**UPDATE: Here’s video of the segment, courtesy of TAM Rubegonia!**

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8pm ET, Fox News of course. I hope you can tune in 🙂

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  1. Ben says:

    i dvr Factor daily

  2. elleb says:

    Shoot. I forgot to watch (I have a habit of NOT watching O’Reilly). Hope you’ll post the vid.

    • RuBegonia says:

      Video of Tammy’s O’Reilly segment at Rubegonia dot net

      • naga5 says:

        thanks, ru!

      • JuanitaDugas says:

        Once again, thanks a bunch RU for the BOR video of Tammy. Hubby and I watched tonight and phoned my sister in Louisiana to watch too, but it’s always nice to have the video to dissect the segment. Love the way Tammy remains calm among the deranged like Alan C. and interrupting bore,BOR. The left doesn’t realize yet that the slurs don’t work to tarnish Tea Party, but instead brings focus on our grass roots reach and firm platform of conservative solutions. She kept bringing the focus back to concern for those hurting because of BHO’s policies and the lack of any plan by the administration to help the folks. AND Tammy looked more fabulous than ever which never hurts to get people’s attention. 😉

  3. HiramHawk says:

    Great Impact segment Tammy!

  4. mercedes says:

    Tammy – Great job! Just caught you on the O’Reilly rerun. You looked great and showed more restraint than I would of with some of Alan Colmes comments. Job well done!

  5. Bri says:

    You rocked Tammy. Bill said something later that confirms what you have said Tammy, that there is no difference between Romney and Perry. If he can see it
    others will also.

  6. niner says:

    You looked great tonight Tammy on BOR, did a good job albeit a short segment Allan Colmes is dellusional. and he brings up the Sarah Palin bullseye crap again, cant these Liberals get some new material.

  7. fast1 says:

    hi all,
    Tammy right on point about why these progressives continue to falsely accuse Tea Party Ideology of being racist and the simple reason why their lives are full of misery … to cover up/deflect their own culpability in sucking their constituents life blood dry and ultimately America Herself, this is the Truth and continually pointing this out with facts and figures on each of these senators/congress will open up a Huge Can of Whoop Ass sending these liars scurrying like the rats they are for cover ultimately withdrawing from confronting the truth of their own record,
    IMO this is our greatest Opportunity and Offensive move is to continually point out the facts of each of these senators/congress,
    Tammy did her best in this segment but up against colmes twisting reality is a tough segment partly because Tammy had to spend precious time unraveling colmes twisted reality,
    just my thoughts but Truth will weigh very Heavy on those who are untruthful,
    thank you for your time and consideration

  8. Ernst1776 says:

    It’s amazing how void the left, as represented by Colmes, has become.

  9. DouggieJ says:

    You looked great Tammy! I’m glad O’Reilly finally gave you some time!

  10. ffigtree says:

    Of course Alan Colmes understands where they are coming from because he too uses this group think tactic. What Alan Colmes and the Congressional Black Caucus don’t understand is “the group”, Tea Party, is a group of free thinking individuals. The left can’t break the chains of group think so they project group think on to Tea Party.

    Tammy, you were spot on!
    Thank You Ru for the video!

  11. dennisl59 says:

    Is Alan Holmes an ‘act’? Like, is he a normal, rational person off camera, but once the Red Light is on, he acts like he’s lost his mind and control of his faculties because he is getting paid to do so? If it’s an ‘act’ OK, no problem, but if it not, I seriously worry for his mental health. Maybe he got that brain transplant from A.B.Normal while he was asleep one night. His brain is like a ‘misfiring’ engine spark plug.

    BTW: Tammy has picked up 43 additional ‘likes’ on her FB page since her appearance last night on BOR as this is written. All Right!

    posted 8/31 724am Texans for Palin Time.

  12. kwilder says:

    Tammy did a fabulous job on the factor last night, and she looked good doing it. Bravo.

    I wished she had stated that there is far less racism in the tea party than there is in either the Dem or Rep parties. Tea party is all about individual liberty & freedom and all American Citizens are invited.
    Also, the left realizes that they have to keep their base ‘afraid’ of tea party. They realize that if their base ever opens their collective minds to tea party principles, then the left is done in this country.

    Good job last night, Tammy. You represented the Tammy Army admirably. 🙂

  13. Kimj7157 says:

    Tammy, loved your response to Colmes–irritated and a bit weary of the same old ridiculous lines and irrational thought coming from the left.

    Hard to believe BOR thinks the White House has nothing to do with the blatantly racist crap coming from the Dems. Gee, I wonder if there will be a statement from this Administration condemning this kind of talk? As Tammy pointed out, they are desperate. BHO and his minions know no shame and will go to any lengths to energize their delusional base.

    Whatever they try–it just won’t work. They don’t get it. Tea Party will not be intimidated. Plain and simple.

    These people are pathetic.

  14. dingohead says:

    Great job on O’Reilly last night. I can’t believe some of the things that come out of Alan’s mouth. He should be embarrassed to defend such nonsense. I get so enraged when the media keeps pushing this crap that Tea Party is racist. It’s all the left can do when they have no argument. Anyway, you handled yourself quite well. Didn’t you want to slap him just a little bit though? 🙂

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