Not Pippa.

Hi Mom!

These and many more gems at Michelle Obama’s Mirror post “Michelle Obama: Royal Wedding Crasher?”

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  1. dennisl59 says:

    My WHCD report; watched it live on CSPAN:

    1) I’ve been in that Hilton banquet room, it smells bad and the carpet is a biological disease factory.

    2) Texas Governor Rick Perry at the Politico table? wha? He’s getting an email from me asap. Hey Perry, they despise Texas and you. That thing in your back cowboy? It’s a knife.

    3) 1/3 the people there are criminals, another 1/3 mentally ill; the final 1/3 are drug dealers of the other 2/3’s

    4) Who did Mooochelle’s hair? OMG! I’ve seen better on San Fernando Valley porn stars…wait, did i type that? oops.

    5) Edgar Allen Poe Award to a Seattle Times reporter? 2,500 dollars! LOL! I’d take the check, co-sign it and give it to the DB right then and there and say ‘don’t spend it all in one place, punk…”

    6) Attendees toast the “president”…I suppress vomiting.

    7) DB starts spewing verbal garbage at 10pm-est-sharp

    %) birth certificate jokes. jump cut to trump in the audience he is NOT laughing.

    9) this dumb bastard cannot tell a joke, even ones that are custom written for him.
    he’s got no TIMING at the end of every “joke”-i hear the ‘fart sound’

    10) DB targets Trump; Donald looks like he wants to punch him out.

    11) Putdowns of Uncle Joe Biden via a teleprompter ‘comedy’ video-audience bored.

    12) DB mentions solders, journalists and the massive storms in the south. easy.

    13) DB torture segment ended at 919 est. whew. audible sigh of relief by me; what a dud, putz and smuck.

    14) Seth Meyers on @920pm est; major tool, very bad jokes; courtesy laughs, he’s a joke writer not a comedian.

    15) Best Joke: the msnbc after party, president makes the kool-aid and everyone drinks it.

    16) Donald Trump is NOT amused at the putdowns. AT ALL. Obama yuks it up.
    Donald wants to punch them both out, but didn’t he see this coming? Pleeeze.

    17) Seth ends on lame british hat and s&p rating jokes. Standing ‘O’… God Help Us.

    18) Event ends @940pm-est;the drooling diseased syncophant snakes slither out of room back to their dens or townhouses in McLean, same thing.

    Next year? The TAM Table. See you there!


  2. dennisl59 says:

    The only thing missing in the ‘not pippa’ photo is a “Wide Load” banner stretched between the 2 kids with the “caution” signs on their uniforms. Rimshot/Cymbal Crash! Pass the Catnip.

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