It’s the 2nd Birthday of the historic $812B (according to the Heritage Foundation really $3.27T) Stimulus Bill Crap Sandwich, and most of us felt like Rosemary when that baby was unveiled. Two years later our shocked disbelief has been confirmed–Urkel’s Baby isn’t a good thing and is still working to destroy us. Remember, the Crap Sandwich was supposed to save us, and keep unemployment below 8%. How did we know this? Because Urkel said so! Instead, sadly, Urkel’s Baby has been gutting us, keeping unemployment above 9% for 21 straight months. I will also direct you to the “Hope and Change Stats Are In!” post, within which is the listing of just exactly how much Urkel’s Baby and his other misanthropic “help” have gutted us.

I guess Rosemary got all a lot of comfort from those odd neighbors, always around to help, always encouraging her, and just a little too excited about her pregnancy. Funny enough, Urkel’s Baby also had a lot of fans, politicians who kept insisting it was going to be wonder and save the world! Courtesy of the National Republican Congressional Committee, we now have a collection of all the bullsh sent our way by trolls in Congress, insisting Urkel’s Baby was the best thing since, uh, the soup lines.

But don’t you worry, the White House insists the Crap Sandwich did exactly what they hoped for. For a bunch of people who don’t like this country very much, I’m sure it did.

Other linkage:

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  1. IloiloKano says:

    Tammy, you are so gracious to have remembered the birthday of Urkel’s Baby. Though, I bet he won’t have the class thank you for your thoughtfulness.

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  3. makeshifty says:

    LOL. Great picture for this! 🙂

  4. thierry says:

    and what was rosemary’s and satan’s baby’s name?

    why, it was adrian…

    ‘rosemary’s baby’ was on streaming netflix. great to see it again. i miss ruth gordon. the befuddled ordinary face of evil in all it’s ugly mind numbing banality. just don’t eat the chocolate chalky mousse…

    i miss well made films with real actors not celebtards.

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