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  1. Kimj7157 says:

    Finally upgraded so that I now get Fox Business Network. I’ll be watchin’. 🙂

  2. Chuck says:

    Great show Tammy.

    Where’s David Asman????? I wasn’t impressed with the hostess today. That lib moonbat has been on the show before, but today he was more obnoxious than ever. If he thinks that by yelling over he will get his point across better, he’s sorely mistaken. And in typical lib fashion, since he knows he’s loosing the argument, he starts to attack (“oh, Tammy, you don’t know what you’re talking about”, blah, blah). If I see him again, he will be muted.

  3. dennisl59 says:

    A.N.S. Monday Show Report, comments ‘n stuff:

    Recap of subs for David:
    *Toby Smith: Way over the top, called Tammy “LA”! Remember that? Geez.
    *Liz MacDonald: Smart, a little too low key for the fast paced segments.

    Tonight: Lori Rothman: I liked her, energetic, in the moment and asked good questions though she let Paul ramble a little; And managed the segments well.

    The M.V.P segment:
    —“Eat our Slim Jims!”—unconscious shoutout to the late, great Randy “Macho Man” Savage? Mmmmm…
    —“Manufactured crisis by the establishment”—Exactly.

    Peter Schiff: Economic super genius.
    Jim Rogers: Economic super genius.

    Lindsey? She had to sit beside the Useful Idiot, Hann, who’s creedo is:
    “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need…”

    #1) Small Business: “The Obama Depression”—what else could it be called? All the housing stats confirm, all the food stamp stats confirm.
    #2) Paul Ryan: Much ado about nothing. Buncha pissant complainers and whiners.
    #3) Ferrari: Drill, Baby, Drill!

    #1) The Date: BUY, who wouldn’t? The Marine took a chance, got the date. Score!
    #2) Derek Jeter: SELL. Tammy went against the grain here and I agree. Consider: The guy got all this autographed gear, tickets and all this goodwill with the Yankee Organization. Plus Jeter will NEVER forget the major favor. He owes the guy. That’s worth more than money, in the long run, in my opinion.
    #3) Ron Paul: I’m with Lori here, HOLD. The devil is in the details and Paul sounds like a crackpot sometimes(actually most of the time) to me.

    Great appearance Tammy, but I was ‘kinda’ hopin’ you’d whip out the can o’ peas!

    Take care.

    posted 7/11 1015pm Texans for Palin Time.

    • dennisl59 says:

      Correction to B.S.H.#2: Tammy was a BUY on the Jeter Ball Giveback, my bad.

    • Tinker says:

      Sorry Dennis I have to disagree with you about the subs. Liz low key? Hardly. I think she has an authoritative confident demeanor. She’s quick and sharp enough to get in zingers of her own while letting each panelist have their say equally, and still controls the flow. Lori had nothing of substance to add and no control over the flow, it was nearly chaotic.

  4. Shifra says:

    “Tammy, Tammy, Tammy” — was this Lib idiot channelling Cary Grant? (“Judy, Judy, Judy” or was it “Susan” “Suan” Susan” ???) Wow, Tammy, you really fight like a girl! Poor guy didn’t have a chance! Way to go! 🙂

  5. Maynard says:

    This is a lively debate, and the second segment cut to the heart of some of the complex issues that leave me conflicted. It started off the with Democrat pointing out that government revenue as a percentage of GDP was low rather than high; therefore the nation is not overly taxed or overly controlled. This is typical political blather, citing a valid premise and using it as a basis for a false allegation. He’d no sooner finished pointing out that we weren’t controlled by government when the topic switched to CAFE standards, which of course is government micromanagement of our lives that isn’t a tax. But to make that argument, he’s forgotten what he just said, and gives a different set of reasons for why it’s okay to control the people because they’re too stupid to make the right choices, even though he just said a moment ago that Obama doesn’t try to control the people. By the way, I think he makes a couple of good points here. In particular, he’s right in pointing out that energy is a national security issue, and he’s right in saying that we can’t drill our way out of dependency. Those are the facts I get out of the geological reports, and I know a number of conservatives deny this, but reality is what it is. Our national gas tank is low and drilling in Alaska won’t change that; the good news is we’re in good shape with respect to coal and natural gas, but most cars still burn oil. Anyway, back to the debate; as I was saying, the liberal was right in his premise, but wrong in his micromanaging approach. These liberals want to make everyone else live the way they refuse to do themselves. And our dependence on foreign money is every bit as big a security risk as is our dependence on foreign oil. These guys don’t care about security risks or anything else, all they want is control, and they’ll make any excuse to take it. Back to falling tax revenues, of course Tammy is right in pointing out that tax revenues fall when nobody has a job. But it’s also worth noting that tax revenues fall drastically not just due to simple unemployment, but because of the ultra-progressive nature of the tax code. When you’ve got half the people paying nothing and you squeeze most of your taxes out of the top 10% of earners, you’re highly dependent upon the very rich continuing to make money hand over fist. When the Socialists get their wish and the top earners get knocked down the ladder a few rungs, tax revenue dries up. This wouldn’t happen if everyone was paying. Social Security revenues, which aren’t progressive like income taxes, have fallen a notch, but not as catastrophically as income tax revenues, I think.

  6. Jeffrey says:

    I enjoys me some good SCOREBOARD- Mmmmmmmm Hmmmmmm! I loved it when Tammy was going back and forth with that LOON from Libtardia Chris Hahn- Did you catch the host actually loose it and start to crack up when Tammy cut in with “a manifactured crisis IS the Obama Administration”- It was a BEAUTIFUL thing! A lot of talk from the President and Chris Hahn on “guns to the head” lately- do they need to put on their souvenir tshirts and go back to Tucson? It’s getting harder and harder to feel that new tone? Unrelated- I kind of get a creepy feeling about that Hahn dude… Like a picture of him might be somewhere in Weiners phone? HASH TAG JUST SAYIN

  7. LJZumpano says:

    Maynard reminds me why I follow @JimPethokoukis on twitter. Unless you plan to make figuring out the economy your full time job, mixed up with all the political agendas, you need folks around who can spell it out in plain English.

  8. Pat_S says:

    We keep hearing about the top x% paying a staggering y% of income taxes. The numbers always sound dramatically disproportionate and unfair because we look at the number of taxpayers paying a percentage of tax dollars. If we look instead at adjusted gross income (AGI) the impact is different. The top 10% of taxpayers earned about 46% of total AGI. The bottom 50% of taxpayers earned about 12% of total AGI. (I believe these are 2008 numbers.) A small number of taxpayers pay a lot of tax dollars because they have a lot more income than everybody else.

    If we had ten taxpayers, nine earning $10,000 and one earning $90,000, all paying 10% taxes, the top 10% of taxpayers would be paying 50% of the taxes. Horrors, except that the top 10% in this case earns 50% of all the money. In real life the top percentage of taxpayers does pay a higher percentage of taxes compared to percentage AGI. IRS figures show the top 10% of taxpayers who earned 46% of total AGI paid 70% of income taxes. In dollar amounts (in millions): AGI for the top 10% was $3,856,462 and income taxes paid $721,421. Their effective tax rate was 18.71%. They are not getting their backs broken by taxation.

    There is a wide disparity in tax payments because there is a wide disparity in income. The AGI for the top 1% was $1.685 trillion, for the bottom 50%—$1.074 trillion. I’m not advocating confiscatory or punitive taxation of the rich. I don’t support increasing taxes in the name of debt reduction, certainly not before significant spending cuts are realized. I’m not a bleeding heart looking for wealth redistribution. What baffles me is why middle class conservatives are so ardent about yanking more money from the pockets of those who earn 12% of the income while protecting those who make most of the money. Is it because conservatives identify rich people as gods of capitalism?

    I think it gets pretty complicated to figure out how much additional taxation actually harms economic growth or just nominally diminishes lavish lifestyles. We can let the rich fight their own battles over marginal tax rates without being accused of class envy. Middle class conservatives should concentrate efforts on getting spending cuts and stop being lackeys for the rich and the Republican party.

    • Maynard says:

      I think Pat articulates a good angle on the tax situation. There are so many ways to view this, so many things you can “prove” with statistics. But what is true and relevant? Pat’s on the right track.

      I think the bottom line, which we all more or less understand, is that we’re not going to fundamentally change the situation by tweaking the tax code. So the furious focus on who’s paying and who isn’t merely causes us to take our eye off the ball. It’s not that I’m not uninterested in making taxes more “fair”; it’s that this is another distraction. The Democrats focus heavily on this point as if it matters, but really they’re just throwing meat to their base and stoking the fires of resentment.

      Personally I’m not in this game to either defend or attack “the rich”. I recognize, as a matter of pragmatism, that the true rich are going to take care of themselves no matter what taxes pass. These are the people that write the laws, or know the intimate details. As tax rates go up, they’ll alter their affairs. I favor lower rates not because I love these people, but mainly because I know low rates make for a simpler world. Just as we in the struggling middle class alter our patterns of behavior. In my life, I’ve watched local sales taxes rise from 4% to about 10%; the higher rates go, the more it occurs to me to buy from out of state, and I’ll bet the same thought occurs to you. The history of tax rates shows us that to a certain extent, less is indeed more. When rates have gone up, has revenue also gone up? When rates have gone down, has revenue also gone down? Where is the sweet spot that maximizes revenue; where people pay rather than evade? That’s the practical question we want to ask. But the reasonable question doesn’t excite the rabid base.

      There’s another factor I need to mention. I do think it’s necessary to tax everyone, including the poor. I want every voter to feel the pinch of the government in their wallet. Otherwise it’s far too easy to feel disconnected; to not care about the consequences of government spending. “It’s not going to affect me a bit,” you think, “so why not go for it?” No, if you want to vote, you’d better understand that they’re going to be taking it from YOU, and not that abstract rich guy on the far side of town. And that every time they spend more, you’re going to feel it. Then you’ll take your vote a little more seriously.

      • sandyl says:

        Exactly! This, of course, is what libs want. They create class warfare, with the “haves and the have nots” purely for votes. This would be a conservative small government if everyone paid taxes, and paid it with a single check in April and not had it taken out of their paychecks.

        Maynard, you are right when you say we need to find the “sweet spot.” I think we should pay taxes locally and to the state level only, and these entities could then send a percentage to the federal government. Perhaps this is the fair tax, not sure, but we would have more control over where/how our money was spent, and the federal government would have to live on a budget. We all know we need to pay reasonable taxes, but once the taxes were collected from our paychecks, the government had the license to steal from all of us—our money and our freedoms. But in order to keep people from complaining too loudly when their take home pay was much smaller than expected, the politicians came up with the convoluted tax system we have now. It so confuses people that they actually think that they make money when they file taxes. Sadly, 50% now do make money.

        I work in an environment where I need to see people’s tax returns. Never has it been so bad as what I am seeing these days–People don’t even know what a tax return is. They give me a W2 or an e-file signature form and then are confused when I ask for a 1040, and have no idea what schedules are. When I ask how much they paid in taxes, they give me the amount of their refund. But again, this convoluted, confusing tax system has been by design so that many Americans won’t realize the government is stealing from them. Even if they do realize it, they soon forget when they get that shiny “free” thing from the government.

    • otlset says:

      I admit I’m not up on the complexities underlying our “progressive” tax structure, which I understand is set up to reflect more compassion to the poor. But for true fairness, it’s hard to beat a flat tax rate for all.

  9. BostonBruin says:

    Awesome job, Tammy!

    With regard to your first point in the second video, does Obama realize the potential damage he did when he very recently demonized the corporate jet industry for their tax breaks? Who does that hurt the most? The labor unions since they’re the ones who make the darn things!

    I’ll post the link to the article in TamWire.

  10. ShArKy666 says:

    tammy..when u let that moron have it about energy and obastard’s destruction of that field, he had no logical response because THERE IS NONE…these freaks are mentally disturbed and NONE of their positions take hold in any logic whatsoever…good job!!

  11. Karan says:

    Christopher Hahn reminds me of Bill O’Reilly in that he interrupts all the time. I hate it the way he talks over Tammy.

  12. JEN says:

    Check out Hannitys show today the Gov. was on for 13 mins. Her last 2.5 mins. she pretty much said straight out she ll make a decesion aug. sept…
    that will be the real start of something….. to terminate Nov. 2013…

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