Okay all TAMs, with all the activity surrounding iTunes I thought a podcast with me explaining it might help. Or, of course, it could make things worse, but I’ll try.

This podcast is public because we have made access changes to allow the iTunes feed to continue, at least for now. Listen to the podcast for more. Here are links you may need and that I refer to. See the background for this in the last post “We’re Tweaking the iTunes Feed.”

If you are not a TAM and do not get the premium material, you don’t have to be concerned with any of this. Thanks 🙂

To now access podcasts here at the site:

1) Sign into TAM in the right hand column (email and pw)
2) Sign into WordPress here (handle and pw)


iTunes: Nothing changes except you will be prompted now to “log in” or something–it wants your WordPress info (handle and pw).

Also use this post to see how to sign in to TAM and WordPress, with screenshots to help.

If you never registered with WordPress, here’s that link. Ignore the “Free Comment” title of the page, this is actually the WordPress registration page. Remember, choose your handle wisely, it will be public. You can choose a Pen Name if you wish, most do.

If WordPress doesn’t cooperate with you or is being difficult, contact Gina at the TAM Service email, she’ll be able to manually set you up in WordPress no problem. And just think, now that you’ll have your WP account, you may be inclined to Comment on a post or even stop by Chat, additional fun TAM things 🙂

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  1. ffigtree says:

    Extra security. Check. Got my preshow via the iTunes this morning with no troubles. I completely understand your gut feeling about eliminating the iTunes feed. iTunes is very convenient and user friendly but I’m willing to jump through extra hoops if need be because I gotta have my Tammy! ;o)

  2. peteward says:

    Thanks to Gina for all her help in getting me up and running.

  3. ShArKy666 says:

    tammy i’ve been downloadin all ur shows as files and moving them onto my mp3 player all the’s REALLY easy…people just gotta RIGHT click on the download link and select “SAVE TARGET AS” with IE or whatever the equivalent is for other browsers…

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