As a sneak peak of the exclusive material subscribers receive, here’s tonight’s “Daily TAM Briefing,” a daily 30 minute report on what happened after the live Tammy Show and other events that have developed. This podcast happens to be about 50 minutes, which can happen if I’m talking and can’t shut up 😉

In tonight DTB I discuss the Palin lawyer letter to the publisher of the McGinnis book, ObamaCare heading to the Supreme Court, my review of the new show “Pan Am” (I liked it!), how coffee seems to affect depression in women and a variety of other topics 🙂

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  1. SmallgGay says:

    The French woman on Pan Am is Canadian in real life.

  2. GiMiller says:

    Excellent podcast Tammy! I agree with you on PDA. It is not really proper in public. I watched the L World and the only actress in it that i cared for was Jennifer Beals. She was really good.

  3. LJZumpano says:

    If I recall, part of the idea about not “attacking fellow republicans” came about because of the vile attacks old man Bush was making about Reagan during their primaries. I recall that Bush had a nasty mouth on him, and recall his filthy-mouth attacks on prolifers who didn’t appreciate his pro-abortion stand.
    In fact, Bush was so bad, I have never really come to terms with the fact that Reagan agreed to put him on the ticket for VP. That was a complete sell out to political expediency, and ushered in the reign of the Bushes, of which we haven’t yet seen the end since Jeb is waiting in the wings.
    I understand the need to be pragmatic, but I remain a purist at heart, and this was definitely a heartbreaking moment with implications that extended beyond just winning an election in 1980.

  4. Palin2012 says:

    I also am surprised at Pan Am – really enjoyed it. Thanks Tammy – would not have watched without your recommendation.

  5. mindy says:

    Seems like Southwest is getting some negative attention lately. Could this be union agitation?

  6. Servando says:

    Hey everyone. I listened to Tammy Show on way to work. Was pleasantly tickled when Tammy was talking
    about Dark Shadows. Coincidently, I have been interested in watching the movie ever since I heard
    about it a while back!

  7. greenlantern2011 says:

    Also posted under Daily Tam for 9/26.
    See Cripes Suzette’s review of Pan AM. She gives it 1 out of 5 girdles:
    [Sorry, link redacted due to No Links rule for regular posts. Please post with links in the most recent Lounge. Thanks!–Gina]

    And Dark Shadows forever!!!

  8. SwimnLA says:

    Just catching up on this podcast Wed morning… Re: Coffee & Stress – if the sample was only women, how can the report mention that is also decreases the chance of getting prostate cancer?! Huh?! 🙂

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