[What is clear is that Mr. Cain is not up to speed as a presidential contender. He had no clue what “right of return” referred to. His answer on several important issues is essentially “that all depends”. Others have to be consulted at some future time before Cain can know what he will do. There is reason to suspect Mr. Cain’s reliance on cautious deliberation is not a foundation of wisdom; it is a refuge of the uninformed. — pat]


Herman Cain was CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. He is now a Jack-in-the-box candidate for President. We won’t know what he’d do on national security matters until he’s elected. He takes pride in this position. He thinks if other candidates were truthful they’d say the same thing.

He should have invoked the same faux superiority and not answered when Chris Wallace asked about Israel and the Palestinian right of return. Instead he endorsed the concept. Cain, clearly not knowing what Chris was talking about, said sure why not with the caveat that it would be negotiable and up to Israel. Mr. Cain knows what he doesn’t know about Afghanistan and now we know a little more about his overall ignorance.

Wallace: Where do you stand on the right of return?

Cain: The right of return? The right of return?

Wallace: The Palestinian right of return

Cain: That should be negotiated.

Wallace: You think the Palistinian refugees kicked out in 1948 should have any right to return to Israeli land?

Cain: Yes, they should have the right to come back if that is a decision that Israel wants to make.

Cain might have to wait until he’s elected to know what the experts think about Afghanistan but all he had to to was read yesterday’s newspapers to know what Israel thinks about the right of return. No way.

Netanyahu underscored just how difficult that last issue is alone, declaring that Palestinians will not be allowed to settle in Israel as part of any peace plan.

“It’s not going to happen. Everybody knows it’s not going to happen”, he said. “And I think it’s time to tell the Palestinians forthrightly it’s not going to happen.”

Cain’s philosophy may be grounded in conservatism but evidently his governing style would be, “Don’t ask me I only work here”.

Maybe Joke-in-the-box is a more accurate description of candidate Cain. Sorry Cain supporters but that’s my opinion.

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  1. DouggieJ says:

    He obviously had no idea what that meant and tried to BS his way through the question. He should have just admitted he didn’t know.

  2. larrygeary says:

    So we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it? No thanks.

    He’s clearly not qualified, and it’s becoming obvious very quickly. The question is, will he be flushed out quickly, or will he get a free pass because he’s black, like Obama did?

    • JEN says:

      I suspect for the time being things will ride because as Gov. Palin said before its a good thing to strike up the convesation as long as that conversation is above board and not BS.Cains problem is that he dosnt really have his own material he appropriates others then he turns around the other day to cris wallace when asked and says he wont go into specifics right now because the other candidates will steal his ideas.I kid you not its on the record,Liar Liar pants on fire Hermain that just disqualified him in my book,How about you??.

  3. Chuck says:

    Bibi’s explanation of Israel’s policy to Obama is so crystal clear that a 5-year old could understand the issue. Cain’s answer reveals either of that: (1) he doesn’t know what the issue is, (2) he doesn’t keep up with current events, or (3) he agrees with Obama.

    Pick one.

  4. lawmom90 says:

    Seems as though Governor Palin is the only potential presidential candidate who doesn’t have her gun trained directly on her foot.

    • DouggieJ says:

      That’s what I’ve been thinking. She’s been layin’ low for awhile whilst all these guys blow themselves and each other up! Soon, she might just be able to step in as the last person standing!

      • lawmom90 says:

        I remember one of the big pieces of conventional wisdom by the establishment (read: criticism) in 2008 when she was candidate for VP was that she had *GASP* never appeared on the Sunday morning shows. Seems to me as though that was one in a multitude of wise decisions. lol

    • JEN says:

      You got that right lawmom…

  5. jeaneeinabottle says:

    Like I said yesterday, we are on the right side of God/truth and history. Tammy is right 99.9% of the time! It really isn’t that hard to see, thanks to Tammy’s superb teachings from being on the left and realizing she had been ignoring the truth the whole time and stepped up to her true talent. She makes it look so easy but I know she went through hell to get there, I’m so thankful and glad she did. Thank you to you too Pat. Isn’t it amazing how fast all is being exposed, it’s the timing of it all, that’s what we’re seeing play out right in front of us it’s awesome to see, and scary too, but I have faith and it’s pretty strong right now(I know, it sounds weird but it’s there), how exciting! Keep praying….

    • JEN says:

      Im sure most everyone has heard about the dustup With RAM and some holigans over at the daily caller.Last night folks were upset over at c4p about it but…i say its much ado about nada. but no one can tell for sure sometimes how these things play out. if sarah was to can her id say pronto that if yours truely Tammy might consider or JB for the position boy you would have to agree that would be throwing the fat in the fire.I shouldnt have mentioned it though but i suspect that if sarah asked tammy i dont beleive she would refuse mind you its only a suspishion but anyways shed probably be tickled pink. My point is we need a real Warrior in that very crucial spot and if Ram dosnt have the real moxy then something needs to be done asap…

  6. larrygeary says:

    In the end it will be Palin and Romney, and the ground forces will determine the outcome.

  7. JEN says:

    Finally got over her to comment ben up all night blogging on c4p traffic is really humming…as far as hermain goes the only thing that keeps him in for the time being is his arrogance.he pilfers material from the GOV. and that part of it really ticks me off.then turns around and tries to say he wont get into specific because the other candidates will take from him.Liar Liar pants on fire.For right now hes entertaining at best but it will never last once the Gov.makes it official which is right around the corner.AW is my guess as her #2 i call him the great equalizer.He will settle oblablas hash pronto.Sarah will be our 45th president of that i am sure.jimmy the greek would bet the house on her as well as the koch brothers.Always bet on the winning hand.Im jumping around right now attatcking media matters politco ad c-span they are the worst for spewing liberal propaganda. so for now till later i like tammy and jedediah would crawl over broken glass for Sarah so for now till later adios…

  8. dennisl59 says:

    Herman ‘no anchovies’ Cain:

    I just saw the repeat of the complete interview on FOX:

    1) Taxes-He should have referenced the Simpson-Bowles Report, dated 12/1/10. That would have put the President, the Democrats and the rest of the establishment completely on the defensive because it has specific recommendations. It’s a fully documented action plan and outline from soup to nuts report. Anyone can download it and read it for themselves OR give support to Ryan’s Plan.

    2) Foreign Policy-It’s clear that he does not have anyone on his team that knows how to read unclassified State Department reports about what’s happening in the world then give an executive summary to him.

    Someone please send him a copy of the NatGeo Atlas and the link to the CIA Website.

    Once Palin wins the nomination, I see Cain as a Motivational Speaker at the 2nd stringer campaign rallies.

    Herman? Did I say extra cheese? No? OK, add the cheese, don’t skimp on it either!

    Geezie Peezie!


  9. flaggman says:

    The one thing you can’t outsource – foreign policy/national security – Cain wants to outsource, presumably to the State Department. Yes, the State Department that has been full of communists and appeasers since the 1920s. Herman Cain for treasury, maybe, but never for President.

  10. oualdeaux says:

    I HATE when that happens! But the dim bulbs keep giving her the opportunity. Okay, Tammy tell us so…

  11. yoshi says:

    what is the name of the instrumental beginning the second hour on 5/20 right before tammy came on air. sounds like a duke ellington tune.

  12. PatC says:

    I love Herman Cain, but after watching the Fox interview, he did not seem to be even slightly familiar with the TERM “right of return”.

    I am quite surprised.

    • JEN says:

      The one thing i wanted to point out that most missed was he was outright lying when he tol wallace he didnt want to get into specifics because the other candidates would steal his ideas.What Bloody ideas Hermain You are the one sir that apprpriates ideas from others.No sorry to say i would not leave my family with you as a babysitter hermain Theres alwaya next time around hermain…

  13. Shifra says:

    Agreed, PatC. He had a real “deer caught in the headlights” moment. Maybe he thinks he can get by on his charm. Oh wait, that was already done, in ’08….

  14. […] needs a foreign policy briefing so that he can get his talking points in order,” while right-leaning talk radio host Tammy Bruce labeled the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, the “Jack-in-the-box candidate for […]

  15. ShArKy666 says:

    NNNNNNNNNNNEXT please….i think cain DOES have the right to return back to ATLANTA tho…lol

  16. Shifra says:

    LOL! Good one, Sharky! 🙂

  17. Tinker says:

    I’m sorry I didn’t suggest this sooner, but the Daniels announcement made me think of it because he’s like, what? the third or fourth to stay out or drop out…can we start playing the Queen classic “Another One Bites the Dust” for the rest that drop from here out?

  18. otlset says:

    At least his presence counters the liberal’s race-baiting narrative. I think “optics” is the term in vogue with the media talking heads now.

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