Here in Pella, the US largest running windmill πŸ™‚

UPDATE Tuesday 6-28: A Tammy Special Report from Pella has posted πŸ™‚ Click here for the direct link.

All went well when it came to getting me to Pella, Iowa for the premiere of “Undefeated,” but things didn’t go so well for my bag. It’s 2:30am here and the airline just delivered it to me. As I barely made my connection in Dallas earlier today for Des Moines, my suitcase didn’t. So, while I carried on my Tammy Radio gear case (the first one was stolen last year as checked baggage), the cables all went into my suitcase. This made it impossible to do any podcast at all as I had hope to do.

The good news, of course, is that I, and my bag, are both here now and really looking forward to the premiere of “Undefeated.” I still have to test it out, but from what the hotel peeps tell me I expect the bandwidth to not be big enough to do Tammy Radio live from here, but tomorrow I will have a Best Of up for you. Also, now that all the equipment is here, I look forward to doing a variety of mini-report podcasts for you as things move along.

Having been born and grown up in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles, I have to say Iowa is really beautiful. And Pella! It’s a very cute, town, I can’t wait to see more of it! I’m really looking forward to everything tomorrow, which includes a visit to the famous bakery here. I’m really not sure what to expect when it comes to the people attending the premiere and the BBQ after, but I do know the hotel I’m at is sold out and they had to turn people away. Everyone is getting very excited. So, I’ll have my little droid phone camera with me and will get pics when I can, plus tweet and blog updates along with the mini-Special Reports, which will include updates from here but also regular new commentary as well.

Thanks everyone. Send good vibes that all goes well Tuesday in Pella!

Here’s a bit of the schedule: Palin-fest in Pella, from 4 a.m. on

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  1. yayii says:

    Tammy, it will be one of the best days ever! Enjoy πŸ™‚

  2. RodneyWayne says:

    Boy I’m thinking Iowa wholesome, moral majority, right-wing, down to earth, producers of the most productive industries on earth. Overall a good thing!

  3. ShArKy666 says:

    tammy!! good to hear u got there safely, can’t wait to hear what ur gonna see & experience all day today! πŸ™‚ now, if you can juuuuuuuuuust somehow get up to the city of decorah, which is like 190 miles north east of u, i could see u on the bald eagle cam i’ve been watching for the past 12 weeks! it’s rite near some fish hatchery complete with horses, a large stream runnning by, and lots of fish down below for the eagles to feast
    anyway it doesn’t sound like the airlines have very good records with bags these days, i mean they’re 2 for 2 about “LOSING” urs…it’s very exciting that u’ll be there to experience it all, and kinda be our eyes & ears…if you meet sarah up close again, PLEASE give her a monstrous hug for all us palinistams, tell her we ALWAYS have her back, & then whisper to her “run sarah, run!!”

  4. lawmom90 says:

    How far away is the Smuckers plant? I hear they are one of the best employers in the U.S. πŸ™‚ And I love their jam πŸ™‚

    As for the Windmill, I didn’t know Joe Biden was from there *rimshot*

  5. 1ntbtn says:

    Glad you arrived safe, and God Bless you for keeping us up to date on the latest news. Wish I could be there with you all to give our next president, Sarah Palin, all the support she needs. Have a great time Tammy, and enjoy.

  6. dennisl59 says:

    Tammy, What a trip this must have been…Get to LAX, then fly to DFW
    then fly to DSM and then drive the rental car an hour to Pella.

    A True Road Warrior!!!

    Iowa Political Factoids:
    2008 Presidential Election
    44.74% Republican
    54.04% Democratic

    McCain lost by 10%!!!

    As a state it voted for Clinton(1992,1996), Gore(2000) Bush(2004) and the Dumb Bastard(2008)

    Republican Governor, but one of the most liberal US Senators, Tom Harkin. It has 3 Democrats and 2 Republicans(most notable is Steve King) in the House.

    I would say that IOWA is a Left of Center State.

    Frankly, it’s my opinion, that Iowa is a political beauty contest, promoted by the Democrat-Media Complex to encourage and fool the Republican contestants to burn through ALOT of time and money. The state has only 6 electorial votes and less than 100 delegates, hardly a major player at the National level. In other words, it’s way over-rated.

    And if I were Mrs. Palin’s advisor, I’d recommend a few stops here and there, but save her time, money and energy for much later in the nomination process.

    Game On!

    posted 6/28 740am texas/pella time

    • rosebud2186 says:

      RE: “I would say that IOWA is a Left of Center State.” I would agree. Iowa is filled with small farming communities. Farmers enjoy subsidies & incentives from the government – they would hate to give them up & vote for more conservative fiscal policies. It would mean less money in their pockets. I’m not saying all farmers are rich. I have many relatives (Dutch farmers, in fact) who farm. Some are well off, some are not. Some lost their family farms during the early ’80s. In my family, those farmers who are doing well vote Democrat.

      Tammy – enjoy Pella! Let Sarah know the TAM’s await her announcement with great excitment!

      • dennisl59 says:

        I wonder how much the families ‘enjoy’ paying ‘death taxes’ after the farms have been in the families for generations and then they have to sell the farms to pay the taxes! If those same people vote Democrat, I suppose they deserve the consequences of their poor judgement because they voted for it. Tom Harkin(D-IA) loves Death Taxes, and he’s Iowa’s Bernie Sanders(I-VT).

    • k0rhv says:

      Just the east half of the state bud. On this side of Des Moines we low, sloping, frontal lobers are hoping to be absorbed by Nebraska lately (even though we’re not real big on their sports teams). That or the eastern side gets eaten buy Illinois! Either choice would be a perfect match!!!!

  7. jimbo says:

    My wife and I were in Pella four years ago for the tulip festival. The windmill is awesome. Have fun.

  8. MainelyRight says:

    Can’t wait to hear all the goings on and listen to the mini podcasts and Special Report. This is exciting. So very exciting. Have a blast, Tammy…I’m sure that won’t be difficult with a town full of TAMs and Palinistas. Play hard!!

  9. JuanitaDugas says:

    Glad for your safe arrival Tammy and reunion with your luggage and the all important cables that make the podcasts and special reports possible. We’ll miss having a live broadcast today, but thanks for the (type, type, type send) updates. While sitting here having my first cup of coffee of the day, I’m thinking of those special letter pastries from the Jaarsma Bakery…a tasty letter “S” sure would be nice. At least get a picture of one for us and then let us know how it tastes…my guess is sweet. Oh, may as well get a letter “T” too. ;JD Give Sarah our love. <3

  10. larrygeary says:

    It looks like you’ll be busier than you expected. Have a great time! Hug Sarah for us, and update us when you can.

  11. Rob_W says:

    Now for the important stuff – Do they have a Starbucks?

    • Tammy says:

      Was one of my first questions! I now travel w Starbucks instant, but they have a good little place called Smokey Row, good coffee and snackies

      • k0rhv says:

        Hey Tam, if you can get to Des Moines check out the Machine shed. They’ll do things to a patato that folks like I would’nt do to a farm animal. Actually the food is QUITE nice. I’ve been there once & the spuds are freakin awesome!!!!

  12. Tinker says:

    I’ve already prayed twice! Have a great time Tammy, give Sarah a hug for us! πŸ™‚

  13. Reb says:

    Thank you Tammy – will look forward to your updates and the pics of the whole thing too..when you can send or post them. So many of us would love to be there.. Hope it ends up being a more intimate get together for the people there with Sarah and a few of her key supporters…I suspect this is what Bannon, Sarah and others prefer.

  14. rickh says:

    Put in for tix on Saturday. We didn’t get them because we live in NE. Dadgummit! Really wanted to go….. Have fun, Tammy!!

  15. geezer says:


    hotel bandwidth tip… there are two facets of hotel internet bandwidth… one you can affect, the other you usually cannot.

    1. laptop to the hotel network

    Wifi bandwidth is unpredictable, as it depends a lot on how far you are from the wifi access points they put in the ceilings along the hallways. If the hotel has a wired connection in your room, you will almost always get better bandwidth using the cable instead of the wifi. Some hotel chains offer both wired and wifi.

    That covers the bandwidth from your laptop to the hotel.

    2. hotel to the internet

    Bandwidth from the hotel to the internet you can’t do much about. It is whatever it is.

    Some hotels that feature paid internet are also beginning to offer “free” internet access, but it’s very low bandwidth and only useful for emails. Anything else and you have to buy the upgrade per day for faster access.

    These are rare but more and more hotels are doing it, I think in response to people complaining about not having free internet access. Or maybe it’s formerly free hotels who are finding people streaming media talking to their kids or watching netflix are hogging the bandwidth, so they made a way to accommodate them. If your hotel is doing this, you can gain some advantage by paying the daily fee for the faster access.

    If you are looking ahead to even moderate travel, then one thing you might consider is wireless broadband from your cell phone carrier. This will put you on a 3G/4G network that can probably support you without worrying about what the hotel provides. If you are paying wifi fees at nice hotels, 3 to 5 days on travel per month will be the tipping point where wireless broadband from your cell provider is actually cheaper than sporadic daily hotel wifi fees.

    we miss you when you drop off line to travel πŸ™‚


  16. cellis says:

    Thank God your clean underwear arrived, your cables can wait !!! Have a
    fabulous day Tammy, and give Sarah a hug from all of us out here in Cali.

  17. nelsonsuze says:

    Have the BEST DAY EVER ! With President Palin and family and all the TAMS. Suze

  18. k0rhv says:

    None of us. I wish more of us of the western end voted!

  19. Maynard says:

    Michelle Bachmann’s gaffe about John Wayne falls under the category of “compulsion to confess”. Never mind that John Wayne Gacy was a serial killer; that’s a detail. Worse than torturing and murdering young adult males, Gacy was a community organizer and a Democrat activist. If you Google on “john wayne gacy” and “rosalynn carter”, you’ll find a notorious photograph of Gacy being warmly embraced by the then-First Lady in appreciation for his tireless efforts on behalf of the Democrat Party. The button on Gacy’s coat is a badge of approval by the Secret Service. So Bachmann wasn’t just endorsing a serial killer; she was endorsing a Democrat! (Either that, or she was endorsing “Pogo the Clown” (Google it!), but that’s another angle.)

    • lawmom90 says:

      Maynard, why do I always feel the need to exclaim “YIKES” whenever I read your posts LOL I love ya, brother; you are so darn smart and low-key.

  20. BostonBruin says:

    FYI – Gov. Palin will speak to reporters about 8:30 PM ET and it will be live-streamed over at live . cnn . com (is this cheating?).

  21. trevy says:

    “Send good vibes that all goes well Tuesday in Pella!”

    I’ll do better than that. I’ll say an extra Prayer for you.

    Have fun.

  22. deaves1 says:

    I’m hoping Tammy’s jaunt to Pella is an enjoyable and productive one. Come back with some great pictures for us. When youget home, you’re going to have to get re-aquainted with Sydney and Snoopy. You’ve been racking up the miles lately and I’m sure if they could talk, they’d have some choice words for you. It’s awesome you had the opportunity to visit Pella and meet with Gov. Palin. I’m sure the food at the cook-out will be out-of-this-world. You go girl!!

  23. dennisl59 says:

    Weather Update:

    Tropical Storm Arlene Becomes First Storm of 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season!

    Only 19 more to go before: TAM-ee

    OK, so here’s ‘the plan’: Stock up with packets of Starbucks Instant Coffee along with all the usual stuff.

    Better safe than sorry! πŸ˜‰


    posted 6/28 @848pm Pella Time

  24. Chuck says:

    I just saw a glimpse of Tammy on Greta. Griff Jenkins was interviewing Sarah inside the opera house, and Tammy walked in, just behind Todd.

  25. RuBegonia says:

    Watching and WOOFing. #PELLA #PALIN #UNDEFEATED #TBRS πŸ™‚

  26. Chuck says:

    Video of Sarah’s interview on Greta with Griff Jenkins here. Tammy makes her triumphal entrance at 1:19, :-).

  27. Maynard says:

    A Drudge headline proclaims, “Obama Tells America: ‘Up Your Game’…”. The headline of the linked article: “Back In Iowa, Obama Says USA Must Up Its Game”

    The begs the response to Mr. Obama: “Okay, we’ve upped our game. Now up yours!”

    • TigerAim says:

      Ha! Exactly right Maynard!

    • rosebud2186 says:

      Maynard – you are so right! LOL

      This smacks of his 1st State of the Union speech. Remember when Obama put us all “on notice”?

      2012 can’t come fast enough!

    • ReardenSteel says:

      Well done Maynard. “Up your game?!?!” This man is in so over his skiis he has absolutely no idea what to do or how to fix anything. Maybe becuse he HAD NO EXPERIENCE DOING ANYTHING!!! The sheep need to wake up before the shearing is complete before we lose “man’s last, best hope”.

  28. BostonBruin says:

    One of the big wins for the Gov. yesterday was that members of the media discovered that she has a significant grass-roots volunteer movement in Iowa.

    Interesting tweet from Scott Conroy of Real Clear Politics: “I gave Palin chance to tell the organize4palin folks to stop & go home, instead she encouraged them. Would be odd if shes decided not to run.”

    Someone also tweeted that the room was filled with grass-roots activists from throughout Iowa. It’s clear the Gov. has no intention of working thru the GOP machine (which cannot be trusted), but thru grass-roots organizations.

  29. strider says:

    Watching the White House Briefing and it seems as if the administration still believes that more government involvement will somehow improve the economy. Evidence so far does not back that up.

  30. rickh says:

    The big Urkel speechifying. I’ve always found Class Warfare such an appealing trait in my Presidents…How about you?

    • TigerAim says:

      This “President” is disgusting!

    • Maynard says:

      There are certainly plenty of rich people that got their stash either through luck or corruption, and they dispose of it ways that I consider immoral and/or disgusting. The behavior of certain individuals or corporate entities affects my purchasing decisions (IOW, on a personal level, I vote with my feet). So in the abstract, I may be in sympathy some of the sentiments Obama expresses, and I do my part to effect change. But Obama is speaking in the context of preparation to employ coercive force, and that’s why he’s dead wrong and even a bit evil. It’s one thing to blather and opine, and quite another to pass strong-arm laws in the wake of demagogic rhetoric. In setting up the “rich” to be the fall guy and sacrificial lamb, Obama and our Federal government themselves become the biggest, meanest bully in the land. Our Constitution was supposed to protect us against this sort of monstrous government overreach. Too bad we’ve forgotten it.

  31. rosebud2186 says:

    …………some great video links of Pella @”The Undefeated” page on FB. OK Tammy, I can’t decide….am I jealous because you were there, or standing next to Todd after the movie?

  32. Pathman says:

    Do we get a Tammy briefing tonight?

  33. ShArKy666 says:

    tammy WAS standing rite in front of todd on the left side of the stage in her fancy shoes & rollin’ up her sleves while PALIN SPOKE???? woohoooo

  34. kennjac says:

    Hi Tammy, glad you had a great time in Pella. I just got done watching Palins speech at end of movie and i get alitte worried that she keeps saying ‘you don’t need a title” any thoughts?

  35. Ladybug13USA says:

    This is the best video of the Gov. Palin’ speech after the movie.
    Also, Tammy would you please post in here the pics you posted on the chat room? I missed the live show today and am dying to see what you posted in the chat room. Thanks for the great Special report from Pella!

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