I’m surprised he’s not bowing.

It’s about time. The fact that we’ve allowed a mass murdering terrorist like this to survive so long is a stain on this country’s moral footing. Now the Lockerbie Bomber needs to be wiped from the Earth. So I guess this means now the war is over and we’ll leave the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaida and Iran in charge? Another victory for Obama!

Moammar Gaddafi killed: For longtime autocrat, a violent end

Col. Moammar Gaddafi, Libya’s eccentric and unpredictable leader for more than 40 years, who brought his oil-rich country to international pariah status, tried to restore it as a member in good standing in the global community and was ultimately deposed by a nationwide uprising, died Thursday in Sirte, his home town. His death was confirmed by Libyan Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril.

Col. Gaddafi had been in hiding since late August, when he fled his home in Tripoli as rebel fighters advanced. Fighting continued for two months, as pockets of his supporters put up fierce resistance in a few holdout towns, leading to speculation that he might be holed up in one of them. He was believed to be 69 years old when he died, although his exact birthdate was not known, and at his death, had been one of the world’s longest-serving rulers.

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  1. barenakedislam says:

    Be careful what you wish for. What’s coming in behind Gaddafi will be much worse. Can everyone say Muslim Brotherhood/al-Qaeda?

  2. “…at his death, had been one of the world’s longest-serving rulers.”

    Yeah, that’s what you get from the Washington Post. A place where dictators “serve” as rulers.

    “Hello, I’m Mohammar, and I’ll be your server for this half-century.”

  3. Tinker says:

    So am I understanding this correctly? Beyond the fact that Gaddafi was an evil dictator and looking at the broader issue here, I shudder to think America’s new sort of “official” without really stating it policy is that we not only stand with anarchy and lawlessness and revolution, we fund and facilitate it?

  4. otlset says:

    First Egypt and now this — I tell ya, the hope for a worldwide Islamic caliphate is making great strides under Obama’s watch.

  5. Sailing_J says:

    I’m glad he’s dead. He should have been dead a long time ago. And to those that will take his place, let this be a lesson to you because your time will come.

  6. FrankRemley says:

    Hopefully, Bashar Assad will be the next Arab dictator to assume room temperature.

  7. Maynard says:

    I find it interesting to recall that Obama’s Rev. Wright and Louis Farrakhan had personal connections to Gaddafi (both visited him back in the days when he was still on the terror list, before he was reformed under GWB). Drudge is linking Farrakhan’s previous rant about Obama being a murderer. What role America should have played in this recent revolution, if any, is debatable (and I’m not trying to have that debate here); I’m just noting what might have been a conflict for Obama. If the reports are to be believed, it was because of Hillary Clinton’s insistence that we became part of the operation; Obama left to his own devices more likely would have kept us from having an active role.

    Where does it go from here? Will our participation get us a foot in the door for a better relationship with a better regime, or will we soon regret it when monsters and thugs take power? I don’t know.

  8. Tinker says:

    Not that I’m a fortune teller or anything, but I do know that “they sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.” Hosea 8:7 America is sowing and sowing and sowing.

    Other people might call it karma.

  9. wahnnorm says:

    So has anyone checked? Are the flags at half-staff at the White House yet?

  10. wubblephutz says:

    First, as usual, TDB did nothing here other than to run is mouth so that MSM was able to bow in his direction when the rebel scum finally tracked down and killed the dictator scum. The 82nd Airbourne did not kill the Col., 82 savages that he had pissed off killed him.

    Second, also as usual, the US Armed Forces were not used to protect the American people and their intrests the were used as a political weapon. Once this thing started QuackDaffy was eventually going to go because the “rebels” were being backed logistically by the EuroWeenies and QuackDaffy was cut off. The US Forces in Theater were only used to keep the EuroWeenies from embarassing themselves.

    What a real President thinking strategically would have done with the US Forces in Theater would have been to set them in to destroy all of the weapons stockpiled by QuackDaffy to prevent them from being used against our Forces and our Citizens in the future. The warehouse full of 20,000 portable AA missles should have no longer existed to be pilfered rather than ending up on the evening news accompanied by much hand wringing. Barn door open, horse gone.

    The same approach will eventually need to be taken with Egypt’s arsenal that we gave in order to bribe that dictator to lay off of Israel. Laying off of Israel was in Egypt’s own best intrest, but reason and savages never do quite mix. We will have to eventually go in a recall those materials, with extreme prejudice, at a cost of our incredible troops to remedy that foolish policy.

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