The molestation continues. Just when you think things can’t get any worse or more absurd, we get this. Of course, this also means tens of thousands of dollars in more union dues flowing into the coffers of one of Obama’s most active gestapos. Lovely.

TSA Chooses AFL-CIO Branch As Its Union

Airport screeners around the county have chosen the nation’s largest federal employee union to represent them in collective bargaining talks with the government.

The American Federation of Government Employees won a runoff vote to represent 44,000 workers at the Transportation Security Administration.

Federal officials tallying the votes say AFGE received 8,903 votes, while National Treasury Employees Union got 8,447 votes. The runoff was held after neither union received more than 50 percent of votes during the first election earlier this year.

The vote came after TSA head John Pistole agreed in February to grant screeners limited collective bargaining rights for the first time since the agency was formed a decade ago.

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  1. KatieSilverSpring says:

    This is very odd; especially since federal employees are forbidden from striking, a hallmark of the AFL-CIO – I know because I once was a federal employee.

  2. ReardenSteel says:

    That’s right Katie. The air-traffic-controllers went on strike and Reagan fired them. They were in violation of their contract, and they knew it when they went on strike. Just one more little bit of collectivism infiltrating the Republic. Good times. Did I mention I’m never flying again unless I absolutely have to?

  3. Maynard says:

    Actually, I feel a lot better about having the TSA rolled over into the big unions. Up until this point, I figured they were grabbing people’s crotches because they were perverts. But now I know they’re only reaching for our wallets.

    And even if they are perverts, isn’t it better to have them working in a controlled environment, instead of running around the streets doing the same thing, and probably collecting a disability check and getting into a costly rehab program on the public dime?

    All Obama is asking for is that we approach this national crisis in the spirit of shared sacrifice. This is why America is going down the tubes, because people like you won’t put up with a little crotch-grabbing and wallet-grabbing for the sake of the public good.

  4. Thousands standing around. I say get rid of it.

  5. smokyboy says:

    Is the TSA the “large and as well-funded as the military” national police force that Obama promised us a couple of years ago?

  6. mytorpor says:

    Sounds like the Republican candidates need to be asked to sign yet another petition stating that they will immediately DE unionize the TSA and find a way other than grabbing our crotch to allow our skies to remain safe.

  7. otlset says:

    I’m sure terrorists are getting a good laugh out of all this.

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