Here’s my interview from this afternoon with the producer and director of the Palin documentary “Undefeated,” premiering today in select theaters. Hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Gregger71 says:

    I saw “Undefeated” this afternoon here in Indianapolis. It was a 3:30 showing, so the work week was not over yet. I estimated the crowd at around 50 people. It was largely an older audience, but a nice chunk of exuberant teenage/college age kids were also present. All middle class- pretty much a crowd you would see at a Tea Party in Indianapolis. Some of the young men attending were decked out in Sarah Palin merchandise, and one was nice enough to give me a SP button.

    The movie let out around 5:40, and there was a line of approximately 20-25 people waiting outside for the 6:15 showing. Lots of smiles and anticipation to see the documentary. It was very nice to be around many like-minded SP fans.

    I read “Going Rogue” awhile ago, so I was already familiar with the substance of the film. I was more interested in its style and effectiveness. I thought it was pretty well done, although it was too chaotic and choppy for my taste. I found myself getting distracted A LOT by the multitude of images flashing on the screen and the background music. Tammy, of course, did a terrific job explaining the Palin phenomenon. It was unusual to SEE her talk. I’m so used to listening to her.

    Overall, it was a terrific documentary and I left the theater pumped up not only about Sarah Palin, but also for the Tea Party. I really hope she runs, and I believe all indications point to a Palin candidacy.

    So that’s my Tam report from the heart of the Midwest. I’m interested in seeing how the film is received in other locations.

  2. sodakhic says:

    Great interview Tammy. Can’t wait till it shows in Rapid City SD and then Sarah shows up at Mt Rushmore or at the Sturgis motorcycle rally with a half a million bikers in August.

  3. sourkraut says:

    Saw Undefeated today @ 4:20pm in Kennesaw, Ga. Only about 50 folks in the theatre. No one under 40. Met Notkendall(twitter handle) who was representing Organize 4 Palin and asked , do you listen to Tammy Bruce.She screamed.are you a TAM? Then we hugged. Great experience. First TAM I have met in Ga.
    I believe the 40-45 minutes focusing on Sarah’s energy experience are the most powerful part of the film. I can see her in debates eating everyone’s lunch when it comes to energy and what we need to do to become self sufficient.
    Also thought Tammy was great, as always Tammy rocks.
    The 7:10 and 10:00pm shows are sold out, which is great news.

    That’s all from down south.

    Aloha all.

  4. SmallgGay says:

    What a fantastic day! Great jobs you guys!

  5. Ginger says:

    I saw “The Undefeated” in Independence, Missouri this afternoon. Since it was at 4:00 in the afternoon, there was not a big crowd, but I would say there was about 40-50 people there, and they seemed to be of different age groups. I have a feeling the 7:15 showing will be well-packed.

    I thought the film was very impressive and inspiring. The background scenes of Alaska were breathtakingly beautiful. I wanted to go move to Alaska as soon as the film was over! I thought the story of Sarah Palin’s rising from obscurity to the power that she actually acquired was well told. I like the way the film showed scripture from time to time on the screen(mostly at the beginning as I recall), and also how it was divided into three acts. The music was effective also.

    I loved the tea party scenes and it just reinforced to me the power that We The People have!

    Tammy was OUTSTANDING! She had more screen time than I had imagined, and what she had she used to the ultimate!

    Yes, I think The Undefeated will be very useful in winning over The Undecided.

  6. Artgal says:

    About three weeks ago, the word came down through Arizona Organize For Palin that a screening of The Undefeated would take place in Phoenix. We literally had five days to get the word out – and we did. A handful of us activists immediately began inviting community leaders, activists, radio hosts, reporters, church leaders, etc. and in a matter of days, we packed the screening room. Last night, we learned that the 7:45 showing our group attended had sold out and prompted a second screening room to be opened. While in the theatre, our state O4Palin coordinator extraordinaire, Rebecca Feldman, received news via Twitter the 5pm crowd was packed and gave a standing ovation at the end.

    While at the theatre, there was a great deal of applause starting from the beginning when Palin was being introduced as the VP selection in 2008. I loved it when Obama’s image & voice were shown – people booed 🙂 When Pelosi’s image was shown, the room erupted in hissing sounds. At the end, it was a standing ovation with some yelling out ‘Palin for President’. Great night! Nothing like spending an evening with a great O4Palin group already proving to be a mighty force in Arizona. Our coordinator has already been featured on local news to combat the state chair of the Democrat party who was predictably dismissive of Palin and her impressive record (he sounded just like many in the GOP hierarchy these days). This is the reason it’s important for everyone to see the movie: you get to see what Sarah accomplished which leaves the current GOP line-up in the dust! Seeing her accomplishments also makes Obama look weak, stupid and like the diminutive f(rea)k that he is.

    I do want to share a story from the screening we attended on June 30. I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Bannon, Stephen’s brother. Very nice guy! He told the audience before the screening the Palins would have been with us that evening, but they had to fly to Anchorage so Sarah could serve jury duty. When Palin was asked why she didn’t get out of serving jury duty (which she could have done), she explained that by doing so it meant another Alaskan would be called to serve and taken from a job they need to support their families in these difficult times.

    Who else on the public stage has that sort of consideration for regular people?

    That’s why I want Palin to run: her servant’s heart is not conditional – it’s consistent and rooted in Christ – not a party, corporation or trend. She is real, and we need a real person to deal with the real problems we face.

    Make sure to see The Undefeated, join Organize 4 Palin in your state, get literature to distribute and encourage people to see the film! Let’s get ready to kick Barry Soetoro’s scrawny butt out of office in 2012!

  7. Tinker says:

    Thanks you guys, I loved reading your comments very much. Sourkraut, I wanted to come down from TN to GA, but just couldn’t work it out cause I had to work today.

    Artgal, love what you said about her servant’s heart. I still remember the almost viseral reaction I had when I heard her say that for the first time in her big speech at the GOP convention. My eyes got wide and my ears perked up. Ding! It was like she was communicating in code to regular Americans…. psst, hey, I’m one of you.

  8. joy says:

    I had a simply great time at the opening night in Orange, CA – watching & cheering (literally!) the film and meeting so many other O4P members, PLUS – (ta da!) – the inimitable Tammy Bruce herself!! Even shared a brief conversation with her and the O4P/Sn Francisco coordinators who came all the way from the Bay Area for the occasion! I’m even contemplating a drive to Ontario, CA (newly added theatre) to see a screening there next weekend, time permitting…

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