It was my pleasure today to speak once again on Tammy Radio with Rep. Allen West of Florida’s 22nd District. As we’re embroiled in the debt ceiling fight, Rep. West raised some eyebrows by ultimately supporting Rep. Boehner’s bill which many conservatives feel is not fiscally conservative enough. Rep. West makes a good case on why he’s supporting it along with an analysis of the Big Picture. Take a listen and see what you think. We also discuss the Weapons to Egypt issue and how things are looking for his district and re-election next year.

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Rep. West is also making a couple appearances on Fox–tonight on “O’Reilly Factor” guest hosted by laura Ingraham and Friday morning on “Fox & Friends.”

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  1. Excellent interview. Thanks, Tammy.

  2. sanmaz says:

    There is no excuse for what West did. It’s good our founding fathers didn’t have excuses. He is a big disappointment and I cannot back him anymore.

  3. flaggman says:

    With the bill now being changed to satisfy the most principled freshmen, it looks like West and Ellmers made a big mistake today. Especially Ellmers, she chose to stab the Tea Party in the back on behalf of the establishment. At least West gave a reasonable explanation, based on loyalty and a perceived (though I think naive) belief that Boehner stood up to Obama and deserves to be rewarded. I say, West deserves another chance; Ellmers, no way.

  4. jeaneeinabottle says:

    I agree with you flaggman, I think West is naive and takes Boehner at face value and I agree with Tammy on Boehner because that’s what I see him do and the outcomes of what he does. West sounded like Boehner, and don’t get me wrong I love Allen West and I think like he said he’s working on “other” things and distracted. Can’t get passed the Reps fighting themselves, what is that?? I will pray for them all, what can we do but keep fighting. I’m more let down by Laura, she was so condescending this morning and the callers were in shock when they got through to finally talk, it was awful. Her audience is probably still sitting there with their mouths open, it was bad.

    • flaggman says:

      I wish I knew what happened to Laura Ingraham in the past year or so. She wrote “Power to the People” before the Tea Party existed; now that the people are taking power through the Tea Party, she’s slagging the people and pimping for the establishment. It’s kind of sad, because she used to be the best host on the radio, and a real inspiration to me personally. Now I can hardly listen. (But I will forever be in her debt for the sole reason that I became a TAM thanks to hearing Tammy’s guest-hosting of Laura’s show!)

      • jeaneeinabottle says:

        I think Bill ORielly got to Laura, the last time I saw her on his show she was fine, fighting the fight. Then, bam, yesterday all I heard her say was “what’s your plan”, like ok idiots what’s in your head, nothing! Then today, she interviewed West and they started name calling??? Called us schizophrenic! WHAT IS THAT?? She just turned on everyone but the machine, so disappointing. I hope Tammy does her show and just is herself, if she does she will have a lot of new listeners!!!

  5. SmallgGay says:

    He should apologize to Waaserman-Schultz too. Our leaders should be polite and decent like Gov. Palin and Pres. Reagan.

    • jeaneeinabottle says:

      I agree with you too Smally, why all the name calling?? Sarah is so decent, a decent human being out there doing the right thing. That’s what i see anyway. I think I’ll go see Undefeated again and get a recharge. 🙂 have a great weekend TAMs

  6. dennisl59 says:

    A Recap and My Two Cents:

    Cut, Cap and Balance was passed by the House and sent to the US Senate, where the Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-NV, got all of his Democrat Senators to vote to table the measure. Meaning a Debate, much less a vote, was not scheduled, at all. Now, Minority Leader, McConnell, R-KY, is so weak, he could not talk even the so-called ‘moderates’ to vote to allow a Debate.

    There are No Moderate Democrat Senators and the Dictatorship of Reid held firm.

    If I were the consultant here, I would have had every single Republican Senator at a Press Conference, in front of God and everybody and tell the American Electorate that REID and his Cronies are so corrupt, ‘unfair’, undemocratic, etc., that they will NOT allow a debate on the Bill that was ALREADY PASSED BY THE HOUSE!

    So here we are, Boner, that idiot, goes back to the House and writes a Crap Sandwich that even if IT passes the House. Reid says NO AGAIN, in advance.

    What,in the name of God,is the point of this? REID(The Puppet of Schumer and Obama)is the Villain here. Period. But there’s NO ONE TO DRIVE THIS MESSAGE!

    Conclusion? Boehner, Cantor, et al are the wrong people at the wrong time. Pass Cut, Cap and Balance AGAIN!!!

    It’s the US Senate Stupid!

    posted 7/28 1052pm Texans for Palin Time

  7. Ginger says:

    So that was Renee Ellmers standing behind Boehner and the other “big whigs” on camera. I thought, “pretty lady”, “well, heck, did he bring his wife along?”…now knowing it was Ellmers, she DID look out of place..was that her big moment for selling out? How quick they forget!

    So far the hobbits seem to be hanging in there…don’t know what will happen tomorrow. It will come soon enough and we will know.

    What a fantastic fb note from Sarah Palin, and so timely, as usual. I think it is helping to make a difference. I hope so!

    Thanks for your hard work today, Tammy.

  8. niner says:

    Everyone is wondering if Sarahs Facebook post tonight had something to do with Congress changing their mind on the Boehner vote. That was a great post by Sarah.
    These people are hungry for leadership and Sarah knows how to lead!

    • JuanitaDugas says:

      The same thing occurred to me niner; I was surprised and grateful for Sarah’s leadership in her FB post reminding the Tea Party freshman why they were elected “for times such as these”, and reminding the GOP….. DON’T RILE UP THE HOBBITS!

  9. ShArKy666 says:

    we don’t want a holding pattern…we wanna REVERSE pattern…and boehner’s plan doesn’t HOLD makes things worse!!

  10. Ginger says:

    The more I think about it, the more I believe that Sarah’s note was a great source of strength and encouragement for those 25 or so courageous ones who, so far, have stayed strong. There is a clip from The Patriot called “Hold The Line” on youtube. It’s a great post for these representatives’ social media pages.

  11. […] A dozen or so of  the very kindest people have written to me today to make a case on behalf of Congressman Allen West.  Like them, I really don’t want to believe he’s sold us all out.  They’ve sent me links to other stories, videos, and audio clips, and I must admit they’ve made a valiant effort to support his case with me, but then, who the heck am I anyway?  Exactly two have been less than kind, hurling some rather indelicate words my direction, however, for the most part, those who contacted me to disagree were very polite, stated their cases, listened to mine, and interacted as fellow patriots with heartfelt convictions, and in the end either parted on friendly terms, or simply agreed to disagree.  The one that became more popular to send me as the day turned into evening was a clip from Tammy Bruce’s show. […]

  12. Maynard says:

    West inspires my confidence, in that he seems to seek that sweet spot between idealism and pragmatism. I think the metaphor of the football game captured it: You target the achievable first down, rather than bet the farm on an unlikely 50-yard run. This is where I differ with some TAMs and probably with Tammy herself: I need to regard people like Boehner or McCain as allies rather than enemies. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to change their ways and pull their behavior into a better orbit. But if I can’t be working with them more than I’m working against them, then I’m part of an irrelevant fringe, gloriously advocating certain defeat. Consider, for example, that if the Nadar voters had all voted for Al Gore in 2000, that would have swung one of the close states, and Gore would have been president. Nadar voters may take the attitude that they don’t care, because Bush and Gore were the same in their eyes. And if that’s their attitude, well, there they go, the irrelevant fringe. Might as well do something useful with their time, instead of chasing an endless, fruitless political quest. I suppose someone’s got to maintain the pure idealism so that it won’t be forgotten, but that someone isn’t me. Sure, I’ll speak up for idealism, because I don’t want to forget it either. But I’m so ideal that I, too, would be irrelevant if I voted the way I philosophize. End Social Security, end Medicare, end most of what the Federal government does. It’s illegal, it’s unconstitutional, most of our political leaders should be charged with breach of fiduciary duty, not to mention high treason. That’s what I want. But it’s not going to happen, and if some fluke elevated me to the presidency, I wouldn’t even try to make it happen. Because to try would be a disaster. You can’t ram change down people’s throats; not unless you want to break the fabric of civilization. You can lead by example, but you can’t coerce. That’s a lesson Obama’s incapable of learning; that’s one reason he’s a failure by American standards, since we’re not yet comfortable with being whipped into submission by our government. Anyway, back to Allen West: The man seems to understand the art of the achievable. He inspires me because I get the sense he wants to set his goals carefully and win those goals. There’s realism there that we should learn from. Among other things, I am very curious who West will ultimately endorse for the Republican presidential candidate. His word will carry a lot of weight with me.

  13. LJZumpano says:

    I want the folks I admire to agree with me all the time. I am not dumb enough to believe that will happen, but once I find someone I respect, I find it hard to dismiss them forever when differences pop up. We risk disappointment if we try to make someone over into what we think they should be. West, Palin, and others are all just human beings. Something about them makes us want to hear what they have to say. If we find they strike a chord with us, we move closer toward them. It is our flaw if they don’t match up to the perfect person we want them to be. If West has looked at the situation, for himself and for the country, and made a determination which is different than mine, I need to hear him out, perhaps challenge him, but respect the fact that he gave his position at least as much consideration as I gave mine (and he’s probably given it more thought). On the other hand, there are some who have chosen to trash talk TEA in an attempt to justify why they joined with the Speaker. That is dishonorable in my eyes, but I would rather see their true character now than have it surprise me next October. This is a brutal battle of words and TEA has a big stake in it. Many of the newbies in Congress are being tested in ways they could never imagine. Some will come out stronger, others will wilt. Potential citizen TEA candidates are watching this unfold, and making determinations on what they will do. I want a vigorous and passionate debate. I want no holds barred in discussing all the implications, but we need to remember we are here, right now, because TEA said I’m mad as hell and not going to take it any more. The struggle is still in early days, and there will be many more battles before we can stand down.
    I am in this for America. And to paraphrase ML King, I’ll stand with anyone else, regardless of gender, race, religion or lack there of, sexual preferences, or political affiliation, who through their words and deeds, demonstrates to unruly me that they are in it for America as well.

  14. ffigtree says:

    I must admit upon hearing that Allen West was going to vote for the Boehner plan, my heart sank. After relistening to the interview, I think Allen West is being very pragmatic and like Maynard, he inspires my confidence.

    Allen West wants the same things we do: tax reform, broader tax base and an end to the progressive tax code. He also realizes that the “old grey beards” are part of the problem and they need to go. But these things can’t happen over night.

    Allen West is on the battlefield and his “holding action” analogy makes sense: the republicans must hold the high ground until reinforcements arrive in 2013.

    Tammy, thank you for having him on your show!

  15. kenalamo says:

    Good thread here. It has helped me come to a measure of peace with his support with this piece of garbage. I was very frustrated with his support of Pigford, and this is a bigger frustration for me… BUT, he has demonstrated courage, determination and conviction in real life situations that likely would have overwhelmed me if I had faced them. And he has often articulated the themes that stir my heart, again, in the face of great adversity.

    When Palin endorsed McCain in his recent Senate race, I felt the same as I feel today.

    I DO think that West is being naive in that he is trusting Boehner to carry through with what is right. I don’t believe Boehner will do that. Perhaps, in retrospect, this will be a lesson learned for West.

    But after all is said and done, I have to stand with those who believe in the principles that I believe in, and West (and Palin) are light-years ahead of me in regard to fighting for those principles and taking a significant stand for them. I will continue supporting West as long as he continues that fight.

    • Ginger says:

      Yes, I felt the same way too when Palin endorsed McCain, but I realize now it was stratetic and out of loyalty. (don’t know how much longer she can hold out with this loyalty toward McCain, however) Still, I’m so proud of the conservatives who have stood strong up to now. I’m praying the factions in the Republican house will learn a great deal from each other through all of this, and gain a healthier mutual respect,and in the end, they have got to pull together to defeat public enemy no. 1.

  16. sandyl says:

    I have to agree with everyone here. So sad at first hearing of West’s support, but after reading everything here I am calmed–a little. I have to remember that Allen West is an American soldier and a military leader. He will never sell out his country, but he is a strategist who keeps his eye on the war, and knows there will be lost battles along the way, but you regroup and continue the fight for the bigger prize–in this case–the country. I pray this is true!

  17. FrankRemley says:

    My grandpappy hated everything to do with the University of Tennessee including the color of orange. He once told me never to trust anyone who went to the University of Tennessee. Allen West is a University of Tennessee grad. After West decided to support this fraud of a bill now pending in the House I realize that my grandpappy was right. I never really bought into the hype about Allen West in the first place and I have even less confidence in the man now. He’s just another politician who sold out once he got to Washington. I hope he enjoys his one term in Congress because I don’t think he’s going to be there any longer than that.

  18. Tinker says:

    I said it yesterday in chat and I’ll say it again today, West is making a mistake to trust Boehner.

    West is to be respected and he’s a great man, but he’s not infallible. I’m not tossing out everything we believe in and everything we’ve talked about based on West’s opinion.

    It would have been good to hear some discussion of the details from West during the interview. No details of the bill were discussed, say, like what we heard from the Rand Paul on Cavuto clip. Making military analogies to try and make it about some grand strategic plan is not enough.

    • sandyl says:

      Tinker, I agree with you. I am cautiously withholding my rejection of West, but this has thrown me. I made the military analogy and I know that is not enough, but I am trying to remember who I think this man is.

      I have to admit tho, I sometimes give people the benefit of the doubt too long. I will be watching West, because this makes 2 questionable votes for him. Three strikes and I am afraid you are out.

  19. dennisl59 says:

    How is what Boehner doing any different from what Pelosi did? Legislation from the Speaker of the House Offices, not going through any of the House Committees(that Boehner said he would engage, as a ‘restoration’ of the House Procedures, etc.) I don’t trust him. Besides the problem is the US SENATE!. McCain couldn’t ‘reach across the aisle’ and get some of his ‘moderate’ democrat buddies to even get a Debate going!!! I repeat, HARRY REID should be the target of our anger and frustration. Change the narrative. NOTHING the House sends to the SENATE will get anywhere. Pass the Cupcakes!

  20. lawmom90 says:

    Tammy, I appreciate two things very much about this interview with Col. West. (1) He is honest enough to analyze for us his decision-making process so that we can both understand and accept it. I still trust his courage and his instincts. (2) I appreciate you not just accepting him at face value, but giving him a critical set of questions so that we can trust his response. I came away from this interview believing in him anew and agreeing with his outlook. Thanks!

  21. otlset says:

    Hmmm, Governor Palin and West a little at odds here. Palin/…West 2012?

  22. radargeek says:

    Agreed! He blinked under pressure by the set-up from W-ass-S and fellow goones. He got played by her rhetoric and forgot those who would watch his back at home in FL. LtC West, you think you can compromise the destruction of our country for your re-election?

  23. LJZumpano says:

    As more pieces of the puzzle are displayed, I think I see more clearly what is happening. FYI, I have absolutely no proof, but unruly me doesn’t need to have proof so, take it all with a shake of salt.
    Chuck Todd revealed that the Speaker was becoming aware that TEA wasn’t going to play by the old rules. TEA can not be bought.
    They managed to get a few, like Ellmers, to fold for a puppy pat. They know how hard she worked and how TEA supported her, & they hoped TEA would move to her. Didn’t happen. They know how we respect Col West. They saw our response when DNC Debbie finally crossed the line and attacked him. If they could persuade West that their plan was the logical best that could be hoped for and get him on board with an intellectual approach, TEA would swarm over to his side. Didn’t happen. They used Col West in a most disreputable way, and I hope he understands that while we appreciate all he does, no one has a svengali hold on us. Not West. Not Palin.
    Lesson: TEA can not and will not be bought. We love our TEA leaders, especially those in public office, but we remain individuals and will not become koolaid drinkers. We like TEA. Strong TEA

    • Ginger says:

      and we like to think for ourselves, thank you, very much, and these folks are going to continue to be finding this out. Well stated, LJZLumpano!

  24. tamcat says:

    I supported Allen West for the House and now but, I am disappointed he voted for the Boehner bill.
    Disappointed in Bachman for her no show. Strike one. Renee Ellmers, strike one. Still I will continue to urge elected congress to represent our wishes.

    I agree with lawmom90

  25. jeaneeinabottle says:

    Geez, they were getting not very nice about it and they don’t know what they’re talking about, sad. Elmers has a post on Daily Caller, I think everyone should let her know what’s going on, politely. This morning, Rand Paul was on with Cavuto, he said they offered Obama 2 trillion dollars and they would fix the problems, he didn’t go for it. I think Obama got mad and wants Reid to continue the theater as Tammy says which I totally believe that this was all manufactured to get more money for his campaign, but, why didn’t he take the 2tril from Rand??. Can you believe this?? OBAMA DRAMA!!! Elmers caved, then West and thank God those others stood strong in this test on where the TParty will cave. WE WILL NOT CAVE OR GIVE UP 🙂 agree with LJZumpano and I think Boehner picked the weakest first to go after. West may not be weak per se but he saw his interest in our Military and Boehner played on that. Stay strong TAMs we are going to do this!! 7/30/2011

  26. dennisl59 says:

    Here’s my take: If West says this is a Tactical Move in a Larger Strategy that he supports, I trust his judgement. Now, if he’s WRONG, then we’ll find out soon enough. In the meantime, I’m getting some more ammo, changing my socks, getting an extra box or two of MRE’s while we dig in for the full auto political firefight of our lives.

  27. jeaneeinabottle says:

    If you aren’t on twitter you must!! Here’s the 3rd day of this crap and I can’t believe where West is going with his new power WE(as in tparty) gave him!! Caught him on twitter after the vote referring to “conservatives” as some crazy group and not to get all excited yet, huh, I think this guy better keep his mouth closed he keeps sticking his feet in it. He was more condescending then before!! wow never would of guessed he would be this way, I’m kinda getting pissed. I think he’s cracking under the pressure, saw him on tv after that and his hair was a little messy, he didn’t look the same, I had the volume off, this is so freakin weird. Tammy I hope you talk about this, clarity from your wisdom please, maybe he has PTSD from his service? Ok, now I’m not so mad, what if he does…. not good.

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