Flipper is done pretending. Can you say “Porpicide?” And environmentalists say we need to protect the Earth from us. Ha!

‘Porpicide’: Bottlenose dolphins killing porpoises

The harbor porpoise that washed ashore last month at San Francisco’s Fort Funston was clearly a victim of foul play.

It had two badly broken jawbones, fractured ribs on both sides and a broken scapula, evidence of a sadistic attack. Worst of all, the female porpoise, which had been seen twice before and identified by researchers in Monterey Bay, was lactating when she was killed, according to marine biologists.

It was a clear case of what scientists are calling “porpicide,” the deliberate slaying of a harbor porpoise by a surprising and, to most people, unlikely culprit.

“We suspect that it was a bottlenose dolphin,” said Bill Keener, a harbor porpoise researcher for the Bay Area chapter of the American Cetacean Society.

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  1. Maynard says:

    Dolphin handlers will warn you that dolphins can have some nasty habits, such as approaching a swimmer for the purpose of sexual gratification. I figure the dolphins must have some strong political connections among Democrats, because they get undeservedly puffed by the lamestream media. I don’t care what you saw on Flipper; do not let a dolphin babysit your kids!

  2. dennisl59 says:

    Press Release:

    “To counter all the negative, unfounded rumors and innuendos reported in this so called ‘story’ and what ‘some say’ is a ‘hit piece’ against the peace,freedom and ‘all human’ loving San Francisco Dolphin Community and for all the Dolphins that serve with honor and pride in the U.S.Navy, new PAC has been formed:

    Dolphins Unite Hollywood(D.U.H.) Our new movie, ‘Dolphins Tale’ is about a disabled dolphin that ‘befriends’ a human. Critics say: “Uplifting”, “A Must See!” and “Inspiring” and some of Morgan Freeman’s best work.

    One more thing: We reject the assertion by Keener of the American Cetacean Society, he’s speculating; there were no eyewitnesses, just circumstantial evidence and if everyone just chills out for a while, the porpoises won’t have any more unfortunate ‘accidents'”

    End of Press Release.

    posted 9/18 935am Texans for Palin Time

    • larrygeary says:

      Unfortunately the movie pretends the prosthetic tail is the work of a black man, when it was actually invented by two white men working in their spare time. The jelly being used to protect the dolphin’s sensitive skin is now being used to eliminate previously incurable pain among amputees who wear prosthetic limbs.

  3. MACVEL says:

    And we know Flipper lives in a world full of wonder, lying there under, under the sea…

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