I’m pleased to announce a new weekly column at Newsmax. The first one launched today, titled, “No GOP Candidate Is Worthy of Palin’s Endorsement.”

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  1. srrchl says:

    Great editorial! I agree with the points you articulated with clarity and force. My feeling about Herman Cain is more emotional than strategic. I agree that his lack of political experience means that he is not ready for the presidency. More significantly, it is doubtful that he could overcome both the Romney and the Dumb Bastard machines. However, I support Cain for the following reasons. I feel Cain would do less harm than Romney especially if the prime time strategy to take over the Senate with tea party representatives was in place. And, I am so pissed off at the Left, whose descent into the bowels of hell is accelerating, for demeaning Cain and questioning his authenticity as a black man. Yes, it’s the typical venal tactics of the Left, but my response is to stand by Cain. That is not mutually exclusive from directing my resources and focus on the congressional strategy.

  2. SmallgGay says:

    Top drawer piece! So glad you’re out there Tammy!

  3. NancyB says:

    Brava Tammy!

  4. dennisl59 says:

    “Herman Cain, a man with remarkable political potential, meets some of the criteria, yet his lack of a record and experience in governing presents what many believe is an insurmountable problem”

    Exactly Tammy! You read my mind! LOL!

    As for me, if Cain were the Governor of Georgia, for instance, where he had a record of working with a state legislature and bureaucracy, balancing budgets, lowering taxes, increasing educational performance(and btw, fixing the corrupt Atlanta Public School System), and have a 2nd to none business environment THEN he’d have something more to talk about than just a “9-9-9” economic theory/proposal that’s unproven, looks nice on paper and sounds good in sound bites!

    Cain is a good man, just not the ‘right’ man, in my opinion.

    posted 10/11 550pm Texans for [Fill in the Blank] Time.

  5. nightowl1111 says:

    Well what are we going to do? I don’t want ROMNEY!

  6. RuBegonia says:

    WOOFing debut at Newsmax Tammy ! ☆.•*¨¨*★♫ ღ ★

  7. […] Tammy Bruce has a column at Newsmax: No GOP Candidate Is Worthy of Palin’s Endorsement. It is, she comes to the same conclusion: The other option for tea partyers is to bypass the GOP primary season entirely and focus on the Senate, which is exactly what leaders at Freedom Works, a tea party group… …have indicated is their intention. Whatever individual Palinistas decide when it comes to “What now?” they will make the difference in this imperative political season. […]

  8. Kat says:

    Great first column! I believe the GOP Smart Set are in shock we are still here! They have been awfully quiet! Let’s get ’em stirred up! 😀

  9. ancientwrrior says:

    I somewhat agree with you on principal Tammy regarding Herman Cain not having governing experience. BUT, neither did BHO, the DB, and look what he’s done to us. With Cain I don’t see a malevolent person, unlike BHO.

  10. srrchl says:

    Re my earlier post about Cain, would like to add some additional thoughts and questions. Would love to hear Tammy’s or other’s feedback. If winning the Congress remained a top priority, what issues arise about supporting Cain? Do you feel Cain is preferable to Romney? Do you feel Cain would do less harm than Romney? Romney’s experience is in back room deals and managing a machine. And, we don’t know what he stand for since he’s traveled round the world numerous times on that score. Listening to talk radio callers and reading blogs reveals that independents do NOT want Romney but the “pundits” are telling them they have no choice. I don’t feel we should add fuel to that narrative. I’m supporting Cain in opposition to Romney and the Bush gang who believe they have it all sown up & who finagled the primaries to make certain their boy wins. I will take my chance on Cain with — must add again — a tea party Congress. He will be reliable on Supreme Court appointees and has a lot of guts to face down the black Left gestapo proclaiming he has no right to be black. Passivity doesn’t work for me on this one. I MUST protest Romney and the machine and feel confident enough in Cain to back him as my protest candidate. There really is no one else and the sentiment out there is strongly anti-Dumb Bastard and anti-Romney. It’s unlikely that Cain could win but I’m going for it while keeping a tea party Congress as the major objective.

  11. 1ntbtn says:

    Very good column Tammy,congratulations, I’ll be looking forward to reading it every week.

  12. Bravo Tammy:) No! we wont start a third party! We will take the old one back! Does someone have a list of TEA approved candidates for Senate and House ready yet? Who is vulnerable? Which GOP needs a primary? for example… I want to know where I can send my Palin for prez money. I also appreciate the verbal wrist slapping you give the guv. She needs it. She should have run, and lost the primary at the very least, like Reagan, and also like Romney. If you start the campaign and then it looks bad after a while, you make a graceful exit like Romney did last time. His supports were sad, but they did not feel betrayed. All that experience and connections she would have gained from jumping in are lost for now. She will have to start from scratch again, where as Romney was able to build on his last campaign. The GOP would have supported her the rest of the way if she won the nomination.

  13. srrchl says:

    After watching the debate, writing to modify earlier comments. Would still take Cain over Romney and the machine. Romney had a hell of a nerve saying that we need a leader with principles. Are you kidding me? I can’t tell if the Romney in the debate is the real man or the wax museum replica. But, Cain often sounds like a rube. Believes we don’t need an audit of the Federal Reserve; we just have to ask them for their books. NO- we need an audit! (Statement made outside debate.) Bachmann — very strong tonight. Newt is a brainiac.

  14. srrchl says:

    Final comments for the evening. I know I can’t support Romney-because that’s a vote for the machine. The Christie shill for Romney is already nauseating. Cain was very weak tonight. He needs better and/or more advisors and probably a boatload of cash. Newt has so much baggage but he would be the strongest debater against BHO. I could forgive the bling and the rest just to witness him kick the Urkel ass in a debate. Bachmann was articulate and on point tonight. And, even though Ron Paul is unacceptable and from the planet zog, I agree with everything he said about abuses of the Fed Reserve Bank. Seems to comes down to Tammy’s strategy — forget presidency and focus on Congress. I still want to support someone other than Romney as a protest.

  15. lawmom90 says:

    Tammy, you knocked it right out of the park. Thanks for being our voice. I look forward to reading this from you every time it prints 🙂

  16. Kelly says:

    Congratulations, Tammy! You’re off to a great start with that first column.

  17. ShArKy666 says:

    congrats tammy on ur column …u sooooo deserve to be heard by as many people as possible!! we luv u 🙂 (hugs)

  18. greenlantern2011 says:

    IMO, no one strives more valiantly to be clear on the issues than you. And mostly succeeds! When Palin quit, I found myself, seemingly out of the blue, racked with grief, crying like I was back in high school again grieving the loss of my longtime GF, going again through the dark journey of a jilted lover. Tammy, I think I recognize a fellow traveler. Not content to stay in a place of helplessness, I think you’ve tried to move too quickly through it. And to your credit, all because that’s what you think we need you to do now. But it was only when I told people how I felt, risking the chance that they’d see me as a giant wuss, was I able to get the kind of support from them that I needed. The Gov is a BIG DEAL. I think she struck a strong chord in the country’s archetypal memory. For us, maybe the Warrior/Huntress. For those that hated her, who knows? All I know is that my commitment was probably 1/1000th of yours, and it kicked my ass! What I wish for you is to be able to grieve as much as you need to, in a place you can risk being vulnerable. Good on ya, for all you do. I think you are 100% class.

  19. deaves1 says:

    Sister, you sure know how to make an entrance. awesome piece here. Right on target and it put the establishment on notice; we will not go away. We’re watching you. Yes, I saddened by Gov. Palin’s announcement last week. Though I understand and support her reasons, deep in my heart, I feel America has not heard the last from Mama Grizzly.

  20. yayii says:

    Congrats Tammy! Enjoyed reading your column @ Newsmax. Look forward to reading more opinion pieces from you on the state of the political process 🙂

  21. ffigtree says:

    Glad you are writing again!

  22. ReardenSteel says:

    Damn good column Tammy, you really are a good writer. I was stunned and sadenned when Gov. Palin announced she was not running. I realized the next day, as you and the TAMS did, that this was always up to us to make happen. Whether Gov. Palin ran or not, it is up to us to take our government back and save our country. I feel more empowered than ever. Partly becuase I am involved in a local political campaign as well as Tea Party. More importantly, I think it is because I realized that my country is drifting from liberty and toward tyranny at an ever increasing pace. I had to get up and do something. Thanks to you Tammy, the TAMS, and “The Great One”, Mark Levin, I got off the bench and am beginning to do what I can. Write like crazy Tammy. You have no idea how many minds you awaken, and how many people you inspire to action. Have your powder horns and lead ball cases slung and ready friends. The real fight is just beginning.

  23. mytorpor says:

    A huge congrats for on your new column, Tammy! Looking forward to all the great reads!

    Christie’s endorsement of Romney was the total reason for the “we really, really want Christie for president” buildup and the huge media event surrounding his NO. There was no grass roots cry for a Christie presidency, but the establishment needed to build Christie up before the big endorsement came down and that buildup will influence some voters to follow his endorsement. I agree there is no perfect candidate in the race, not even a close to perfect candidate, but being married to a businessman has taught me how much they actually do many of the things our elected leaders to. They balance budgets, plan for future growth, trouble shoot, make big decisions that have big consequences, etc. so my primary vote goes to Cain and my final vote goes to ABO.

  24. Jeffrey says:

    Excellent piece and I’m excited to think we can look forward to a weekly column 🙂 We’re all dealing with the latest events to the best of our abilities- You have no idea how appreciative I personally am for your voice. These last shows and briefings have been extremely helpful to me so I thank you! On another note, my last check to SARAHPAC in the amount of $20.12 cleared today (you know, the “check here if you want Sarah to run” mailing)? Gotta love it! BTW- I will gladly pay the swear fine regarding Holder on todays (10/12) show… Sometimes there is NO OTHER OPTION! See you tomorrow.

  25. makeshifty says:

    I agree. I think the presidential race in 2012 is a lost cause not worth supporting. I think the focus should be on maintaining the House majority, and gaining a filibuster-proof, and veto-overriding Senate with more Tea Party candidates.

    Re. the GOP field, I had been having a feeling of settling on Cain lately. He has a sincerity, and a high technical understanding of how systems (such as economies) work. This has impressed me. However, practical experience in government, as we’ve seen with Obama, is important. I go back to the Gulf oil spill. Part of that was Obama’s inability to understand how bureaucracies operate. If by some unlikely event Cain were to win the presidency, I think that unfortunately we would have the same sort of incompetency. We might like what he advocates 80% of the time, but he could still royally mess up the country. I wish I could say otherwise, but I’ve got to be honest here. The obvious follow-up question is, “Is Obama any better?” Not really. He’s gained some experience in office, but I don’t like the idea of him in there any better than I did before. The thing is, we need to have a party in this country that believes in good governance, and that believes in freedom. Supporting an incompetent candidate as our standard bearer, or a “candidate that can beat Obama,” (which is code for a liberal Republican) does not promote the cause. If the rest of the country decides they actually want a liberal Republican over a progressive Democrat, then we’d better have a conservative congress who can “steer” the president in our direction.

    Re. Palin, I was a bit sad to hear that she would not be running, but after the interview on Greta’s show the week before, I was not surprised. That was the most revealing interview Palin had done to date about her preparedness for the office. Palin sounded haunted by the idea of running a campaign, and if she were voted in, being president. I like what she stands for, but no matter. If she cannot feel in command of the office, I don’t want her to be president. Whoever the future president is is going to have a lot more to worry about than just worrying about what they can and can’t do.

    This sounds really ironic given Obama. I understand, it’s real frustrating. Putting Palin up against Obama, we’d rather have Palin, and it seems like a cruel twist that a man who is a fake, and is unprepared to be president, yet acts like he has all the confidence in the world, would win by default against a woman who has some qualities that prepare her to be president, but who lacks the confidence to do the job, or feels that it’s not the right place for her to do what she feels called to do. Yep. Sometimes human nature sucks. The Founders of our country understood this, and it’s the reason they organized our government the way they did. They knew we’d elect some dumb bastards into office. So the goal is to prevent them from doing too much damage.

  26. Ladybug13USA says:

    Great piece Tammy!! Look forward to your weekly articles. You are a voice of sanity and reason.

  27. vitadMD says:

    Meow… Prrrrrrrrrrrrr…

    I hope, and I think you do realize that you speak for so many of us and that your voice is a little louder. My very emotional reaction to Gov. Palin’s decision was ominously reminiscent of my reaction to Nov. 2008 with a very deep concern not so much for the individuals involved but for our nation. So many misunderstand our support for Gov. Palin. Perhaps she does as well. We are not fans in a fan club. We have a purpose which involves not so much promoting her, but what and whom she represents: the conservative movement, the feminist movement, the anti-establishment Tea Party movement.

    Given the limited information which led up to the decision, my conclusion is that she was forced out with threats and ultimata. Evidence: effectively, the refusal to accept her as a member of the Republican Party; the active sabotage via deceit, misinformation, obfuscation, and innuendo – on the part of the GOP and media affiliates; the pushing up of primary dates; the manner in which the current candidates have been handled. Because they realized the strength of her message and support, and how it would affect the establishment/status quo, it wasn’t enough to simply ignore her, to allow her to run and fail. It was imperative to eliminate her as a choice altogether. Their mendacity affected not just her but us, perhaps more so.

  28. Trish S says:

    Tammy, you nailed it, AGAIN!

  29. Rolleej says:

    WTG TAMMY, so glad I found you!

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