A little while ago I posted a rather long-winded post about WP and TAM log in issues. Here now is a more concise version for newbie subscribers who want to enjoy our daily TAM Chat.

1) Many TAMs report that “ad blockers” block Chat. So if you have an ad blocker add-on to your browser please disable it for the blog. Thanks to the subscribers we don’t have ads that need to be blocked 🙂

2) You need to be signed into both WordPress and TAM

3) Sign into your TAM account in the right hand column using your email and password

4) Make sure you’re signed in at WordPress by logging in at: https://tammybruce.com/wp-login.php

5) Yes, it’s possible you’re a TAM and never set up an account with WordPress. If that’s the case you can do so now at: https://tammybruce.com/free-comment-registration

This “Free Comment Registration” page is in fact the WordPress account set up. When setting it up please use the same email you used with your TAM membership, it just makes things easier for us. Also, choose your “username” carefully as that will be what the public sees, so choose a pseudonym if you prefer or your real name, whatever you’re more comfortable with.

5) Why do you need both TAM and WP? Well, it helps us manage your TAM account, plus the WP account allows you to post comments in blog posts and access chat. The chat module we use is a WP element so it needs to see that registration.

How can you tell if you’re signed in? Here are some screenshots of the various possibilities you’ll see in the right hand column “Sign In” area,  using me as an example 🙂

Not logged in to either WP or TAM. As you can see, there’s no indication it knows you and the fields are open and blank:

Signed in to just your WP account. This means you can comment but you won’t be able to access the premium material or chat.  Here you see “You are logged in as [your WP  handle] but the other fields are still there. That’s because you’re still not signed into your TAM membership:

Signed in to both WP and TAM:

So if you are having trouble, please take a look and see which of these scenarios you need to fix up. Gina tells me we get many TAMs who believe they’re signed in but can’t access the podcasts but they’re signed into to just WP. Or TAMs who are signed into TAM but can’t get Chat because they’re not logged into WP. I hope this little explanation helps.

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  1. Tinker says:

    LOL! I love Dr. Smarty-Pants Kitty!!

  2. otlset says:

    Whenever I log in to the TAM chat it sort of reminds me of long ago when I was a kid coming back to the schoolground after going home for lunch (I lived about a block away). There was usually about 30 minutes or so before school resumed again at 1:00 o’clock, and the playground was full of screaming laughing kids from all the grades out playing games and stuff until the bell rang and we all lined up to go into our respective classrooms. Entering the playground you could join in any number of games starting up or in progress, play on the swings or slides and monkey bars, or just seek out your friends to joke around with until it was time to go in.

    I get that same euphoric feeling of joining in the fun whenever I log in to TAM chat and all the TAMS are already there, joking and playing around as if it were a playground. For adults I guess.

  3. dennisl59 says:

    Pictured is a lowly TA for Advanced Nuclear Chemistry, because a Full Tenured Professor would be a Russian Blue, wear a rumpled cardigan with elbow patches and have much cooler frames. BTW: The milk bottle factor, over the TA’s right shoulder on the blackboard, should be ‘cubed’ not ‘squared’.

  4. rosebud2186 says:

    If i followed instructions correctly, you will no longer see the blue square thing next to my name!

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