From 8/2010 tea party border event; Hereford, AZ

Gov. Brewer on Greta 5/9/2011

On Sunday, Gov. Brewer noted on Facebook that she had an important announcement regarding SB1070 to release the following day. Once again, Gov. Brewer has made Arizona proud!

Though Gov. Brewer made some good, surprising, confusing and disappointing decisions in the last legislative session, in no way should support for her be abandoned. I do not see her as a RINO; I see her as thoughtful and open to hearing what the state house does with the bills in the next session. Besides, some of her glowing achievements this session were installing a state militia and making it possible to build our own dang fence.

So thank you, Gov. Brewer, for taking the fight directly to the Supreme Court. As a result, the border/immigration problems will remain up front as they should!

Having SB1070 centerstage allows other issues occurring as a result of the federal government’s negligence to be front and center also. Education, healthcare, employment, economics – what part of American life is NOT affected by the border situation?  Brewer is right – nothing can be addressed until the border is secure, and her response to Obama’s visit to Texas tomorrow was excellent. Imho, it’s the same posturing as his visit to Ground Zero.

So whatever disappointments some had in Gov. Brewer a couple weeks ago, one thing is clear: she is committed to dealing with the border and immigration issues realistically – not ‘comprehensively’.

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  1. PatC says:

    I’ll be thrilled to support Arizona’s border fence/wall. When it clears the courts, I’ll support it with me own money and then move there.

  2. radargeek says:

    Along with O’dumber’s speech in El Paso, we have a government that taxes its citizenry to death and then gives away freebes to any noncitizen who comes in our country. This government is dispicable! It does not respect its own citizens! They give away money we don’t have to people who aren’t even legally permitted to be here! This government takes our freedoms by taxing more and more of our income to where we have nothing left. Why work if thats what they want? We have the most tyrannical government in our history as a nation. They are worst than a common thief or bank robber- legalized stealing! When are people going to wake up? This is not a future for any generation…

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