Well, the Tucson Tragedy Memorial Obama Rally was, we’re told, really supposed to be a Pep “Unity” Rally, so they meant all that cheering and campaign-like atmosphere. Except for Governor Jan Brewer who was booed  by the Unified, Peppy crowd. Only certain people get the Unity, you see. The branding commenced, the free t-shirts were handed out,  and concessions were no doubt enjoyed. Funny, I don’t think I’m the only one who remembers Obama BSing and manipulating his way through the 2008 election, and I just saw it happen again tonight. And just like in 2007 and 2008 quite a number of conservatives thought the speech was just fabulous.  It certainly is a stark reminder of how the Dumb Bastard got elected in the first place.

I can hear it now! “Oh Tammy, why so political!? How awful of you!! Think of the victims!” of course, with a death threat thrown in and some crass misogynistic swear words from the Gestapo of Love and Unity for Everyone Except Some. For people shocked, just shocked at how I’m not being more ‘compassionate’ and genteel about this “event,” well, let me explain–Upon hearing the awful news Saturday morning, within an hour–even before we knew the number of dead–Barack Obama’s gestapos moved in for the kill–the Kill of Palin and the Kill of Conservatives in this country. For 5 days Tea Party, conservatives and Sarah Palin were blamed for murder. I spent the weekend, as did so many others, not being allowed to grieve but having to listen to crass political smears and libel, while defending those falsely accused of horrific complicity.

Democrat and Republican leadership sat silent, including Barack Obama, as this nation was stomped on by grotesque beasts using the dead and maimed in an attempt to add a 21st victim–Sarah Palin–to the body count. Obama may have been silent and he could be–his gestapos were doing all the work. His machine knew what to do and they moved quickly. The Massacre Cult chose their targets and went hunting, accusing innocents of the horror of being an accessory to murder to score political points.

So don’t wonder why I’m calling the charade tonight a charade. Despite all of us being faced with the ugliness of the liberal response, we also spent the last 5 days praying for the victims and being concerned for our nation. You will also see my concern in refusing to silently acquiesce or in faux praise for one of the most bizarre displays of manipulation of a tragedy I’ve ever seen. Was the speech good? I suppose considering what we’ve been put through this weekend by the very same people, reading the phone book would have moved  some people to tears. If you lurved the speech, then let’s make the speechwriter president! As Michelle Malkin notes, speeches and leadership are not the same thing.

Even more concerning to me than the speech itself–Obama is a classic Malignant Narcissist and I expect him manipulate situations for his own use–was the reaction of the punditry. One TAM, Kelly, called it “Stepford Punditry,” as the collective tingle crawled up so many conservative legs tonight. For me, context matters–who is saying what sounds so nice? Is it someone who has walked his talk or is it someone who is known only for saying one thing and doing another? There are very nice ways of asking someone to dinner–but is it Ted Bundy asking or John Wayne?  Some have said their praise of tonight’s speech is out of deference to the families of the victims–Five days after a wholesale effort by the same people to use the victims and atrocity for political gain? Really? My respect has been since moment one–and that respect continues in calling out those who use a horror like Saturday like they would a dirty dishrag–something to be used and then tossed.

I, for one, will continue to speak as clearly as possible when the Emperor is stark raving naked. I hope you’re with me for the next two years doing exactly that.

So yeah, thanks Obama! Great speech! Oh and by the way Death Threats Against Sarah Palin at ‘Unprecedented Level,’ Aides Say

Now for two comments at two other sites which I think are worth sharing.

+From NRO:


I have to wonder if Rich [Lowry] saw the same speech I did. This was one of the smarmiest performances from a politician I have ever seen and the competition is fierce. Like all Obama’s efforts it was gaseous nonsense. The straight eulogy parts were servicable in print, but unconvincing as delivered. The whole discussion of civility was disgusting. Obama, as always, is trying to have it both ways. Yes he criticized finger pointing (at a high level of abstraction). But he never called out his own supporters who have been pointing fingers so disgracefully ever since the shootings. He says the state of our discourse had nothing to do with the shootings and then quickly, and illogically, moves to talking about the state of our discourse. This is just the same old leftist talking points dressed up with a very small fig leaf. He poses as above the fray even as he indulges in a nasty late hit. The man is pond scum and tongue-tied pond scum at that. I’m sick to death of hearing what a great orator he is, particularly from conservative commentators, every time he sallies forth and spews verbal flatulence. How about we all agree to take note when the Emperor appears in public stark naked. It would make a nice change.

I won’t even get started on the tone of the event which made the Wellstone Memorial look tasteful.

At HotAir:

Let’s contrast this piece of junk with President Bush’s speech at Virginia Tech following the massacre at my college.

My Background:

I was in the audience in Cassel Coliseum on April 17, 2007. I heard President Bush speak after a crazy [email protected]@rd shot up my college.

In a few days I would bury a man who I had last seen when he came up to me the week earlier to congratulate me on my baptism and entry into the Catholic Church.
It would be my first military funeral, but not my last.
His name was Matthew Joseph La Porte.

I was a sophomore member of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets (VTCC)

President Bush spoke for barely 10 minutes if that. He was solemn, dignified and respectful, although the microphone that broadcasted into the rest of the coliseum was barely working and we could barely hear and understand him as a result we got the point he made.

President Obama’s disgusting attempt at what appears to be a political rally, in the wake of a similar massacre is beyond reprehensible.

SgtSVJones on January 12, 2011 at 10:31 PM

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  1. dr4ensic says:

    “If there are rain puddles in heaven, Christina is jumping in them today.”
    You’ve got to be kidding me. If a whole truckload of “couth” landed on Obama, I don’t think it would help him. He’s beyond help. He has no soul…..oh, and did I mention if I see him lift his chin in that ‘holier than thou’ posture one more time….wait….I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

    • The Prince of Heft says:

      here here! well said!
      “If” there is… but since there is not, lets just move along with the speech… Maybe his PR team contacted the poor family in order to build a profile of their lost daughter. Maybe that’s how this idiotic statement made it into the speech.

  2. yojimmy says:


  3. aardvark says:

    Oh, gee…shades of “She’s just fainted, is there a doctor in the house, somebody get her some water…she’s fine!” Oh…my…(I’m not gonna say it all). GIVE ME A BREAK…or just pass the barf bag. He should go visit St. Jude’s, and City of Hope…and…and… just heal them ALL! But he wouldn’t have time to be President then — HEY–THAT’s an idea!

    But seriously, I think I’m just gonna need that barf bag over my head for the next few years. I may cut eye holes in it — or I may not!

  4. yojimmy says:


  5. tamcat says:

    Oh yeah, with you and others like us who value independent freedom. We are The United States of Tammy.

  6. TheresaMC says:

    I agree with all of you above. As I sat here alone watching the Rally (Memorial) I could not believe it. There were so many parts that were just WRONG! The Emporer STILL has no clothes! Some thought he actually let cloth touch his body but, no, it did not happen. Although again, there are too many who are afraid to say Obama is naked. Please Pray or think Positive thoughts that our fellow Conservatives are going to open their eyes and acknowledge the truth.

  7. cjp2361 says:


    That headline flashed in my mind and I couldn’t get rid of it….Was anybody else CREEPED OUT like I was? Did anybody else get the heebie-jeebies listening to ‘Big Sis’ and Stedman reciting the Word of the Lord??? I hear the Word of the Lord every Sunday…I’m trying to figure out why it felt so disingenuous to hear it coming from them? I felt like I was at a Catholic wedding ceremony watching the groom’s Uncle Vinny get up & read a biblical passage and the bride’s Cousin Regina do the same. Did we REALLY need to have the head of the DOJ and the head of DHS at this memorial service to do these biblical readings? I mean really! Stedman is spearheading a lawsuit suing the entire State of AZ and former Governor Big Sis has given that state PLENTY of lip service from her office in DC.

    So now I’m already feeling funky about all of this and it’s the Narcissist-In-Chief’s turn. Within the first few sentences he talks about being on his knees in prayer? I don’t think I would’ve been so creeped out about any of that if my President had spoken about his faith before….OTHER than when his faith was being questioned.

    There’s gotta be new blood at the WH!! Whoever it is trying to save Urkel & make him look good for 2012, has not only preached a sermon or two to him, but looks like his entire Administration was in the congregation too (all puns intended!) Hearing faith being spoken about by these people was such a stark contrast to what we’ve seen/heard from them for the past 2 years, it struck me as so transparent and so disengenuous….not to mention downright CREEPY!

  8. I couldn’t agree more, Tammy. I’m so tired of hearing some conservatives give this guy latitude…giving the Left latitude, period. It just disgusts me.

  9. JuanitaDugas says:

    How does one get that many brainless, clueless, souless people in one place….was it the t-shirts and bumper stickers, or do that many people STILL think it’s way cool to be in the ONE’S presence? Frightening if true. Soooo sad for family members of murdered victims and survivors; surely this couldn’t be what they expected, and let’s face it, they pretty much couldn’t refuse to attend the president’s “event”. Let’s stop calling it a memorial ok? I’m with you Tammy, there’s something seriously wrong with these people. Oh, and I read where Gov. Brewer was booed…..unreal!!!

  10. Shifra says:

    Even more depressing (if that is even possible) than the spectacle itself was the “post-game” analysis on Fox. From the good Dr. Chas Krauthammer, well, we know about his Urkel leg-tingle (although, isn’t he paralyzed?) but Hume and Baier were falling all over themselves to praise the speech (see mine and other TAMS’ comments under Daily Tammy radio 1-12-11). Other than Gov. Brewer, there was no dignity at all to the event. But how clever of Urkel’s handlers to carry the “circus” in a basketball arena with a predominantly college crowd! Guaranteed cheers/excitement from the crowd! This had almost nothing to do with the AZ atrocity. Consider this Urkel’s ’12 campaign kick-off.

    So sorry for the families of the victims. I remember Bush’s speech after 9/11, and how meaningful it was for everyone who lived through that horror. Tucson, you were merely a prop for Urkel. It was *not* a memorial service. But it *was* like the old Ed Sullivan Variety Hour.

  11. MainelyRight says:

    It all sounds disgusting…not that I expected any different. Thank you, Tammy, for watching and reporting so I didn’t have to. And Dr4ensic, I have to ask: Only “a little”? I’m with Aardvark…I’m just going to wear the barf bag. It’s Theater of the Despicable.

  12. Ginger says:

    The “memorial” was totally bizarre! I kept thinking, “what is wrong with all of those people?”..

    Oh the one’s words were golden as usual but tarnished by the carnival atmosphere that his very presence helped to produce. If my family member had died just 5 days before in such a horrific event, and then I had to sit there in that superbowl atmosphere while my heart was breaking, I just could not have handled it.

    I am so happy that Gabby opened her eyes. It’s too bad that crowd hasn’t yet opened theirs.

  13. thierry says:

    it’s called ‘ narcissistic supply’. so kind of ‘ conservatives’ to feed the monster that is urkel ,the raging malignant narcissist -which is only a tiny ballerina twirl away from being a sociopath, if he’s not already there. ignoring what urkel is and pretending he’s ‘ normal’ does not reflect unity nor is it rational and open minded- it’s dangerous and tragically misguided. they’ve been had and manipulated by not even a particularly skilled liar nor a very charming one.

    i for one have never found urkel a good speaker- he seems like a preprogrammed robot on autopilot, always. effective’ speechifying’ requires at least the semblance of connecting with other humans- he is profoundly detached. he’s a bumbling sloganeer more often then not. licking him 3 ways and back only props up his illness. it encourages his damage when the narcissistic supply i.e. other humans give him what he craves, reflecting his inflated opinion of himself self right back at him. other humans are only recognized when they act as mirrors.

    anyone who can treat this situation as an opportunity for personal gain and power grubbing is operating out of a deep well of craven depravity or from a complete lack of conscience, another hallmark of the malignant narcissist who is also a sociopath. evil blossoms best in the heart of those with no empathy and no conscience . these people can NEVER be in any position where they have power over others as they will always always be profoundly and tragically destructive.

    can we stop pretending that urkel does anything other than that which relates to Himself and keeping the supply of love ,attention, and power flowing his way ?aiding and abetting urkel’s and liberal’s narcissistic and damaged agenda further denies the real victims the empathy , respectful attention and care, and justice they deserve.

    “The love of liberty is the love of others; the love of power is the love of ourselves.” William Hazlitt

  14. padrooga says:

    Shameful…. just shameful.

    “With any tragedy, particularly those that underscore the human capacity for cruelty, we must find a way to honor the legacies of those who died.
    We must incorporate those who died into our hearts and souls, and to let them lead us to act in ways that will honor them. We must allow them to inspire us to fully embrace life to the extent that they were denied and to work to prevent the endless repetition of history”.


  15. LJZumpano says:

    Thank you Tammy for putting what I feel into words. In a few hours a child will be laid to rest in a handcrafted coffin donated by clositered Monks from Iowa, made from trees they cultivate. They will also provide special crosses for the family, and a new tree will be planted in her name. She was the victim of a mass murderer, and who knows but that she would have grown up to be another Sarah Palin, strong, talented, independent and faith-filled, respectful of the fact that she was born on the very date so many died. That future has been closed. She was victimized again by a man who saw a way to exploit her for his own benefit, to win applause from a kool-aid drinking crowd who have not even the common decency to realize that we honor and memorialize with reverence, not with cheers and boos.
    This week we saw horror, but we also saw miracles as we prayed, even when they said Giffords was dead, we prayed they were wrong, and she not only lived, but has been placed in the charge of some of the most awesome special doctors we have. I saw the power of prayer on Saturday, miracles we had no right to expect.
    Today as I grieve for those killed and injured, I will continue to pray, and ask that God help us in our struggle to return sanity to this land. I promise to do all I can, but know that this exceptional nation, blessed by God, needs continued miracles to keep it vibrant and strong.

  16. […] silent for 5 days, allowing his attack dogs to go after his political “enemies” — puts it quite bluntly: I can hear it now! “Oh Tammy, why so political!? How awful of you!!” of course, with a death […]

  17. FreedomsWings says:

    All I have to say Tammy is thank God for the TAMs and you! Totally on board with you and it seemed to me that the TAMs were the few voices of reason on Twitter last night. I too, in the back of my mind, knew people would say we shouldn’t be so judgemental or harsh or political, just as I knew they would blame Saturday on conservatives – although I had no idea just how ugly it would become. The minute any fair minded person saw that there was a theme, logo and t-shirts for this “memorial”, there should have been an outcry from the American people. I wrote a blog titled, “Exploitation Of A tragedy” because that is exactly what this was. I was very happy to hear that Gabby had opened her eyes, but even that came off wrong coming from Obama who just had to say it was right after he left the room. And upon hearing that Debbie Wasserman Schultz and PlastiGirl (Pelosi) were in the room with her, I was just sick. I didn’t think the ICU let in more than 2 people at a time, that has been my experience in the past. And though I cheer her opening her eyes, what does that mean? My mother-in-law did that a couple of times while in a coma before she passed away and it was reflexive, not because she was conscience. I pray that that was not the case here.

    So now they tell us it was suppose to be a rally – then don’t call it a memorial!! And don’t have some peyote snorting buffoon give some kind of opening invocation blessing the doors, ants and dogs.

    • sandyl says:

      You are so right. The only words to sum up what this event really was is: “theme, logo and t-shirts.” One need look no deeper than that, because there was no there there, never has been.

  18. flaggman says:

    The past five days reminds me of a passage I read in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. To paraphrase: ‘Make the middle class think that they’re going to lose it all. Then they’ll be happy to accept what you allow them to keep.” Alinsky applies this maxim to individual wealth; but the same can apply to politics. The left spent the last few days threatening to take away the freedoms of conservatives and all the gains of the November elections, as punishment for the collective guilt of assasination and murder. So after leaving us all swinging in the wind, fighting off the swarms, PapaDoc Obama comes to town and says, “no no, let’s all get along”, and will now move forward on taking away only a few freedoms. And he’ll take away those freedoms with the help of his big-R Republican capos, who will acquiesce on many issues in the name of “unity”. Alinskyite scum does what it does. It’s up to the Tea Party to stop it.

  19. ffigtree says:

    How much more civility does he want? Rolling over and a**kissing is not an option.

  20. Pat_S says:

    I listened to the speech only because Fox pulled “Human Target” which was scheduled for the same time. I haven’t checked further but I’m guessing it was out of sensitivity. “Raising Hope” was aired instead. Anyway, I endured the highly inappropriate behavior of the crowd waiting to hear the speech the media was inevitably going to call superlative and unifying. I thought it was trite and condescending until the end which I found nauseating. The leader of a nation using the grave of a dead child as a platform to establsh false premises was too much. I didn’t hang around for the media rally that followed.

    • LJZumpano says:

      They ditched Human Target so could go to the speech. Human Target was supposed to be 1 1/2 hours. they ran a 1/2 hour show then flipped to the speech

  21. Pangborn says:

    Ms. Tammy,
    I thought The Great One’s speech was merely”okay”, honoring as it did the tragic victims, until he shamelessly uttered (with a straight face mind you) the word “humility”. Please! And then this unbelievably incompetent “leader”, who has been nothing but a rabid partisan since that first fateful day he wrested the public stage from every infinitely lesser mortal, had the nerve to implicitly cite Lincoln (after overtly quoting him) as he urged everyone, other than himself of course, to aspire to the “better angels” of their nature. Like dr4ensic previously mentioned, this demigod’s condescension, coupled with his maudlinly exploitative reference to “puddle-jumping angels” made me “throw up a little bit in my mouth” as well.
    And I’m sorry, but as heinous an eruption of violence as this tragic incident undoubtedly was, it was no more or less than a local tragedy that has deeply scarred a single community. It was not an attack upon our nation and upon us all like the terrorist horror of September 11th, 2001, so the President’s appearance could be, by definition, nothing more than exploitational and self-serving (go figure!). This horrible explosion of mayhem and murder was precipitated solely by a deeply disturbed young man whose severe mental illness remained, as it appears, undiagnosed and untreated, which in itself is a terrible tragedy. The aforementioned idiocy of proclaiming that rhetoric was most definitely not the culprit right before he launched an attack upon everyone’s rhetoric but his own nearly made me unclench my grip on my bible AND my gun.

    P.S. (A plea for understanding)
    And the awful, pejorative rhetoric employed by those Mensa members that make up the News* (“nutjob”, “kook”, “lunatic”, etc.) will serve only to discourage other diseased and damaged individuals from seeking treatment that would help prevent the exponentional multiplication of misery that neglected, villefied and ultimately ostracized mental illness brings. We need to finally and permanently remove the stigma from mental illness so that desolate, despairing souls can live happier and more productive lives in the bright, cleansing light of day rather than remain forever hidden away in attics (as in “Jane Eyre”) or shuttered up in scary, sidestepped Bedlam’s like Boo Radley’s house.

    *the double meaning is intentional

  22. franknitti says:

    This country has become one big insane asylum and Urkel is our Dr. Mabuse. It’s madness. Sheer madness. The worst of all is the mainstream media. Urkel pulls their chains and they jump and tell us how great he is. Sad to say, but the man might have gotten himself re-elected last night in Tucson. We can only hope differently.

  23. Palin2012 says:

    Well said Pat_S and Tammy, couldn’t agree more (even with watching only because “Human Target” was pulled). Jan Brewer spoke of the victims, naming each and talking of them. This is what a “Memorial Service” is supposed to be – remembering and honoring the dead and, in this case, the injured. It turned out to be a political rally with Prayers and Bible readings from Gov’t officials, and a “Mexican Native American” (what the hell was he talking about??). Did every Democrat in DC show up for this thing? Did anyone consider – with all of this “unity crap” – inviting a few representatives from the other side of the isle?? Even if they are no longer going to accuse Tea Party, Palin, and Conservatives of causing this, the message was made clear. If Jan Brewer was not Governor it would have been a total lefty-love in.

    I doubt, seriously, that BO and Shelley’s visit to the Congresswoman’s bedside resulted in her opening her eyes for the first time, but you will never convince them of it. Wonder if they argue about who really was the great “healer”! Sorry: cheers, applause, t-shirts, …. rally for BO and the leftist libprogs, except for Jan Brewer: not a Memorial. It made me nauseous.

  24. Kelly says:

    It was appalling and the reaction to my Twitter comments from one of my liberal friends really showed me once and for all that liberals are damaged and think differently than conservatives. She felt I was being insensitive and judgmental when I raised my displeasure at the weirdness of the blessing of the Medicine Man/Not Medicine Man at a memorial for people who were Christians and Jews, and my comment about waiting for the wave to break out in the crowd. She found the memorial moving. Well, good for her.

    Tammy and all of you TAMS provided the only sanity last night and I want to thank you for that. I might have been drinking heavily otherwise.

  25. […] is Tammy Bruce, who is even blunter, and sounding more than a tad bitter: Summing Up The Tucson Obama Rally: I can hear it now! “Oh Tammy, why so political!? How awful of you!! Think of the victims!” of […]

  26. Artgal says:

    About 5 miles from where I was teaching last night, a display I can only describe as an orgy of the self-obsessed took place. How I wish it were not so!

    Truly, the only sane and uplifting moment occurred when Gov. Jan Brewer spoke because she indeed did speak from the heart. Yes, I heard the booing, too, and that just says it say it all, doesn’t it? Here is our governor – a woman who has been maligned, threatened and yes, targeted by this administration and various hate groups – surrounded by the very locusts swarming on the state she leads and loves so they can exploit blood for their agenda. And a ghoul from the audience dares to ‘boo’ her. It is beyond my comprehension.

    The U of A performed a disgrace beyond words. Making an ‘event’ out of the murders and critical injuries of people is perhaps one of the most grotesque displays. Compound it with tshirts being made of the ‘event’ and the cheering, hollering – this is just obscene and yes, this entire display made me physically ill. As someone who is a graphics artist, I can tell you the color palette for the shirts was a deliberate decision. Think I’m being petty? Then you’d better ask yourself why tshirts were made and distributed in the first place. These people do nothing unless there is a motive behind it. Even attending ‘memorials’.

    I fail to understand why so many ‘conservative’ pundits cannot see through the charade. Obama always distances himself from the rhetoric and actions of his proxies so they can continue to do the work of fanning flames and starting new fires. This is no different. Frankly, I think some in the GOP are not at all upset that Palin has been threatened in all of this – they are hoping for that ‘distraction’ that may keep her from running. It’s rather sick to ‘go there’, isn’ it? Well, we were not the ones who went that route; the left did. It began within an hour of word getting out that Gabrielle Giffords had been shot. They have been relentless in making this something other than what it is: a psycho with a fixation stemming back to 2007. Unfortunately, the GOP have confirmed their low self-esteem is still firmly intact. They have become so quiet in all of this I am even wondering if they still exist.

    Ever since the horrific news began pouring in on Saturday, the media and politicos have not let up on their deliberate mischaracterization of this whole sickening situation or this city. It doesn’t help when the head dustmite of law enforcement in Pima County throws an entire state under the bus either. In addition to being unable to properly absorb what happened and catch our breath, there is a new layer of insanity being applied everyday – and all for what? I dare say the mindset that can exploit these atrocities as witnessed last night and, truly, since Saturday on tv and blogs bears a cryptic nature far more in alignment with those who are mentally deranged and soulless.

    BTW: Did Charles Krauthammer have his head in the toilet during the ‘memorial festivities’ last night? This whole thing has already become the runaway train. No door has been closed. It’s not going to be either and it won’t be due to Tucsonans, but due to the politicos & media who are out for blood – literally: for every drop spilled on Saturday, they smelled opportunity.

    While the scene last night is being talked about, analyzed, praised and played over and over again, a little 9-year-old girl will be laid to rest today. God bless the families as they say goodbye to their loved ones, and we continue praying for those still in the hospital. We have not forgotten them.

    • jeweytunes says:

      Perfectly said, Lisa. This has been tough to endure out there in the middle of it, but I know you — you’re the kind of activist and leader who will make some “sense” out of it, something positive out of the horrific event and shameful aftermath. Hang in there, gf. J

    • flaggman says:

      Lisa, you nailed it when you talked about Obama distancing himself while letting his proxies fan the flames. Stanley Kurtz, author of “Radical-in-Chief”, identified this as O’s precise role in the stealth-socialist movement’s “good cop-bad cop” routine. He’s the good cop, whose role is to gloss over the radicalism and give cover to the radicals, while seducing his “friends” on the other side of the aisle by pretending to be Mr. All-American nice guy family man. He has the “Good Cop” role down to a t, and people still fall for it – even after they know exactly what he stands for and who he covers for! It’s amazing to see people like Krauthammer miss this.

      • sandyl says:

        I am not surprised about Krauthammer. I lost my respect for him during the 2008 election. He likes Obama, thought he would moderate in office, thought the people’s actions at the town halls were a mistake, his condescending snobbery toward Sarah, and on, and on. Thanks to Tammy I now understand why he turned out to be NOT the man I originally thought he was. Worked for Carter administration–the worst President (until now)–is all you need to know.

  27. otlset says:

    I recall earlier in the week Roger Ailes’ public attempts to tone things down as the baseless media accusations were getting out of hand, along with promises that his organization (Fox News) would lighten up on the harsh rhetoric. So perhaps the unexpected Obama lovefest by the panel (Hume, Wallace, the Kraut Hammer) was due to Ailes’ own “pep talk” to them beforehand. “Okay boys, now if I hear any, and I mean ANY badmouthing of Obama after his speech in this time of heightened and violent rhetoric, you will answer to me.” Gulp.

  28. oldertraveler says:

    agree with all posts could not believe the “Wellstone Rally” part 2, as I
    watched last night.
    But, this morning to find out that t-shirts were ‘given’ out, unbelievable
    Did Axelrod provide them? Inquiring minds want to know. The Marxist Stream
    Media will never provide the answer, because they will not find it weird to have
    t-shirts at a Memorial Service.
    Equally weird, the “Indian Blessing”…did not know there were Mexican/Indians killed.
    Thought the killed and injured were Jewish, and Christian.
    The only person with a sense of decorum was Daniel Hernandez.

  29. Carol says:

    Tammy alluded to it in the report. Yeah, we’ll eventually find out that there were indeed people bused in for the event. T-shirts and other freebies…

  30. Tinker says:

    I watched everything up to and after Obama. I knew what he would do and how he would do it, so why bother. Everyone is covering for them saying, “well, they couldn’t help how the crowd acted.” As I sat there saying “How Disgusting!!” at the tv over and over to the point of being literally dizzy, I realized that they knew exactly what they were going to get by having it take place on a college campus. Remember this is a man that screens his town hall participants. Also, they could’ve from the outset asked the crowd to refrain from applause and outbursts and to remember it was a memorial.

    Except for the lovely and distinguished Gov. Jan Brewer the whole thing was an amateurish debacle of the first degree. And how anyone can think that there was any shred of genuine empathy or compassion in O’s speech is beyond me. I’ll never ever understand why people think his stiff, unemotional, stilted reading is great oratory.

    Oh, and I almost forgot to add… wasn’t it nice the way Paaaaaaaat was welcomed like a rock star? She and Holder shouldn’t even have been there.

    Why are we having massive public memorials like this anyway? Is this going to be mandatory every time there’s a mass murder or act of terrorism? I pray not. America! Snap out of it!

  31. MRFIXIT says:

    I was not watching intently. My wife turned on the TV and tuned into the “whatever it was”. All I could think was: Did these people learn nothing from the Paul Wellstone memorial?

  32. cmoore324 says:

    Gee, I don’t know. What’s better at a time of grief than a Memorial Pep Rally and 2012 Campaign Kickoff event? Too bad the cameras missed “the wave” the crowd did near the end of it.

  33. RobbieK says:

    As an American Indian, I was disgusted by the appearance and words of the New Age pseudo Indian that appeared at the beginning of the Wellstone II. This obvious heathen said a prayer not to God, but to some new age God & Obama ate it up, which was disgusting. The medicine man ranted on & on & on about his “Mexican” roots & social issues and this set the stage for this embarrassment of a memorial. If I was a relative of one of the injured or dead, I would be extremely upset today that a nature worshiper was selected to say the prayer. The University of Arizona President is an obvious Liberal with an agenda & approved those disgusting T-shirts to be draped across the back of chairs & made this all about Obama. Disgusting, very disgusting.

  34. […] not impressed is Tammy Bruce, who is even blunter, and sounding more than a tad bitter: Summing Up The Tucson Obama Rally: I can hear it now! “Oh Tammy, why so political!? How awful of you!! Think of the victims!” of […]

  35. IslandLibertarian says:

    “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste — and what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you didn’t think you could do before.”
    Rahm Emanuel

    and the lemmings applaud………….

  36. Kimj7157 says:

    Excellent, Tammy. I didn’t watch or listen, but it sounds even worse than what I imagined. And someone tell me please, what the hell Napo and Holder were doing there??? I turned on Fox this morning after work and Santorum was on a segment saying how great he thought the speech was and how Obama “struck the right tone”. Didn’t realize others on the Right were doing the same. Perfect. Afraid, obviously, to tell it like it is. So thank-you, thank-you Tammy for speaking the truth. (I’m hoping this will be a column somewhere as well. Please.)

    On the way home I was listening to a local radio show, Chip Franklin. He was disgusted by the display that had no resemblance to a memorial service. He also mentioned that he never thought Sarah Palin could beat BO in an election. He’s now changed his mind. Hopefully many more can now recognize BO for what he really is–an arrogant, selfish, anti-American bastard who is treating the Presidency as a self-promoting joyride.

  37. mindy says:

    As a Tucsonan, I found the Obama Rally ghoulish. It began like a basketball game–with our national anthem joined by cheers and applause. The “memorial” was then punctuated throughout by cheers, applause, shout-outs, and even the booing of Governor Brewer. So much for unity and calls for devine healing… It continued with Holder and Napalitano reading scripture (I was braced for a lightning bolt.)

    Obama reported that HE (the ONE) had just visited Giffords in the hospital. This led to a Jimmy Swaggart moment, in which Obama declared, “Gabby opened her eyes!” (I expected someone to jump up and yell, “You lie!” as during his State of the Union last year…) It ended with the Obamas working the crowd. Who forgot the confetti?

  38. margie says:

    Billy Wilder’s movie, ‘Ace in the Hole’ also known as ‘The Big Carnival’ so reminds me of the disgustingly opportunistic Democrat pep rally otherwise known as the Tucson Memorial Service.
    ‘Ace in the Hole'(1951): Fired from a number of big-city papers, reporter Charles Tatum (Kirk Douglas) tries to reestablish himself in New Mexico. When a local store owner is trapped in a cave-in, Tatum turns the victim’s misfortune into a media frenzy to further his own career. A local sheriff agrees to help prolong the rescue efforts, thereby helping build up the story. The situation quickly escalates into an out-of-control circus.
    This classic film has been touted as director Billy Wilder’s sharpest, most uncompromising piece of work.

    Great movie that reveals the ugliness of human nature as we have been witnessing in the contrived and contorted msm/Democrat political operatives’ responses to the horrific tragedy in Tucson.

    • Tinker says:

      Great analogy Margie-I’ve seen that movie and you are so right! That movie along with Kazan’s “Face in the Crowd” are bookends for the Dems.

  39. tabbywabby says:

    Fortunately, I did not get to hear the entire address, but it was on the TV at the restaurant I was at, so I read some of the subtitles (but had to stop because it was ruining my meal by giving me indigestion). Of the few lines I read, both contained frightening concepts.

    1) Expand our moral imagination. What is that? I’m pretty sure relegating morality to the imagination is a real bad idea.

    2) Our values need to align with our actions. Funny, I thought it was the other way around.

    And these are no off-the-cuff comments. Someone actually formulated them and put them to paper. Disturbing…

  40. mrcannon says:

    Wow . . . tragedy into triumph. I think I’m going to faint.

  41. dcor17 says:

    I’m surprised the O in Together We Thrive wasn’t the Urkel Circle. I guess they decided against it because that would have been in poor taste.

    I wonder if dear leader autographed any T shirts after the show.

  42. saxon1014 says:

    Hi all, I’m new here, found my way via a retweet thanks to Adam Baldwin. How refreshing to find some common sense and intelligence in all this madness!

    I only saw bits and pieces of the ‘memorial’…how sad. Seriously, how terribly sad for those who were there to mourn, remember even celebrate the lives of their friends and loved ones, and instead got an Obamathon.

    What struck me most, was his telling of Gabby opening her eyes (which is wonderful of course), but as I watched that bit again (every channel kept replaying it), I was watching Michelle, holding the hand of this obviously emotionally drained husband, and for a moment there…I felt that it was NOT TRUE. Or, at least, it was not true in the way BHO told it. Michelle obviously knew what was going to be said, yet she faked a ‘oh my, my nose is doing that burning thing that means I’m almost about to cry’…and Gabby’s husband just had this stone cold look on his face…as if it were all a big put on. I heard someone from her staff confirm it did happen, but I honestly felt that Obama was lying. Maybe that’s just cuz his lips were moving…but it sounded like he was, in some sick way, trying to take credit for it. I dunno, I may just have an over active imagination…but he’s convinced others of his greatness…I’m sure he’s got to believe it himself.

    My sympathies go out to all those who lost loved ones, those recovering, and to the Congresswoman fighting for her life. I wonder how she is going to feel when she finds out all that has gone on in these last few days.

    Thanks to all for very interesting and entertaining reading…I will try my hardest to remember to check back for more.



  43. […] it safe at a moment when oratory should have taken a back seat to good manners. He wasn’t at a pep rally. What America wants in their president—just every so often—is something a notch above a […]

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