I was pleased to have Jamie Radtke on my show again today so you could hear directly from her about what has led to the events of the last few days involving attacks on her by Erick Erickson and RedState. I have decided to make the interview a public podcast so it can be as clear as possible that we are now seeing what tactic the Establishment will use against Tea Party candidates, using their staff tools embedded in the ‘conservative’ blogosphere. For my original interview with Jamie earlier this month, please click here.

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For background, here is Jamie’s complete statement. As with Sarah Palin, I support every Tea Party patriot to stand up for themselves and reject the continued efforts by the establishment to demonize the Tea Party in general and personally destroy candidates specifically. I think listening to this Tea Party patriot will explain why the Establishment has suddenly become so afraid of her.

Erick Erickson Owes Jamie Radtke And the Tea Party an Apology

Yesterday, on the front page of, Erick Erickson lashed out and wrote a blog smearing Jamie Radtke with completely false attacks by publishing libelous pejoratives in hopes of damaging her reputation.

Erickson wrote his column in response to a report on another blog that he had told Radtke, “My bosses are HUGE [George] Allen friends, not just fans. They are socially connected. So I’m having to tread carefully in this.”

Erickson, after confirming that he had made the statement, wrote a vicious blog that defamed Jamie’s character.

“Erick’s blog goes beyond the pale,” Radtke stated. “He crossed the line by publishing complete falsehoods. Now, it is his responsibility to admit he did wrong, set the record straight and apologize – and that is what I am asking Erick to do.

“This kind of scurrilous behavior and treatment has been repeatedly carried out on tea party leaders and conservative candidates who dare challenge the good ‘ole boy Washington Establishment. This attempt by the Washington Establishment to destroy the tea party and their candidates must stop. Enough is enough.

“What is most important is that we focus our attention on beating a President and his liberal Democrat friends who want to fundamentally change America. I encourage the tea party to stay determined and committed to fight back against the negative narrative on us and let’s defeat Obama and his liberal cohorts.”

Carter Wrenn, chief strategist for Radtke’s campaign, stated that a formal letter from legal counsel had been sent to Erickson demanding a retraction. “To put it as bluntly as possible,” Wrenn said, “Erick Erickson made an untrue and malicious attack on Jamie Radtke yesterday and repeated it again today. He should retract his statement, admit it is untrue and apologize for his mistake.”

A copy of the campaign’s letter to Erickson demanding an apology and retraction can be viewed here.


Jamie Radtke for U.S. Senate!

As a leader of the Tea Party insurgency, Jamie Radtke was credited by the Wall Street Journal with helping make the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation one of the most advanced in the nation.

Jamie Radtke is a champion of the Founders’ vision of individual rights, constitutional adherence, limited government, fiscal restraint, free markets, and virtue and accountability.

As Senator, Jamie Radtke will fight to: freeze the federal debt ceiling, cut trillions (not billions) in spending, eliminate government subsidies, reform entitlements, create a fairer & flatter tax to grow jobs, enact energy independence policies that bring down gas prices, protect the intrinsic right to life, uphold the traditional family, and end illegal immigration.

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  1. ffigtree says:

    Thank you Tammy for making this a public podcast. This will help make the point that this election will be Establishment -vs- the American people/Tea Party :o)

  2. jeaneeinabottle says:

    Thank you God for Tammy Bruce! We love you Tammy dearly and you will always be in my prayers forever. I’m honored to be a TAM, like I told you a year or so ago, you my dear will see bigger and brighter things in your future, I know it. I’m sending you a big hug and a kiss your way, why, cause you deserve that and so much more 😉 muah!!

  3. srrchl says:

    As predicted, the 2012 election cycle is shaping up to be a blood bath as the machines – Right and Left – fight to maintain their power over the people who have had enough establishment tyranny. The statist arguments are filmsy as gauze and often come from unexpected places like Ben Shapiro, author of “Primetime Progaganda,” who tweeted on Sunday (paraphrasing) Oh no – if Sarah Palin runs, it will tear the Republican Party apart.

    Earth to Ben — there’s already a civil war within the GOP — didn’t you notice what occurred during the fight to raise the debt ceiling? House Tea Party representatives did the unprecedented; they stood on principle, declaring: We took a pledge to the voters who put us in office and we intend to keep it. As a result, they created a bipartisan establishment chorus of demonizers and bullies that successfully united Obama and Reid with, not only Boehner and McConnell, but also with the Wall Street Journal, the Weekly Standard, and Laura Ingraham, among others. That unlikely and unholy alliance tried to add the tea party representatives, nobly fighting to uphold the will of the people, to Americas Most Wanted.

    Yes, it’s been ugly and things haven’t even heated up, but it’s nothing to fear; it’s inevitable. Change always brings resistance and in this case, the stakes are very high. The greater the stakes, the more virulent and noxious the resistance. Having a Leftist in the White House has been a horror show. But,it has also exposed the degree to which the government of the United States of America, the first modern national constitutional republic, has been corrupted and corroded from within.

    The people are fighting for the liberty granted them in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, while the government/media/special interest complex is fighting to hang on to their cushy situations. How nice to be able to vote yourself a pay and benefit increase while exempting yourself from accountability — oh, and only work three days a week — and that’s just the tip of the corruption black hole. It’s not surprising that the power brokers will fight like demons not to have to give up that gig — nice work if you can get it.

    Sorry boys (and girls) — the walls are about to come tumbling down. The godly spark within the USA has forged a people who will also fight like hell not to be enslaved by government; unlike the Europeans who riot to maintain their enslavement.

    Americans are fighting to restore the foundations of freedom upon which the United States was founded, creating a synthesis of traditionalism with a major paradigm shift. What’s remarkable is the astringent nature of its force. Corruption and deception are being exposed faster than a speeding bullet. Pundits, like Karl Rove and Dick Morris, posing as objective analysts, have been revealed as shameless self-serving hacks. Once trusted sources of information like the nightly news are shown to be establishment shills and have had to yield influence to the more democratic new media. The fight is in a spiral. New freedom opportunities are met with resistance from the fascists as in — government and its special interest flunkies must control the Internet and talk radio and the will of the people must be twarted by an executive branch that has mutated into a cyclops dictatorship. The good news is — at every turn, the specks of dirt are being held up to a microscope.

    So — it is no surprise to discover that the once esteemed Red State and its editor Erick Erickson have likewise been exposed. They can no longer be viewed as independent voices championing conservative principles, but rather as tools of their corporate owners — Regnery Publishing, a division of Eagle Publishing.

    The exposure has been especially brutal. Erickson has presented himself as a religious Christian. In that framework, there is an acceptance that we will be tested alongside a faith that assistance will be provided if we stand for what is right over what is expedient. Character is often forged in an inferno (see Sarah Palin). It’s amazing that the credibility once afforded Regnery, Redstate, and Erickson has been compromised over a cause so ignoble — supporting establishment hack George “Macaca & Bull” Allen. Allen represents everything Erickson purported to be against yet Erickson worked to protect that big spending, bloated government agent by libeling a decent citizen candidate, Jamie Radtke. That’s quite a fall from grace, but there you have it.

    I intend to continue to remind the public about who Erick Erickson really is and how quick he was to sell his soul for another unremarkable establishment tool every time he puts out a trash Sarah Palin, (or other good candidate), piece. If he was willing to fall on his sword for George Allen — yuk! — then clearly he’s a mercenary hack for hire.

    The truths and falsehoods are all so stark right now. Who better represents the new/archetypal paradigm of decency, honor, and courage than Sarah Palin? Aside from Tammy and a handful of other courageous crusdaders like Jedediah Bila — no one — certainly not among the current crop of GOP contenders.

    Erick Erickson — and proxies (Rove, Morris, etc) we’re on to you. Everytime you try to shmudge Sarah Palin (and company) you’re going to get a smack in the butt. You have revealed that you are not on the side of positive change/restoration, so step aside, boys — you and your cohorts are clogging up the drain.

  4. chris1058 says:

    Just donated again 🙂
    Go Jamie !
    radtkeforsenate [dot] come

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