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Here’s the video from yesterday with two Tea Party patriots confronting our Commander-in-Speech about the strategy of his admin and Democrat leaders to cast Tea Party as “terrorists.” We noticed many people in leadership, starting with a Democrat House member, to the VP, to then a host of other liberal gestapo talking heads and ‘officials’ carried the “Tea Party Is Terrorist” banner during the debt negotiations.

While the video made the rounds yesterday, there’s a comment made by Obama (and captured in an Iowa blog post brought to my attention by TAM Patricia Smiley) that is worth noting. I always mention how nothing is said or done spontaneously, that remarks and efforts like this are decided on at the highest levels and everyone gets their talking points. Obama is a micro-manager and a comment he made in this exchange seems to confirm his involvement and approval of calling 73% of American (either identify with or support Tea Party) as “terrorists.”

Tea Party members agitate the community agitator in Iowa

Well yesterday in Iowa he [Obama] wasn’t pulling a rabbit out of his hat, instead he found himself face to face with Ryan Rhodes a member of the Iowa Tea Party who confronted him about the comments made by the VP last month when he allegedly referred to Tea Party members as “terrorists.”

I predict that this exchange will come back to haunt the President. His words, “the truth of the matter is considering what’s said about me consistently” pretty much says it all. He implied that it was acceptable to call Tea Party members terrorists considering what’s said about him consistently. This is how I read it. You decide for yourself.

Consider this the level of desperation and chaos which must reign at the White House and among the Dumb Bastard’s friends and supporters. Like everything else this SOB does, it will FAIL.

In the meantime, Obama has now joined with with the social networking app “Foursquare.” A pretend president in a virtual world. You can now follow him around while he destroys us economically. Because it’s all about him.

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  1. trevy says:

    Strange how, when his teleprompters aren’t feeding him his words, his true feelings just seem to come out.
    Reminds of the movie Billy Madison. That speech judge said, “What you said is the most insanely idiotic thing I’ve ever heard! At no time were you even close to a rational thought! Everyone here is dumber for having heard it!”

  2. Maynard says:

    “…the truth of the matter is considering what’s said about me consistently…” is indeed telling. Here’s the key point: Every president is going to have a lot of trash talk from the street directed against him. This has been true since George Washington. Anyone of any position can easily find examples of demagoguery on the other side. The difference here is we have the political leadership at the very top of the pinnacle, the leadership that guides the entire nation, doing this. Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, Debbie Whatsername Sluts, Napolitano, etc. We’re called terrorists, fascists, racists, dangerous, not to mention mean, viciously selfish AstroTurf. This is a lot worse than anything these people have said about Islamic terrorism. And they justify this because it supposedly balances some unattributed words from somewhere out there. How can our political leaders on one hand condemn such rhetoric (do you recall when Obama whined that “they [whoever they are] talk about me like a dog”?) while at the same time emulating it? Did you ever hear this sort of hateful divisiveness from any Republican high in the hierarchy? Did Reagan talk like this? Does the arch-fiend Sarah Palin, or any of the Republican hopefuls? For that matter, did Clinton? Bush was used as a punching bag, and he just shrugged it off. Our political leadership hasn’t been so ugly since the days of Nixon. And at least Nixon knew enough to try to mask his dark side. These guys are defined by their hatred, and they take pride in it.

  3. ancientwrrior says:

    Their inner ugliness always manages to come forth in their hatred.

  4. radargeek says:

    O’Grima Wormtongue’s spell has fallen apart and his true agenda has been exposed.

  5. Maynard says:

    Oh, and another thing — I’m not trying to make a knee-jerk comment out of this, finding rottenness in anything Obama does, but I’d say this about anybody — what’s this business of reaching out and touching the people he’s talking to? That really creeps me out; a sort of invasion of space. He does it to the gal on the left in this video; go back and you’ll also see him touching Joe the Plumber in the same way. In the rare times when I’ve had someone do that to me in life, I reflexively step back. It just isn’t right.

    • Cernunnos81 says:

      I have this silly little thing called a personal space bubble. I don’t like it when My space gets invaded. I tend to twitch away from unwanted contact. Which is actually a good thing, because what I want to do is rip an arm off and beat them with it.

      It is Impolite to reach out and touch a total stranger just because you’re speaking to them. He does it to show the person that he is paying attention to them, its supposed to leave them giddy, they’ve been touched by HIM and have HIS attention. Because its all about Him.

  6. rosebud2186 says:

    OMG did you notice how many times he touched that young woman’s shoulder? She was much more polite about it than I would have been. He may as well have been patting her on her little head…. >: /

  7. alltheangelscome says:

    Unrelated, but is anyone else irked by Santorum titling his new video “Game On”? Maybe he’ll follow that with videos titled “Fight Like A Girl” and “We’re Here, We’re Clear.”

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