3. Charles_TX says:

    Go to the full size picture to easily see Urkel’s wardrobe malfunction if you have middle-aged eyes like mine.

    Let’s see — The smartest guy in the world can’t figure out how to properly button his jacket? No wonder he can’t come up with solutions to other problems. He’s just an empty, mis-buttoned suit. Embarrassing.

  4. Artgal says:

    I do have one disagreement: this ‘president’ & administration know exactly what they are doing. With that in mind, it makes the fact they do not care and indeed only think of themselves of even more concern.

    When we look at how much time this president, his family & administration take off while continuing to live a very extravagant lifestyle at our expense, one has to wonder just who is in control of this nation.

    Obama is a convenient tool who is basically a robot – either for someone or many dangerous people. I don’t know which. He’s void of any true emotion, convictions or empathy. His only claim to fame is running his damn mouth. That’s truly it! There is no spectacular legislative record in the IL statehouse credited to him, nothing noteworthy as Senator (other than serving effectively half a year before running), and the scant legislation in Illinois that does bear his name was actually authored by another legislator and merely updated in an election year to make it appear that Obama actually did something worthy of receiving a paycheck and re-election bid.

    There is no other way to explain this man’s rise to the presidency other than this has been orchestrated – for some reason. He’s entirely too lazy and ill-equipped for the hard work required to have actually mastered even a fraction of this on his own in any way. Credit his scurrilous associations with catapulting him to ‘fame’ – or infamy, rather. He is exhausted when he wakes up and is ready to leave once he’s ‘home’. That is not the sign of an accomplished man who is comfortable in his own skin. It is the sign of someone who knows he is a lightweight and is so insecure he can only make himself feel better by having contempt for us. After all, he’s only doing this for our own good. We’re just too ungrateful to see it because we only think of ourselves. Oh yeah, and we’re stupid, racist, gun-owning, Islamophobic, clingy, bitter crackers getting all wee-wee’d up over nothing but everything. Yeah.

    So when Obama walks off the plane with his jacket looking as though it was meant to be worn with his mom jeans, just remember: he wants us to know how hard he’s been vacationing on his work…against us.

    – Bet you thought I’d say ‘how hard he’s been working on his vacation’ didn’t you ; )

  5. Teri says:

    Again as always, it’s Obama. He did the jacket that way for a reason. He is a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ genius. We are not capable of understanding why & what he does. Just accept it.

    Just imagine George Bush _ _ _ _ _ _ _ up his jacket buttons. It would be the crime of the century. MSM & libs would demand his resignation.

    And please,,,, what the _ _ _ _ is Michelle wearing ??????????

    • thierry says:

      welcome to the 90’s- tights as an option to pants, a dress or skirt ( not with any of those.). while appropriate on a homegirl out clubbing circa 1990 it just somehow doesn’t seem right on the First Lady.

      the little one( is it Malia?- she’s always frowning which suggests she’s the smart one .) is working a quasi- Chanel jacket and the only one dressed neatly. that one is going to be Trouble- i can tell.

  6. Chuck says:

    W was always impeccably and appropriately dressed for the occasion. Same with Mrs. Bush.

    On the other hand, this guy and his wife … no comment.

  7. flaggman says:

    He could be wearing nothing but a thong bikini and it wouldn’t matter to the media. As long as the arsonist is lighting matches, and thus their miserable lives are made more exciting, they’ll call him a genius and help him along.

  8. thierry says:

    never mind the coat- the leader of the free world has…


    and apparently is the first flip flop wearing POTUS. ugh. having to look at him is bad enough. having to see his toes has scarred me for life.

    he seems to be wasting away for all he shovels into that lobster risotto hole. does he really have a spec of conscience somewhere that’s eating him alive or is it just all the stress from all the golfing and vacationing?

  9. Crueladev says:

    I don’t know…I just feel horribly bad for the kids! Yeesh! Mom is on a crack food junkie kick and Urkel just appears to be just on crack! These folks are nuts…and It would be interesting to find out WHY!! MOOchelle’s Toxic Garden…perhaps?

  10. chris1058 says:

    it’s easy. MoBama dresses him.

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