The hard left is getting worried that Obama may be a one-term president.  Only Obama can save himself they say, he just has to realize it.  A  ‘galaxy of progressives’ are mobilizing to deliver the wake-up call.

Hope and change is now we hope he’ll change. They acknowledge Obama’s plans have failed to bring about economic recovery. He should stop claiming things are better than they really are.  They don’t think it’s in his character but they will prod the Prez to come down hard on the vicious Republicans.  Progressive activists are urged to ‘warn’ Obama that they are ‘discontented’.  Subtlety is not part of the plan.

Obama: You’re Your Only Hope

Barack Obama is trapped in ominous economic circumstances, partly of his own making, and time is running out for his presidency. The character traits that got him to the White House—the cool style of avoiding sharp-edged conflict and mediating political differences—threaten now to make him a one-term president. Character is destiny. At this point, only Obama can save Obama, but to do that he must change himself.

The longer Obama persists in claiming things are on the right track, the more he damages his credibility.

It’s already too late for Obama to engineer an economic turnaround.

… He has to force his opponents out into plain view and turn their vicious behavior into a political asset for himself. … First, he must acknowledge that although his original stimulus helped avert a depression, it failed to produce a robust recovery. Next, he must propose a battery of emergency measures that deliver directly to citizens who are suffering…interventions that will help ordinary citizens survive the hard times. He shouldn’t overpromise on results, already a mistake of his presidency. But he should make it clear that he intends to help people stay above water, however long the troubles last.

A galaxy of progressives are on the case, launching grassroots actions to build popular pressure for renewal. A nationwide Rebuilding the American Dream Tour, sponsored by the Progressive Congress Action Fund, is scheduled for this summer. The activists should warn the White House that Obama faces a growing army of discontented voters. Our advice to the demonstrators: don’t be subtle.

When has the Left ever been subtle?

What a strategy. Admit he was lying about economic recovery all along. Get re-elected by replacing jobs with an emergency agenda to comfort citizens. Please, Obama, listen to your ideological soul mates. Please Republicans, don’t mess up.

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  1. Maynard says:

    The underlying attitude Pat’s describing is a block of people who “know” Obama is a great leader, and their certitude completely overwhelms the large and growing body of evidence to the contrary. It doesn’t matter how bad things get; these folks will never fault Obama for anything except maybe for his failure to be Obama-ish enough.

    I understand the appeal. It seems so simple. All it takes is a man at the top to issue the proper commands. Sickness? Send doctors! Poverty? Send money! Hunger? Send food! No jobs? Open factories! We’re in sorry shape because our previous leaders wouldn’t do this; they chose to do the opposite, because they were selfish and evil. We were miserable yesterday because we had no Obama; we’re miserable today because we don’t love Obama enough. The world cannot be redeemed until our love for Obama is pure and universal. And if you don’t share this vision, then — well, you can’t possibly be that stupid, so you must be evil.

    This is a warning to all of us not to get so wrapped up in our dogma that we lose sight of reality. One of the biggest reasons I’m an advocate of small government (aside from the little detail that the Constitution defines a government of limited powers, and our current bloat is largely illegal) is that if we understand government to be a finite thing, then we inherently don’t look to government to replace God and family. It’s only when we regard government as an all-powerful force that it starts to make sense that we can and should worship at its altar.

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