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I have the pleasure of joining Johnny Phillips tonight on his KABC radio show at 7pm PT. Please join us on KABC at 790 on the AM dial in Southern California and you can catch the stream worldwide at Johnny’s show airs Monday-Friday 6-10pm PT. I hope you can join us!

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  1. larrygeary says:

    I’ve tried three different browsers and the KABC player can’t connect to the live stream. I hope someone can post the audio later.

  2. Shifra says:

    I am counting on Ru to help us out! Maybe she will post the audio later…. The server was not connecting 🙁

  3. jeaneeinabottle says:

    Tammy, love what you said, thank you. Thanks for all your support, makes me feel better that you will still stand with us 🙂

  4. larrygeary says:


    Something Johnny said tonight got me thinking. He was comparing the responses he got when he talked to supporters of different candidates. When he asked any other supporter why they support their candidate, they cite this or that reason, but when he asks a Palin supporter the question, they say they LOVE Sarah Palin.

    Remember the observation you made about her recent speech, where the crowd was shouting “Run, Sarah, run!” and she let it go on for a good 30 seconds and didn’t discourage it. Well, how different is “Run, Sarah, run!” from “O-BA-MA” that we heard from the Obama zombies?

    Sarah frequently said “It’s not about me.” Yet for her supporters, it WAS about her. I wonder if Sarah was sensing that she was becoming the center of a personality cult, realized it was wrong and wanted no part of it.

    We supported Sarah for her policies and for her proven record of accomplishment, but there was definitely an element of love as well. Many at C4P put her on a pedestal and brooked no criticism of Sarah, calling even long time die-hard supporters “trolls” if they expressed a negative thought. I’m sure she saw that. I wonder if the responses she saw on C4P after her announcement were the “confirmations” she referred to in her Greta interview. Many are responding like jilted lovers.

    There are probably many reasons she ultimately decided not to run, but I think this may have been one factor among many.

    Another is the realization that, if she defeated Obama, she would be faced with a Democrat establishment who hated her for destroying their god, a GOP establishment who wants no part of her anti-cronyism reform agenda, and a Teaparty group that would still be too small and ineffective to push through legislation. She would be in a very similar situation to when she returned to Alaska after the 2008 defeat. She would be unable to get anything done, all while the economy is collapsing around us.

    And so she chose to step away and work to get more Teaparty people in Congress and defeat the Establishment from outside. This will only be possible if she can retain influence, and that may not happen. Now that there isn’t the threat that she might run, her influence may fade away rapidly. We’ll see. But I’m beginning to see why she made the decision she did. She may never be able to run now, since in many people’s minds she confirmed the “quitter” meme, but if she can help get Constitutional Conservatives elected, that may be enough. As you said in tonight’s Briefing, the country is full of heroes, and one will eventually arise. When he or she does, the ground will be prepared.

    • greenlantern2011 says:

      @larrygeary: It will take many,many words to tell you what your comment meant to me. So, suffice to say good fellow, thanks very much.

    • larrygeary says:

      A postscript: Perhaps the silent, deciding vote from the Palin family was Trig’s. He does not speak, at an age when he should. He may be more developmentally challenged than Sarah ever imagined he would be, something she could not have known when she ran for VP in 2008. Family comes first, and Trig’s need for his mother may have outweighed any desire to run for President.

  5. imacat says:

    About Bristol’s comment that her mom knew what she was going to do, my sense is that Sarah was leaning towards running at that time but she obviously decided against it more recently. If you think about the India speech, the Israel trip, the Madison “Game on!” speech, and the bus tour, the Iowa state fair, and the Indianola speech, her energy was definitely that of a presidential candidate. I think, as other TAMs have suggested, that a combination of the death threats and the realization of how devoted we all were to her was too much for her, and so she decided to say NO. Tragically I think that her life would have been in grave danger if she had been elected president and stood up to the Bilderbergs as someone must do in order to save this country, so for the sake of her family I completely understand her decision. I am torn between love for the Palins and sadness for America.

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