UPDATE 2:Hey, we have a problem due to popularity, and I’m not complaining, but really, it’s come to our attention that the podcasts, each day, are being downloaded *thousands* more times than they should be. So that we have found what we think is a compromise considering how many of you were disappointed with my initial decision to stop the iTunes feed, but in order to have the extra security we are implementing an extra WordPress layer which requires you to be sign into WordPress as well as TAM, just like with chat.

This change now also affects those of you who don;t use iTunes as you will now need to be signed into WP here at the blog as well, so read carefully.

For iTunes users, you will use your custom URL as you have been and then enter your unique handle and password for WordPress (see below for those instructions) and then simply sign in when prompted with your WP handle and pw.

Here on the site, you will also need to be signed into both WordPress and TAM. Please visit this post to see more illustrative screenshots and instructions. I realize this is an extra step that you have not had to take before, but the podcasts have been, shall we say, remarkably vulnerable without the extra WP protection. The extra step is easy two fields, and something your browser can auto-fill.

Please read the instructions below carefully and the post I like to just above. If you have need of further assistance, Gina can help you but it might take her a little longer than usual to get back to you. Normally she;s really fast. Thanks.

UPDATE: Until the iTunes security issue is resolved, we are stopping the iTunes feed. This simply means the podcasts will accessible exclusively here at the blog, where you can download to your players (including to your ipods and other players), play here at the site, on your phone, computer and everywhere else. This won’t be forever just until we find a way to keep the premium material secure without adding extra levels that apparently work for some TAMs and not others. This way we know you can access the podcasts here and they’re secure. Thanks for your patience.

So you may notice that it’s asking you for your username and password, which we know hasn’t been necessary for a while but we’re working on another layer of security. If you use iTunes when prompted please enter your WordPress handle and that password. So, keep the custom URL you’re using from your profile page as the ‘podcast subscription’ URL, and then enter the WP handle and pw when prompted at iTunes.

Frankly, it’s come to our attention that, well, there are tons more people accessing the podcasts than there should be, and we believe it’s through a weakness in the feeds. One option would be to eliminate the iTunes feed entirely, and ask all you TAMs to get the podcasts directly from the site here. The player can be played directly from the site, on all smart phones, or downloaded where ever you like. It’s very much like iTunes and yet if we eliminate the feeds we’d make sure the ‘premium content’ is indeed premium.

Let me know what you think. Thanks.


If you do not have a WordPress account or don’t recall ever setting one up–

Go to this link:


And while it says “Free Comment Registration” it’s actually the
Wordpress registration. You will be asked to choose a username, or
handle, which will be public so you can have it be a Pen Name or
whatever you like. Please use the same email you used with your TAM
membership and your password can be whatever you like.

That user name (handle) and password is now the extra layer of security at
iTunes, so once you have it when you’re prompted at iTunes, you’ll
enter that information.

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  1. kmsimchak says:

    Great Idea!! That’s what I think. You supply a lot of podcasts and genreal information for free. That is important so people can get to know you as well as giving voice to many issues that are important enough for all. We get more than our cup of coffee’s worth of entertainment, information, and insight on the important issues and events! Sharing is great but don’t give away the store.

  2. ffigtree says:

    I download from iTunes exclusively for my iPod shuffle. I take you everywhere on my shuffle Tammy! So if the iTunes feed is eliminated, would I still be able to download your show for my shuffle?

    • Tammy says:

      Yes, you would still be able to get the podcasts into your player, ipod or otherwise. You would simply right-click on the download on the site, save the link onto your desktop, and then move the material over onto your player. There may even be an easier way, but it’s that simple.

      However, all of this may be moot if everyone’s ok entering their wordpress handle and password at iTunes for that extra layer of security. Go try it yourself and I all should be as it was. I’m getting reports that the new system *is* working but you need to fill in that extra element at iTunes. We need to see how this goes for all of you and if the podcasts end up being more secure. If not, we well may go to eliminating the feed and making the podcasts exclusive to the site, but we’re not there yet.

  3. RuBegonia says:

    My iTunes got today’s podcast and the test podcast.

  4. Bri says:

    I am a Tamaholic and I download at work at home and on my I touch, but not thousands of times. I am also a Saraholic so you should do 2 Palin reports a week.

  5. Woohoo. I was able to get it downloaded into iTunes with no problems. Thanks! 🙂

  6. avidfan07 says:

    Wow, I’m finally fixed from being unable to place comments, use the chat room and am finally back to normal after many many months. I feel bewildered, shocked and super excited. 🙂

  7. jethoman says:

    Great work, didn’t even notice anything was wrong,just got prompted for my Tam username and password again!

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