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I felt it an important show to release to the public considering the ramped up attacks on Tea Party in general by the left and Obama’s gestapos, plus now attacks on Sarah Palin’s supporters by some of our friends on the right. I wanted to make sure we had perspective about this strategy, hopefully helping us stay focused as these attacks will only increase as we proceed.

The first hour is focused on this issue, with the Laura Ingraham/Ann Coulter discussion on O’Reilly last night as the focal point. I hope you find it helpful, interesting and perhaps even enjoyable 🙂

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  1. MainelyRight says:

    Right on! Right on! Right on! Brava, Tammy. I just finished listening to today’s show on podcast as my 20-year old kitteh needed to see her vet while the show was live (she’s okay). Anyway, I finished listening to today’s important show and was about to leave a message to the effect that you MUST make today’s show a public podcast. But you’ve already done so. How clever of you. Thanks Tammy for helping to make a difference. I’m going to be directing a lot of folks to this podcast.

  2. ffigtree says:

    Love this new time slot! Allows me to make dinner with Tammy. Tonight, Chicken Marsala. But first, I must know the name of that instrumental song just after Nirvana! What is it? I love it! Now, back to the show which I’ll be sharing by the way :o)

  3. Blythe says:

    Tammy inspires me and always lifts me up. Today was such a great show. I was so “fed up” with Anne and Laura’s comments about Palin and now Tammy has put it all in perspective. Love you Tammy.

  4. LoriG says:

    Tammy, I think this podcast in a nutshell, explains why Palin supporters are so pissed off by what Laura said on her show Friday and what they both said on O’Reilly last night. What exactly is the problem if she gets in the race? That she might actually WIN?!

    Palin has the record of reform in Alaska (against both parties), she’s done the work, she’s been the only Republican potential nominees who’s taken the fight to Obama and actually provided common-sense, conservative solutions…ALL THE WAY ALONG. Just take this week as an example. Who’s the first to speak out against Hoffa’s “take out those son of a bitches?” Sarah Palin. Who refuses to condemn? Perry and Romney. And the @#$#%^*!! Republican elites, instead of defending her against the vicious, unrelenting attacks over the last 3 years, allowed Palin and her family to pilloried to this day. The criticism has never stopped.

    If they don’t agree with her politically, fine. Vote for someone else. But how DARE they suggest she shouldn’t get into the race. The country’s in this position because of the reluctance of the Republicans to challenge the Democrats…because they want to stay in power. Primaries exist to find the best candidate, not the establishment candidate. I don’t care if she doesn’t win. We need to have the discussions about Obamacare, energy independence, illegal immigration. These potential nominees need to be held accountable for their records. We have an obligation to vet them, so we don’t end up with another Obama on the GOP side.

    I will no longer allow misstatements about what Palin has done and who she is to go unchallenged. I repeat, that’s why we’re in this position. Good people have done nothing. I heard for myself what she said in IA and NH this week. I saw how she interacted with people. She’s not a tease. She’s not a sloganeering cheerleader. She’s not trying to bluff her way through the tough policy issues. This isn’t idol worship like Obama. Palin has a vision, she can’t be bought, people agree with her ideas and are grateful that in spite of everything that she’s been through, she still has the courage to stand up and fight. So yes, I’ll have her back…and so will the TAMs.

    • little firefly says:

      Maybe Laura and Ann don’t think that Sarah is ivy league enough. After all they both are, Dartmouth and Cornell.

    • Kimj7157 says:

      “This isn’t idol worship like Obama. Palin has a vision, she can’t be bought, people agree with her ideas and are grateful that in spite of everything that she’s been through, she still has the courage to stand up and fight.”

      Terrific post, LoriG!

  5. sandyl says:

    Lori, Perfectly said!!

  6. sharon says:

    Good show, as usual. I needed this today, because I get so frustrated when we are suppose to be on the same side, the same side of conservatives, not necessarily candidates. I am wary of what our own side will do to the woman. I do believe that we need to all step back sometimes and realize that while we are all very deeply involved in politics, a great deal of the American people are not. They know deep down the country is F’d up by the dumb bastard, but they are not ready to start paying attention to the politicians. When she gets in, she gets in, not when the so called smart ones tell her it is time.

    When she announces it will be big, she will be ready, her staff will be in tow, and the message will be clear.. She knows when the people are ready to pay attention.

    P.S.. My husband knows I listen to the podcast every night and I am a huge fan. He says to me today ” HEY!!.. that Tammy Bruce you listen to every night is in the movie the Undefeated, and she is really good!”……. see, not everyone is ready to pay attention yet…

  7. imacat says:

    Tammy, thank you so much for your insight and encouragement today! It’s so typical that just when we come off a high like the Tea Parties this past weekend, that the attack comes from where we might least expect it. I really appreciate your courage to speak the truth to your peers, Ingraham and Coulter, just as clearly as you do to anyone else. And to us TAMs and other Palinistas, you are like a great coach in the huddle, emboldening us to keep the faith and fight the good fight for America. Thanks also for making the podcast public so we can spread it around and encourage others!

  8. Bri says:

    This was some of your best work Tammy. You have a gift of explaining things few people have. I think Sarah has replaced Ann for me aleast that might be one problem Ann has with her. Laura is trying to replace O’Reilly. I just don’t understand why everyone can run but Sarah according to our side.

  9. niner says:

    Good job Tammy of breaking down that disgusting segment by two snotty, elitist women. That must have been the friendly fire that Sarah spoke of in Iowa. Tammy please pursue the question to Coulter and Laura about them having not seen the “Undefeated” and why. I posted last night on C4P just guessing, that the twisted sisters probably never saw the movie. That shows two biased and uninformed individuals. Im hoping they are feeling the wrath of Palin fans, and their book sales dry up.Mark Levin smacked them both down today on his show as well.

    • Yah! I hope their book sales decline too! These 2 tried to yuck it up like O’Reilly and Miller when those 2 would go after Pelosi. But Pelosi has a long long track record of saying and doing ridiculous things. Ann and Laura treated Palin just like a Pelosi, and I will never forgive them of this. The segment not only lacked any substance, but it was some of the most unfunny crap I have ever had to sit through. These 2 where just talking and laughing to themselves, and were not connecting with viewers at all. The dumb line about, “well that’s just because our voices are so low” did not make any direct sense with what Ann had just said. It was a desperate and vain attempt to draw attention to themselves, and contrast themselves directly with Palin. How self serving is that?? One thing I really hated was during the intro, you could just see the facial contortions from Ingraham and Coulter trying to hold back their smiles, as they were thinking to themselves, “boy is Palin gonna get it now!”

      I am done with these 2. All professional respect for them just flew out the window. How sad.

      This is another thing we can thank Palin for. Just by being herself, she brings out the best in some, and the worst in others.

  10. Kimj7157 says:

    NOBODY does it better.

  11. greenlantern2011 says:

    Mr. L (philosophically, Mark Levin’s twin) goes into great detail about how he tried to find out from FOX who did this famous 74-26 poll against Palin. Very strange that the origins are so secret and reeks of fraud.

  12. Grandma60 says:

    Thank you for the excellent job you did in presenting the truth about the discussion Laura Ingram and Ann Coulter had on O’Reilly. I for one had been a loyal listener of Laura for the past 5 years, but her comments about Sarah were over the top. I heard you on her show last week and was impressed with your sense of Palin’s ability to lead! I am also a Palin supporter and will now be a loyal Tammy listener in hopes that we can gain an army for Palin and she will announce soon!

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