Smug Thug

Last Tuesday, Gov. Brewer released the following statement on her Facebook page::

“It looks like the feds are planning to sue Arizona again. The Arizona Constitution requires a secret ballot for employee representation. Unfortunately, the feds don’t agree and plan to sue. I believe the right to cast your vote without fear or intimidation is a fundamental tenant of our democracy. Arizonans should continue to have a constitutional right to a secret ballot for employees.”

Though it was confirmed in local media the feds would indeed sue, I see this morning the news has gone national.

The lawsuit is not reserved for Arizona only; no, South Dakota gets to share the limelight with us. Altogether, there were four states originally listed in the fed’s letter, but Arizona and South Dakota have been selected as the lucky recipients of the Obama Thugocracy’s Wrath.

Wonder if the president was blindfolded and received audio instructions so his hand could be greased and properly inserted into a specific orifice to select 2 out of 4 folded pieces of paper bearing the names of states to be attacked. Maybe he just had 3 of the states in his habitrail since Arizona was already a given for another assault. No surprise there.

For all the criticism of Gov. Brewer lately (some of which I have), she is right on this matter and has a strong Attorney General in Tom Horne, who also served as Superintendent of Public Instruction until 2010.  The Phoenix New Times (4/26/2011) reported the following: 

Horne tells New Times that the state plans to fight the lawsuit vigorously, in part because the Obama Administration seems bent on forcing card-check on Americans through regulatory acts instead of legislation. In other words, Obama could possibly mandate the unionization of companies through a card-check process without passing a new law.

Here is the full article: Feds To Sue Arizona and South Dakota for Anti-Union Law That Guarantees Secret Ballot

So look for the National Labor Relations Board to demonstrate  ‘card check’ thuggery in their actions against Arizona and South Dakota. Good thing we didn’t have to assign our names to our individual votes on Prop 113; then again, in a sense, we did – that’s why the fed is attacking each of us through our state.

So Mr. Obama, listen carefully: GAME ON, MOFO!

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  1. jimmer says:

    OMG that picture. I saw it and thought of ‘Il Duce’. Benito Obama? Stay strong AZ and SD! Oh and Artgal, ‘Game on,Mofo!’ INDEED.

  2. Charles_TX says:


    Try looking at this photo comparison of Beloved Leader and Il Duce. The resemblance is even more vivid.

    [Sorry, due to site security all links are redacted]

  3. Jill Arizona says:

    Bring it on B.O. – don’t mess with Arizona!!! ( and Texas, lol)

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