From the good (and hungry) folks at White House Dossier. The only thing MObama apparently eats in private is a gigantic side dish of Hypocrisy.

Does Michelle really over-satiate herself on adipose-inducing feasts while lecturing kids to clean up their diets?

Yes, according to the most scientific study to date.

Obviously intending to counter Michelle’s critics, food writer Marian Burros, working for POLITICO, treated herself to lunch and/or dinner at “the 33 or more restaurants in the Washington area” where Michelle has grazed in Washington since her husband took office…

The result is a classic unintended scientific finding. Burros appears to have set out to prove that Mrs. Obama eats like an undernourished wild rabbit, citing the “vitriol” poured on her concerning her food habits by “anti-Obama blogs.”

In fact, Burros finds – though she doesn’t acknowledge it – that the excess weight Michelle is usually carrying around was not put there by a mysterious and unwelcome Act of God.

She eats poorly.

Here at White House Dossier, we have a little fun with Michelle’s marked proclivity to overeat and overeat and serve unhealthy food to guests again and again, while pointing out the hypocrisy of her simultaneously telling others how to eat.

With the follow list we find that Michelle Antionette doesn’t have a pie hole as much as she has a chocolate, dessert and lobster hole. A few examples of recent MObama consumption:

At this rate there won’t be any cake left for us to eat.

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  1. greenlantern2011 says:

    I guess Paula Dean must have had MO on her show. She said that MO never stops eating, even during the commercials and that yes, MO likes the fried foods.

  2. otlset says:

    Those hips don’t lie.

  3. otlset says:

    Michelle Obama scolds us to get fit.
    She says all those sweets and fats we must quit.
    But then on the sly,
    she’s eating creme pie.
    Michelle Obama is a hypocrite.

    • Kat says:

      I Love It!!!!!!

    • dennisl59 says:

      Ah ha! Yes! The Limerick Throwdown Contest Begins!

      There was an old gal named Moochelle
      Her dress size we could not tell
      She ate like a horse
      With seven full course
      But told us eat light then she fell.

      Back to you otlset! LOL!

      posted 10/11 637pm Texans for [Fill in the Blank] Time.

      • otlset says:

        Hahaha dennis. Allrighty.

        Michelle Obama answers her critics…

        “So what if Barack and I sometimes eat steak.
        It’s our m’tabulism what give us that break.
        So get out of my face,
        or I’ll bring up your race!
        And if yall dont like it, go jump in the lake!”

        • dennisl59 says:

          There is an old gal that craved lobster,
          And her husband is known as a mobster.
          She loved carrot cake,
          But she was a flake.
          As she channeled a pie eatin’ monster.

          posted 10/11 1020pm Texans for [Fill in the Blank] Time.

  4. Samster1 says:

    Lol greenlantern. Actually in ’09 Paula Deen did have Michelle on her “Paula’s Party” show.

    Great limerick otlset.

  5. Charles_TX says:

    I’ve had plenty “ethereal lobster burger” too: took two pieces of bread and imagined that there was lobster between them.

    OMG, now I have a real craving for lobster roll from Seacoast New Hampshire or Maine.

  6. Trish S says:

    Oh brother!

  7. Maynard says:

    “You do not want to be between Michelle and a tamale.”

    — Barack Hussein Obama, at a White House Cinco de Mayo celebration

  8. strider says:

    Like a polar bear stumbling on to a beached whale.

  9. Kat says:

    From Moochelle’s lips to her hips!!!!
    No wonder she’s preachin’ veggies and fruit to the kiddies….that is what is left when she leaves!!!!!
    I am also reminded of….Jack “Barack” Sprat could eat no fat his wife could eat no lean! So betwixt them both you see….they licked the platter clean!!!!

  10. tamcat says:

    Moochelle is a Democrat like the ones I know, that live a double standard. They are fence sitters. AND of course, they know best. How in the world did I ever get through life this long without my Democrat sister?

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