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Candidate Obama promised if collective bargaining was threatened he, as President, would put on a pair of comfortable shoes and walk a picket line.

(via The Daily Caller)

As President, Obama is either tripping over his own feet or kicking someone in the arse…and when it comes to the world on fire, Obama chooses loafers.

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  2. 1ntbtn says:

    Was that suppose to be , if the shoe fits, he must quit ? Oh no, that was a different phrase, different time for another pretentious person.

  3. trevy says:

    I wish he would. The more he does that, the less he’s in Washington screwing things up.

  4. varmint says:

    Someone dealt the “far right extremist” card on Facebook.
    Lemme see..far right? I know the Tea Party favors Constitutionally limited government, a Representative Republic (pure Democracy has been known to devolve into despotism from the time of the Roman Empire), free market capitalism (as opposed to Fascism or Communism or the corrupt forms of “crony capitalism” that a mixture, “state capitalism” turns into).
    Seems like the only transparent and ethical government that leaves the people free, and encourages prosperity is maybe what some call “far right.” If that is not far right, just what IS far right? Once people recognize that both Fascism and Communism are on the left (they both claim rights are only legitimately dispensed by government) and on the right is “God given rights” and free market Capitalism, and Representative Republic government then the alternate possibility left over for far right is, no government at all. Mob rule, pure Democracy, anarchy, those might be arbitrarily labeled as far right, but with not as much legitimacy as far left really. Mob rule denies all rights, or holds that the mob determines any that exist, a similar situation to Communism and Fascism claiming ownership. In either case the individual is stripped of rights, as not innate or God given. I feel that “far right” legitimately labels the traditions that gave us a free and prosperous United States for these hundreds of years.

  5. eMVeeH says:

    “…comfortable shoes…”
    Maybe the president can borrow Madame de Farge’s pricey sneakers. Gotta save as much moolah as you can, you know. After all, “everyone’s gotta have skin in the game.” It’s that, or corn and callus remover has gone up in price, too!!

  6. hsgripper says:

    Walk west from DC untill you see some giant lakes then head south.

  7. jeaneeinabottle says:

    Hi Tammy, we need to remain calm and stand in the truth, period. Like you said we have God on our side and when Sarah was asked to go to Turkey I knew in my soul we are winning. The world knows and we know for several different reasons, one is we are better than what is going on right now with the unions and we have children!!!!! When I found out my son didn’t know cursive and he’s in the eighth grade I was embarassed and angry. I’m not the only one that knows…..the whole country knows and they see and deal with the teachers and system and it’s so out of wack!!!! I think the illegals know too, haven’t seen to many lately in the grocery stores any more and that’s big in CA. The vibe is there and I trust Sarah, I know she has a plan and she’s going to kick ass when she’s ready. We have to trust her and our selves and gas is almost FREAKIN $4.00! Hang in there gang and Tammy we have your back!!! For the first time in 2years I don’t have that crappy feeling in my stomach anymore and I know why! It’s a good time right now, very exciting!!! 🙂 grrrrrrr!

  8. 1ntbtn says:

    I saw on iowntheworld.com that Mike Gallagher is ready to endorse Sarah Palin. He had all good things to say about her.

  9. Teri says:

    The dumb bastard need a kick in his arse with our PF Flyers .. again, lies, lies, lies. The moronic, fool sonofabitch just reads from tele-prompters. His marxist machine has a flat tire. The roaches are running in circles in the dark. The light has been turned on. Nice one Pat.

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