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Well, well, I’d say this little piece of news is a reminder that the field is wide open, and voters aren’t to happy with the Machine and LSM ‘anointed’ candidates. Thank goodness it appears Americans have stopped ‘getting our a**es in line.” You know I’m concerned about Cain’s lack of readiness for the presidency, and he seems like a terrific guy. I also believe he’d be a great asset to the next president. That said, this sends an important message to everyone, especially those still on the sidelines, that this is a wide open adventure amongst those who count–the voters.

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Herman Cain Wins Florida GOP Straw Poll

Why doesn’t he say we simply have no heart and don’t understand? Rick Perry’s campaign stuggles to explain straw poll loss

Herman Cain gets more votes than Perry, Romney combined in Florida mock election

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  1. sohali99 says:

    This was enjoyable today with Herman Cain. It proved the talking heads and the GOP establishment types wrong and gave strong message that this is not a two-man race and the voters reject the “front runners”.

  2. Kat says:

    Florida’s version of “Raising Cain”!

  3. ShArKy666 says:

    all i can say is i can’t WAIT for the day when palin is on that stage with all those losers and kicks their sorry asses outta the park. she’s so far above them all in every way..THAT will make history! 🙂

  4. dennisl59 says:

    Speaking of Herman Cain…

    Republican Leadership Conference: New Orleans, June 16th-18th, 2011

    I watched all the speeches that afternoon, and felt that Cain completely hit a Grand Slam with his:

    Herman Cain SRLC Speech Part 1 of 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXT6cLIakjM

    Herman Cain SRLC Speech Part 2 of 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTTfbuLMfpw

    Also, his 9-9-9 Plan, is a very easy to remember political marketing slogan. Whether or not it’s ‘workable’, it’s at least a starting point. Especially the ‘Fair Tax’ component.

    As a tasty bonus, here’s a link to Food-TV’s webpage for pizza receipes!



    posted 9/24 1015pm Texans for Palin Time.

  5. lord-ruler says:

    We all know Herman is better than Rick Perry but he still has a problem with putting his foot in his mouth. He also has the same problem regarding foreign policy that Perry has too. I do not know why people keep ignoring my favorite Jon Huntsman. He is not a liberal like people make him out to be. Yes he does a pretty good John Kerry impersonation and that is his achilles heel. If he is judged by how he has governed in the past he is very conservative.

  6. greenlantern2011 says:

    Interesting view point, IPV. I do believe Sarah has higher motives than that for both biding her time and for running. Her comments after going to the Vet Memorial with Piper convinced me that she has received an answer to her prayers: She knows now that she is meant to run and the cost is not too much in the face of duty.

  7. flaggman says:

    Interesting to note: of all the declared candidates, I think Herman is the only one with a “clean” record on Palin. Check out this photo that Herman’s campaign posted after Iowa:


    • 1ntbtn says:

      Good picture, flaggman, now if the title read, Palin and Cain congratulating each other on their victory (President and Vice President) that would be, as Tammy might say, Fabulous!!

  8. Kat says:

    I agree with Tammy that Romney is slimey enough to get his supporters to vote for Cain…however, are Romney’s supporters slimey enough to do it? Also, the main thing I see wrong with the theory of Romney supporters voting for Cain is that to me the numbers just don’t add up! There is no way Romney would have received 14% of the votes if his supporters voted for Cain in order to “screw” Perry out of the win!
    I could believe this theory if Cain only won with lets say 16% or 17% of the votes but not with him winning with 37% over Perry’s 15%!
    For this theory (Romney “sliming” Perry) to work, one would have to assume that Romney would have won the Florida Straw Poll with 20% to 25% to Perry’s 15%, that is assuming Cain had 12% of the votes to begin with. Your opinions are welcome!

    • flaggman says:

      That’s right, Kat. You’d have to assume that Romney would have had at least 35% support before telling his people to jump on to the Cain train. There’s no way in hell Romney had 35% of that conference supporting him. It had to be a grass-roots rally behind Cain – and probably a majority of these are eventual Palin supporters looking to park their votes anywhere but Romney, Perry and Bachmann.

  9. LJZumpano says:

    I hadn’t been paying too much attention to the straw poll in Florida, except to be annoyed that the MSM was putting out the idea that it was so important. Pulling out the recent history to declare that the winner of this poll always went on to win the White House. Building it up way out of proportion. I asked myself, if this poll truly has merit, why has Mittens decided not to get involved? Surely he would want a win here. Surely he had the funds needed to mount a vigorous campaign. Surely he had the operatives needed to schmooze his way into first place. Yet Mittens did nothing. Wasn’t Florida an important state in the general election? IMO Mittens wouldn’t ignore Florida unless he had a plan. Remembering how he used Bachmann to pull & drain TEA support in Iowa, I began thinking was he trying the same in Florida? Bachmann’s balloon seems to be losing air quickly and she didn’t seem to be catering to Florida, so didn’t expect her to get high numbers there (though it was quite shocking to see the ultra-low numbers she did get). Perry seemed to be the choice of the “anyone but Mittens” vote. He was actively out and about and at the start of the week it looked like the bulk of the vote would be split between the annointed one, Mittens, or Perry. I am sure the folks who voted had an idea of how they were going to vote. I think much of Perry’s support is soft. He hasn’t been campaigning for a long time. Folks have had the chance to make up their minds about Mittens. Either you are going to support him, or you are still looking for someone else. In the last few days Perry set off alarm bells. Suddenly if you were a soft supporter, you began to wonder if he was going to collapse. Many questions were raised, and folks were no longer sure they wanted to commit to Perry at this point, maybe later, but not just yet. So logically, you begin to look for a non-Mittens place to put your vote.
    Herman Cain is a nice guy. He gets TEA. He wants America to prosper and it is passionate in defending the core values so important to most of us. Yes, beneath the surface we can see that he has a long way to go if he were to be POTUS. He is a guy you want on your team, even if he’s not the one you want as the leader. Many folks wish that the “top tier” candidates could somehow merge with Cain and create a new and perfect choice. Cain is second choice for many people. Given the cloud sitting over Perry’s head at this point, Cain was a natural choice for voters with questions.
    Cain’s 37% is the result of many factors. Did Mitten robots sow some seeds to pull Perry voters toward Cain? This is hardball politics time and if he didn’t, that would be surprising. That’s what political operatives do. Keeping Perry’s vote total low was in the best interest of Mittens. Mittens knows what is in his best interest. Mittens has the money & people to protect his best interest. Mittens knows where his vote in Florida is and he needs to chip away at the soft support of others. Since Bachmann was not going to be a factor, it would be natural to take advantage of the great likabilty of Cain and move folks in his direction. Mittens knows that making Cain seem strong might also impact on Palin. And last night, I saw worried tweets from some concerned that this “massive win” for Cain might hurt Palin. All this plays well to Mittens goal. Use Cain to pull from Palin, just as Bachmann was supposed to. However, unlike Bachmann, Cain is not beholden to the GOP machine. He will not be amused by other candidates attempting to use him as a pawn in their game.
    Perhaps for soft Perry supporters, Perry himself caused the doubts that made them hesitate about voting for him. Taking a moment to think, they suddenly decided they were not quite ready to commit to a man who seemed to be changing with each passing day. If not a vote for Perry, who was left? Again, everyone likes Cain, even those who see no chance of him winning the ultimate election. A vote for Cain was a safe vote, for a decent guy who wears his conservative values on his sleeve.
    A third factor in the vote for Cain was the efforts he and his team have made on his behalf. Of all the choices so far, Cain is TEA. He gets it, not as a way to win but as a core value.
    I was happy to see Cain win because he IS a nice guy, from the outside, running against the political party machines and that felt good. I was also pleased because he destroyed the message MSM had been sending about this being a 2 man race, and that this poll so was so important, the fate of the election would be decided here.
    The deck got shuffled in Florida. All bets are off, and a new phase begins. Cain gets a chance to show what he has to offer. Other candidates will fall away, and new ones will come in. And when GovPalin arrives, she’ll be bringing a new deck of cards and then, the game will really begin, and we will see that all that has gone before was merely practice for the main event.

    • thanks for that insightful post:)! I really love that there are many great perspectives to read here. It’s truly a one stop shop for original insightful conservative thought.

    • sandyl says:

      Excellent points, as always LJZ. Another reason for Cain’s win, might be a combination of the MSM’s “2-man race” mantra, and Tammy’s comment above about Americans not willing to get in line to support the GOP & MSM’s RINOs. While I don’t believe Cain is ready for the Presidency or Vice Presidency, he is definitely a non-establishment candidate. So I see this vote in Florida as a message to the establishment…None of the Above!

  10. trevy says:

    I wa shoping someone other than Perry or Romney would start rising. I’m still hoping Bachman will regain traction.
    Romney is a RINO, and Perry’s support for illegals and forcing girls to get the HPV shot still bothers me.

  11. Ginger says:

    The Sarah Palin Guestbook is starting to become a beautiful collection and reflection of support for Sarah. It started small but is growing and growing, and as the time gets closer to her entrance into the race, it will blossom. It’s a positive outlet to work on this, and reading those notes really helps a Palin supporter to stay FOCUSED. Sign here:


  12. Ginger says:

    If the establishment R’s can’t adjust, they are gonna go bust!

    “like,”, comment, and share..thanks!

    Sarah Palin 2012!


  13. […] I would like to thank the good citizens of Florida for selecting Herman Cain during their straw poll the very same day. Selecting a black American, who is a savvy businessman as well as an energized patriot, was […]

  14. ecu22331963 says:

    This just Shows how Weak the Field Is.

  15. Ladybug13USA says:

    This Sarah Palin video was tweeted by sohali2012. Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots were Made For Walking.” Enjoy!

  16. Rob_W says:

    HT Alabama4Palin @AL4Palin via Twitter:

    “Wait, Sarah Wait” (Delay Continues to Be Palin’s Ally) – http://tinyurl.com/3q4e888

  17. dennisl59 says:

    There was a ‘mini’ CPAC conference on Saturday 9/23 in Orlando. (The main event is held in February, as you know, in Washington, DC) In any case, the only complete speech I heard(last night on CSPAN) was Newt Gingrich, then it went to Jon Huntsman which is weird because that’s not the order of speeches on the agenda.

    Here’s the link to the CPAC website for the speeches:


    posted 9/26 845am Texans for Palin Time.

  18. Ayeboots says:

    I am sick of the crowd of losers running for the Republican Candidate in the 2012 election, an epoc occurance of critical importance. We need someone of the People,
    by the People and for the People and not some narrow minded philosopical, ethnic or economic minority.
    All the candidates so far are deeply flawed. Cain wants flat tax that would kill
    the lower 50% of the electorate. Romney did Romney care in Massechucets and can’t be trusted not to do it on the Federal level. Perry and Gardisel; he will never live it down. Michell, well? Palin can and will get us out of this morass of stupidity that is Obuma.

  19. FrankRemley says:

    I’ve got a feeling that there’s a certain Republican who’s going to jump into the race at some point and end up getting the nomination.

    It ain’t Sarah Palin.

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