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  1. Alan K. Henderson says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the Wall Street bashers should show some consistency and refuse to buy anything from a NYSE/NASDAQ/AMEX-traded company? Starve the Wall Street beast!

    Heh, I challenge anyone in the US to build a computer with no parts from American-traded corporations. The CPU alone has to come from one of three sources: Apple, AMD, Intel.

  2. dansnewplace says:

    You have to request to be in the group, and if you can write something you’re in.

  3. Maynard says:

    Anecdotal, but amusing. Here’s one of those Wall Street protestors (I think he’s in New Orleans) ranting about how the Jooooos took all the money.

    This is the dirty little secret of the Democrat party. They couldn’t win elections without ugly jerks like this on their team. They won’t renounce the support of these racists and goons, and in fact will subtly and unsubtly fan the flames of hatred. It’s death for the nation but very wonderful politics.

    Crazy world we live in. First they accuse the Tea Party of being racists, and then they say the Wall Street protestors are following the model of the Tea Party, and I would have said that both statements were utter nonsense except for this illustration that the Wall Street protestors are indeed practicing the racism they accuse their political opposition of.

    What was it that Nancy Pelosi said about the Tea Party? We’re swastika-carrying AstoTurf? And now when lawbreaking thugs show up in some evil parody of the Tea Party, she says “God bless them.” You can see here what Pelosi is blessing.

    • kwilder says:

      Good thoughts, Maynard. Thanx for the link. There is no question of the utter darkness that comes from the Left. Hypocrisy, slander, malice… the list goes on and on. As Tammy always says, though, the darkness cannot remain where the light shines. I love her comments about this particular topic, especially the fact that the light doesn’t need to struggle against the darkness, it doesn’t need to battle. The light only needs to show up and the darkness is removed.

      More than ever before, constitutional conservatives that love this country need to shine our lights. We can restore this country by demonstrating a better way. I believe the vast majority of Americans will come to the light once their eyes are open to it.

      We have a great challenge ahead of us, but saving this nation is certainly a worthwhile cause.

  4. srrchl says:

    Agree with all of Tammy’s unfolding analysis except for one point which I will get to later. Yes, a big disconnect between Palin and her supporters continues because she has chosen to insulate herself, to remain in denial, and to be unaccountable for expectations she raised but in the end didn’t manage. The bus tour that hit big primary states when other candidates were present, the fiery Game On, Mr President speeches, and the promise to run if there were no adequate GOP candidates to save the country are now being ignored. Instead, there are inferences of settling. That is not acceptable given what the country is up against, namely, a vicious, mendacious BHO Marxist gestapo committed to bringing our great nation to its knees. In that regard, it’s not about Palin; it’s about saving our country. Problem is — at this point, there does not appear to be anyone with the capacity for greatness to do so. Palin was the hope for a new direction. So, now what? Another four years of the Dumb Bastard is just unacceptable – the country will be irrevocably altered, including the makeup of the Supreme Court. I respect Maynard very much, but is the answer settling for Romney? Not for me; I feel no excitement about breathing life into the GOP machine. I respect much about Herman Cain but he’s unknown and untested as a political leader. The fact that Cain is black would, however, introduce an intereting but also explosive dynamic into the race. In many ways, Cain is the anti-Obama in terms of his life struggles and the choices he made. And, judging by his life accomplishments to date, Cain might very well have the capacity for greatness. We thought that would be Palin, but, in the end, she refused to answer the call. I am not minimizing the sacrifices that would have been involved; rather, I am critical that she led us to believe she would rise to the occasion and now is putting forth reasons/excuses that don’t add up. No, I don’t think she would be more effective as a non-candidate than as a candidate. I think she just decided she wasn’t up for it yet refuses be honest with us about that.

    And, here is where I differ with Tammy. I think it is imperative that Palin not cop out; that she must advocate and campaign for one of the GOP contenders. It looks like that will be Herman Cain. My respect for Palin would be renewed if she did so. Cain is the only one with potential, in my opinion. I need to learn more about him, but to date, I respect his style, his temperament, his character. His lack of political experience is concerning. I’m not comfortable having to witness him bungling and learning in the midst of a serious crisis. But, I would like to believe that Palin’s support and advocacy could help cultivate his potential and put him on a fast learning track. For her to sit out the primary process only to campaign for the default option would communicate total sell-out to me. That, combined with active campaigning for tea party congressional candidates would be a positive strategy that I would embrace.

    Somehow, we must defeat the Dumb Bastard and replace the current GOP leadership with as many reliable tea party patriots as possible. The survival of our nation is at stake.

    • kwilder says:

      Excellent analysis… very well done. The only place I might differ with you is that I can forgive Sarah for her shortcomings, for her humanity. I don’t believe she misled us (until the end… as Tammy says she didn’t handle that well). I believe she honestly considered running for president, and said the things that she said on the trail with the expectation of being a candidate. I believe her when she says that after ‘prayerful’ consideration she decided against it. It was a great letdown, to be sure. I would have engaged fully to get her elected president. But that is not the direction she has chosen, and we will have to see where that leads us. Again, thanx for the great analysis. I agree wholeheartedly that she should back a candidate as soon as possible. I don’t think there is anyone else getting in the race. I, unfortunately, have no idea who that candidate should be.

    • Ralph says:


      A few months ago Tammy read out my post in a Palin Report. At that time it appeared Sarah was getting ready to run but I did say the effects a campaign would have on her family would be an major issue. That was the major possible show stopper. Some of the older kids may have been supportive but I’m not sure of the younger ones. Anyway the decision is made. The most likely outcome may very well be a second Obama term or if not the election of some establishment GOP candidate like Romney. Considering its the establishment who got the USA into its current problems I would not be hopeful either would be able to carry out the necessary economic reforms.

      In all seriousness I do suggest, keeping the pantry well stocked and storing some of your wealth in precious metals would be a good part of any Plan B.

      As for myself, it means getting Tony Abbott up as our PM becomes more important. We are going to need to work extra hard to build a wall against the coming economic tsunami.



      Sydney Australia

  5. otlset says:

    Governor Palin is only human, she’s not perfect. So I’m getting pretty sick of this ongoing sniping and criticizing of her after the fact. I also do not believe she misled us. There was much going on behind the scenes we were not privy to — yes even at the last moment. She had and still has a load on her that none of us can realize, and only 24 hours in a day. Get over it, buck up, move on…but quit this sniping in hindsite, as if what she did was a personal affront to you. That attitude is selfish to me.

    After the semi-shock (c’mon people, there was always the chance she would decline to run — I for one was ready for the possibility) of her decision last week, I feel compelled to defend her once again now not only from the usual PDS blind hatred, but against the fair-weather squishes who once supported her.

    • flaggman says:

      I agree, but with the codicil that I think she owes us “Palinistas” a good long sit down interview with someone like Tammy or Steve Bannon, to go through in detail what happened in the process that made her go from “almost yes” to “no”.

      • otlset says:

        Although I don’t think she owes me anything, I agree that the time and events between *almost yes* (during which I truly believe she was planning to run) and *no* is where the crux of her decision lies. And let’s not discount the content of her answered prayers during this time.

      • jphilarnold says:

        While I do not believe that Sarah owes anyone anything, I do expect that Steve Bannon will invite her to do an interview on his show, and I am sure that Sarah will be more than happy to accept his offer. I suspect that will happen after Sarah returns from her trip to South Korea.

        I also believe that Sarah would be happy to be interviewed on Tammy Radio. If Tammy can bring herself to call Sarah and ask her to come on the show, I am sure Sarah would oblige.

      • ecu22331963 says:

        Palin says it’s time to “reload for America”:

        The appearance was among Palin’s first public appearances after announcing Wednesday her decision not to run for president.

        Palin referenced that decision just once in her speech, when she described disappointment with the contingent of supporters who voiced outrage over the decision.

        “They got mad and they would send some pretty mean emails and messages, and I thought ‘Oh come on, you’re going to trust me to be the leader of the free world but you don’t trust me to make the decision that God led me to make at this time.”

    • CurliQ says:

      Agree completely otlset. Everyone also was “shocked” and most didn’t approve of her decision to step down as governor…but it was the best thing she ever did. I also am very disheartened over so many who take her decision as a personal affront and even go so far to say her children should have no say. Selfish. Very selfish. I handed you my governor on a silver platter and you feverishly loved her until she didn’t do as you demanded. Sad and quite frankly, pathetic. Of course, now that means those very people might have to get off their butts and rise to the occasion now that Sarah is challenging them to do so. SHE was never the answer. WE are. She owes us nothing. WE owe HER. Now go DO something to make her proud.

      • jphilarnold says:

        CurliQ, that was very well stated. I especially agree with this part, “SHE was never the answer. WE are. She owes us nothing. WE owe HER. Now go DO something to make her proud.”

    • jphilarnold says:

      Thanks, otlset for posting this. I agree completely!

    • srrchl says:

      Tammy makes the blog available for us to freely express our feelings and points of view. Palin’s decision not to run was a blow — the build-up, the sudden bomb drop, and the ramifications of her decision — another BHO term – God forbid – or a machine GOP. I don’t feel it’s appropriate to be admonished by fellow TAMs for being critical of Palin. Each of us is entitled to his/her opinion and the freedom to express it without being chastised.

      • CurliQ says:

        Exercising my freedom to express my opinion, and thank you, Tammy, for that. I loved you, Tammy, before you believed in Sarah and wherever that road goes now, I still love ya.

        I was a “Palinista” long before most of her week-ago following even knew she existed. At long last I felt like she finally had the following she needed. She proved she didn’t, yet again. Forgive me if I feel like I’m fighting the same fight I have, for her, for the past umpteen years. Same old, same old.

        Again, I say, as Tammy has said many times….you underestimate this woman at your own peril. She is far from done. If only I had the fingers to count her “doneness.” But once again, we have found our level.

  6. LJZumpano says:

    Can I change the subject and send out an alert? just rec’d a DM from Jamie Radtke who as Tammy mentioned is running for the Senate in Va:
    jamieradtke: I will be in NYC on Wednesday night for a meet and greet in Village. Can u come and bring a few friends?
    I will not be able to go, but any TAMs in the area who are able to go would warmly welcomed.
    I first heard of Jamie via TAM Palin2012 aka @PatriciaSmiley. During the summer David Limbaugh heard her speak and was very impressed. He tweeted that he considered her to be an asset to the conservative movement, while he had no idea what state or race she was in at the time. Sarah Palin had a meet up with her this weekend, and Tammy has mentioned her and the importance of her race in several reports.
    ******This ends my interruption of your discussion, thank you ♥ *********

  7. sweetexp says:

    ..Good Morning everyone,

    So, as I was reviewing some of my sociology books this weekend I came across a statement on the sociological topic of power and social class that read “Why is there no militant class consciousness or class conflict in America(p.292)?” The text I was reading from was fairly recent and I was just amazed at how the world has changed so fast. I penciled in my own note that read: “update 2011, due to the hateful and visceral actions of the President in 2011 this has changed…”

    As I get ready to enjoy the Tammy B weekend update I find myself, like most of us, still trying to let this “Occupy” social movement thing play out a lil’ more to get the true sense of what it is actually about. To be distinctly clear everyone, I want to say that I think we have a possible situation of the old saying the enemy of my enemy is my friend…..:) Think about that. Again, as this occupy thing starts to show what it may or may not be about, I think that the people involved with it just may not know that if they would slow down and think about it all, they would find that they actually have some of the exact same concerns as the tea party! Those occupy people are feeling what America as a whole is feeling…(in some respects since some of them are so young and have never worked in society for long)

    If one will seriously think this through, he or she will do what Tammy said that one should do which was that we may need to start using our IMAGINATIONS!! What I am saying is to consider this: Obama, Pelosi, etal., are stroking The Occupy social movement group for now right? Ok, if we use a bit of imagination as Tammy so wisely has guided us to do, we ask the question that Herman Cain has asked, which is why don’t the occupiers OCCUPY 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE? Ahh, you see… What I think is going to happen is that EVENTUALLY as the Tea Party educates these occupy Wall Street kids/folks, they will soon mellow out and actually join forces with or link up with Tea Party factions…. Believe it or not this could happen. Let me finish the usage of my imagination ladies and gentlemen. Consider this: After the Tea Party and the “Occupy XYZ(they need to refine their name obviously)” social movements link up, this will make Obama, Pelosi and all others in power to say wait just a minute….. this is way too powerful; downright out of control….(wait for it, here It comes) LETS INSTITUTE MARTIAL LAW NOW!!!

    In using one’s imagination such a scenario honestly is not too far removed from what could be in the future as we (as Tea Partiers) educate the young grasshopper types in “The Occupy” movement.

    How profound…

    Keith M

    The text I was reviewing is cited bellow:

    “Looking At Us” An Interdisciplinary Study of Human Behaviors, custom edition for Saint Leo University.

  8. jphilarnold says:

    For everyone who feels that they were blindsided because Sarah Palin did not call particular people to give them a heads up that she had made a decision, please listen to the first two minutes of her interview on the Bob & Mark show the morning after her announcement broke. http://youtu.be/mKzVkjnjWl4

    They asked her why she did not announce on their show. Her response was that she had told them about her decision four hours before anyone else, and things “started getting leaked right after we started calling our folks about what the decision would be.” She went on to explain that once it was leaked nationally they felt they had to rush to get the letter out to her supporters. Then Bob & Mark seem to be joking that they could not understand how it could have gotten leaked because “We did not tell anyone [chuckle, chuckle, chuckle]”. Their response makes me wonder if they were the ones who leaked the story, but it could have been anyone of the people Sarah had told about her decision.

    It seems to me that if anyone was blindsided, it was Sarah who was blindsided by someone who betrayed her confidence by leaking her decision before she was able to contact all of the people to whom she had intended to give a personal heads up.

    I hope that Tammy and everyone else who is upset with Sarah because of the suddenness of her announcement will at least consider the possibility that Sarah’s plans to make the announcement more gently were cut short because someone she trusted betrayed that trust.

    • Kat says:

      Thank you jphilarnold! I tried to get people to listen to the Bob and Mark interview the day she gave it! I was telling them the same thing you have stated in your post! Hopefully they will NOW listen!

    • blogchick says:

      This would certainly put an entirely NEW spin on everything. If this is true, I would hope that Sarah, in time, will say so. This is not something to remain quiet forever about, in my opinion.

      It did seem rushed and sudden — the announcement on Levin’s show. And she seemed flat and almost ‘defeated’ in the short interview. Yeah, I am grasping at straws. But it is something to consider.

  9. dennisl59 says:

    Random Comments ‘n Observations:

    The SarahPAC website has not been revised: The One Nation Tour and donation link still there, what’s up with that? Weird. It’s like the Webmaster has taken a vaca or somethin’.

    Palin still has Joe McGinness’ and his publisher a** to kick doesn’t she? I hope she doesn’t let up on this issue.

    Palin’s commentary spots on Fox are going to have less impact now, and she’s still over-exposed on that channel.

    T: My recommendation is to get the Doctorate and get the hell out of California, since it’s committing economic suicide: ‘Escape from LA!”October 22nd in Scottsdale? Maybe time to look for some ‘real estate’ options?

    The latest links for these:


    One is coming up this Tuesday, it should be interesting since alot of stuff has come down the pike since then, yes?
    1st question for all the candidates(with a show of hands). Who considers themselves as a “Reagan Republican”?(No hand? escorted off the stage).
    2nd: “Who has read Reagan’s Autobiography?” (No hand?, dragged off the stage)

    That should ‘whittle’ ’em down a bit, ya think?


    Rinse Repeatus has totally lost control of the Republican State Primary Process. States are jumping the line and causing chaos with serious consequences for the Convention.

    The ellipsis is the most underated punctuation mark…in my opinion.

    You can’t ’round up’ cats, but you can ever so slightly ‘herd’ them, in my experience.


    posted 10/9 1137am Texans for [Fill in the Blank] Time.

  10. Patricia says:

    For those of us who were in Indianola, Iowa – we came away with certainty that she would run. Her speech that day was a high energy, policy speech and for a moment we thought she was going to announce. If you haven’t heard this go here and listen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hl5lhZKgobM .

    Then she appeared with Hannity and spoke once again about policy and stated that it will be up to the ‘GOP’ to make change. Her usual passion and “spark” was toned down a bit, but it still seemed she was going to run http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLEkWK4pB5s&feature=related . The unconventional process she kept referring too made us think – ‘yep she’s in’. At about 12 mins into this interview she seems to be pro Perry, ugh.

    In the Sept. 27th interview with Greta – Palin seemed to be endorsing “Herb” Cain. At around 8 mins into this interview Greta questions her about running and she talks, for the first time, about a title and campaign being too “shackling”. We should have listened more closely – this is where she had started to decide, imho, not to run. Of course – we Palinistas didn’t want to hear this. There was even a comment that “look she’s in a running suit.” She also spoke about her trip to Israel and she was effective without the title. Listen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAL67J1w54M . The being “rogue” and “maverick” without a title was a hint.

    Then there was the attack on Bristol calling her mother a whore. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2041154/Bristol-Palin-confronts-heckler-bar-F-word-tirade-mother-Sarah.html

    Her appearance at the Extraordinary Women’s conference in Lynchburg indicated, to me, that there were security concerns. I had tickets and questioned a colleague of mine, involved with this group, about the agenda. She told me they would not be giving out a specific agenda on times because of security concerns for the Governor. We knew in Indianola that Governor Palin would speak around 1:00 pm. Why no time was given for Lynchburg makes me wonder if security concerns for herself and her family might have something to do with her final decision.

    Finally, on the Bob and Mark show she talked about how much money was in her PAC. At around 11:30 she starts to talk about money and how much Obama will have versus other people. SarahPac has $1.1 million she states. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKzVkjnjWl4&feature=player_embedded . Was money part of her decision? Did she not realize we were waiting for her to announce for a money bomb? She also talks about the kids being 50/50 on her running. Piper of course is in and my guess is that Bristol and Willow were not.

    One last consideration – I think Tammy is correct in that Sarah does not realize how strong her base is and she does not want to take a chance on running, becoming the nominee, and possibly losing the election to Obama. “Anybody but Obama”……. She is also correct in that a President will need a Tea Party Congress to make any real change or progress in saving our country from this socialist, leftist, Marxist agenda. We must hope she can help candidates like Jamie Radtke get elected over more RINOs like George Allen.

    • jphilarnold says:


      I agree with you when you said, “Greta questions her about running and she talks, for the first time, about a title and campaign being too “shackling”. We should have listened more closely – this is where she had started to decide, imho, not to run.”. I want to particularly emphasize the words “STARTED to decide”. Some, including Tammy, seem to have looked back on this statement as an indication that Sarah had ALREADY decided not to run when she did that interview Greta. I believe that it is more likely that Sarah had begun to give more consideration to the concern about a campaign being too “shackling” at that point but still had not made a final decision.

      I think that your comments about security concerns are probably correct. In addition to the verbal attack on Bristol, there was that despicable rant by Mike Tyson concerning Sarah. When I think about these two incidents together, I can’t help but wonder if Sarah might not have had concerns that her running for President could have increased the chances that some hate-filled-lefty might rape one of her daughters.

      I believe that most of us were hoping that Sarah would run and win both the primary and the general so she could be our “Mrs Smith” who would go to Washington to clean up the corruption there and save our country. We are romantic enough to believe that what happens in a Frank Capra movie can be repeated in real life Washington. We look at what Sarah was able to do in Alaska and we assume that if she just became President, she could be as effective in the White House as she was in Alaska. I believe that the circumstances she would face as President are enough different from those she faced in Alaska that it is entirely possible that even as wonderful as she is, there is a very real possibility that she could never accomplish nearly as much as President as we were assuming she could accomplish.

      Tammy has repeatedly argued that because Obama has the title and job of President, he has been able to do great harm to this country; and that without holding the same title and job, Sarah can never do what Tammy believes Sarah could do to restore this country if only she were President. I believe that Tammy is missing a critical factor when she makes this assessment. It is easy to forget that without a complaint congress, Obama would never have been able to do as much damage to this country as he has. And without a complaint congress, President Palin would never be able to restore the country in the way she and we would want her to. One of the most vital areas in which I was hoping President Palin could help this country was the area of energy independence. We need to open up drilling in ANWR, and Sarah would make that a top priority. However, if I remember correctly, G W Bush actually tried to open up drilling in ANWR, and his efforts were stopped by congress.

      I am afraid that if Sarah had decided to run, and had won the Presidency, without enough people being elected to congress to give her substantial majorities to support her policies, she likely would have gone from being a servant willing to sacrifice for her country, to being a “Human Sacrifice” consumed in futile efforts to to save this country.

      I suspect that Sarah is politically savvy enough to realize that having control of the congress is far more important than having control of the Presidency. I also suspect that such an awareness was a factor in her decision not to run for President at this time.

      IMHO Sarah has not abandoned nor let down all of us Palinstas and TAMs, but rather she understands that before she or any other true conservative can be effective as President, we must rise up and take back congress not just with Republicans but with true conservatives. She has chosen to lead us into that battle to take over congress, rather than choosing to lead us by running for the Presidency. It clearly was not the choice that many of us had wanted or expected, but it very well may turn out to be the best choice she could make for the future of this country.

      I believe that it is more important than ever that we continue to stand with and behind Sarah and support her efforts raise up an army of her followers to help elect truly conservative candidates to congress and all levels of government.

      • larrygeary says:

        I always thought the plan was to elect Constitutional Conservatives to both the House and Senate (33 seats up for re-election) at the same time Sarah was running for President. She could have won and helped elect a conservative Congress, each campaign stop being both to promote her and the local CC candidate.

        But the reality on the ground is that she had no campaign plan and no campaign organization. O4P had structure and people in place in a few states, but PA4Palin admitted they were nothing more than a list of names in a spreadsheet, and we in NJ4Palin were the same. From the Palin camp – nothing we know of, and no communication between them and O4P. Only $1.1 million in SarahPAC, but most people were probably holding off waiting for the Campaign PAC. Filing deadlines are only weeks away in some cases. She waited too long to decide, and did not prepare to run when she still thought she was going to run.

        The “shackling” excuse is just that. Obama doesn’t seem to be shackled by either his campaign or his office. Sarah would run her campaign or hire the people she wants to run it her way. If she doesn’t want to be shackled by handlers, she shouldn’t hire handlers who would shackle her.

        She says it came down to family, and wanting to restore a sense of normalcy. I accept that. I think there was more to it, though.

        I must say that two negatives were revealed in the last few days. First, a lack of planning. Second, an insularity that kept her out of touch with what her supporters were doing and feeling, as well as what her critics were saying. Both of those would cause trouble for a Palin administration.

  11. Nemesister says:

    Thank you, Tammy, for all the pep talks. It’s going to take me a while not to feel deflated and dejected. Sarah was my only hope for this country.

    I see a parallel with another topic you have spoken of in the past. And that is, the uselessness of fighting for social issues when it’s the economy that is the first and foremost foundation of all issues. Where would we be if we put all our energy into gay marriage, for instance, if the economy collapses. All those other issues would fall into insignificance if no one can put food on the table, right?

    Equally, if Palin has opted to take care of her family, where will her family (and the bigger family that is this nation) be if things keep going the way they have been going with the establishment Republicans and the socialist Democrats in power? Doesn’t she owe it to her own family to run for President? I mean, where can she go to avoid the downfall of America, the Moon? Won’t she and her family also be affected by the strangling of this nation? Does she have enough money now to escape joblessness, high energy prices, the strangling of small businesses by encroaching government? Did she just believe her conversation with God advised her to not run, or was it the effect West Hollywood had on Bristol? I don’t know. What I do know is that I wouldn’t be surprised if she did not keep up with comments, and blogs, and the hope she gave a great number of us. She had to insulate herself and her family from the vile left.

    I have great fear for this country. The leftists, the muzlums, the silent Republican party. Why can’t WE make a great and noisy show in the streets of wherever? Why can’t the Republican “leadership” make its case?

    I’m so downtrodden I’ve junked all political email. Won’t read it. What for? I’m no masochist. Why should I read illustrations of death by 1000 cuts every day?

    Please let us know how to get on that mysterious list you spoke about in yesterday’s briefing. I’d like to join.

    • Ladybug13USA says:

      The Sarah Palin Earthquake page. https://www.facebook.com/sarahpalin#!/groups/230863800300999/
      Go to the right hand upper corner. There should be a little box that says “Request to join”. Click on it. Tammy couldn’t see it because someone, as a friend had already added her to the group. The group is closed to try to keep out the trolls. They had a terrible troll war going yesterday so now only admins can add friends to to the group and they are trying to clean out the trolls. The main purpose was to encourage people to send postcards asking Sarah to reconsider then it developed into a group for her supporters to gather to show her continued support.
      I joined when there was 140 members. It was fun to watch it grow. It became a therapeutic support group for the Palinistas, just like Tammy’s thread here. The Tammy was so wise to immediately start that thread for us. I am a retired RN and I am now viewing my TAM subscription fee as mental health therapy.
      Under her Tammy’s leadership and wise analysis I am picking myself up after having the breath knocked out of me from “hitting the wall at 80mph”. I am dusting off my butt in the next week and getting ready to kick butt again. With or without Sarah I am not letting these fiends destroy our country. Tea Party candidates must take over congress. Hugs to Tammy and all of the “gobsmacked” PalinisTAMS. 🙂

    • jphilarnold says:


      You probably don’t know me, so I want to share with you that I am the Vietnam Vet shown in the interview of Sarah that aired on Greta’s show on Fox News after the premier of “The Undefeated” in Pella, IA last June.


      I took every chance I could that day to talk up Sarah to anyone who asked to interview me. I was a bit frustrated when I saw the interview, because I felt that Griff had rephrased my comments in a way that put more pressure on Sarah than I ever intended. However, I was very touched by Sarah’s response in that interview, and I will always cherish that video. I had told everyone who interviewed me that I believed our country needed Sarah to run, but I never intended to imply that she had any obligation to me or to anyone else to make the decision to run. I’m not much of a church goer, and I don’t like to push anyone else to believe like I do, but I do have a strong faith and I do believe in prayer and in seeking God’s guidance. As much as I wanted to pray, “God, please convince Sarah to run!” I knew that was not the correct prayer to pray. Instead, I repeatedly prayed, “God, please make your way clear to Sarah concerning this decision.”

      You asked the rhetorical question, “Doesn’t she owe it to her own family to run for President?” Obviously you believe the answer is yes. For you to believe that, you must also believe something similar to what I came away from the premier believing.

      I came away from the premier of “The Undefeated” convinced that if we could just get enough Palin skeptics to watch that movie, then she would be able to win the GOP nomination and the general election and be become President Palin and solve all of our nation’s problems for us. I interpreted the making of “The Undefeated” as a sign that God was going to use it to get people to reconsider their opinions about Sarah and become willing to vote for her. I immediately started plotting ways I could get people who did not have a good opinion of Sarah to watch “The Undefeated”.

      We have all read the uplifting reports about how “The Undefeated” was shown to large enthusiastic crowds, and how people who were skeptics became supporters after watching the film. Unfortunately, my experience in trying to win skeptics over by getting them to watch “The Undefeated” has fallen flat on its face! Maybe it is the town I live in, or maybe I just am no good as trying to “sell” the concept watching a film about Sarah Palin to her skeptics. However I did not have to wait to hear Sarah’s decision not to run before I ran into the brick wall of reality that dashed the high hopes I had at the premier of “The Undefeated”.

      I have not spent nearly as much nor done nearly as much as many others have done to get ready to support Sarah in a run for the Presidency, but I have spent all I could afford to spend and have done I could find time and energy to do for the cause. In addition to spending about $350.00 for bumper stickers, O4P palm cards and other materials to give away, I purchased a projector, screen, DVD player, sound system, and folding tables all so I could use these to take “The Undefeated” on the road to start winning people over to my views about Sarah. As an Organize4Palin volunteer, I was able to get a copy of “The Undefeated” to show and the support of the O4P calling team to recruit people to come to the showings I was setting up. The first couple of showings I did went OK, but then the bottom seemed to fall out. For the last two showings I attempted to do, only one person came to the first of these and no one showed up for the the second. I had tried everything I could to get people to come to these showings. Friends I called either had other plans or were just not interested. Even some Republicans who watched the movie still insisted that Sarah is not “presidential enough” to earn their support.

      I am sharing this information about how much I spent and what I did to support a possible run by Sarah, in hopes that you will take that into account when you read the following:

      I do not now think nor have I ever thought that Sarah owed me anything whatsoever concerning her decision about whether or not to run for President!!! And, I do not feel any sense whatsoever that Sarah in any way lead me on, or misled me concerning what her ultimate decision might !!! I was fully comfortable to leave the decision about whether or not to run up to Sarah, knowing that she was seeking God’s guidance and trusting that God would direct her to the correct decision. I am convinced that my job was simply to do what I could to be ready to support her in the best way I could, should God lead her to decide to run. I did that, and trust fully that Sarah’s decision was the correct one, because I trust that God answered my prayer that He make his way clear to Sarah. I have no doubt that she sought his guidance and made her decision based on what she understood that guidance to be. That is all I ever could have asked or expected of Sarah, and I am fully satisfied that she fulfilled this completely.

      This all may sound strange to people who do not share my belief that God knows better than we ever can what the right path is for each of us and that He will guide the decisions of those who truly seek His guidance in making decisions such as these. But that is what I believe.

      • Nemesister says:

        jphilarnold, thank you for everything you did to promote Palin. I couldn’t afford to do all that. My plan was to buy a few of The Undefeated and donate them to local libraries in my county. Your kind words will help me get over this deflated feeling. Ultimately, I trust she is doing the right thing for the right reason.

        • jphilarnold says:


          We each do what we can for the cause. There are others who have invested much more money and time than I have been able to invest. I also thank you for your willingness to do what you can. It still might be a good idea to donate those copies of “The Undefeated” to local libraries. I still plan to try to promote it because it is an outstanding film which can have great benefit even though Sarah will not be running this year.


  12. Yes, I would have preferred to hear an announcement that Governor Palin had decided to formally declare her candidacy for President of the United State, rather than the announcement that we all heard.

    I joined “Sarah Palin’s Earthquake” to reaffirm my support for Sarah Palin, but will be disappointed if she changes her mind. In fact, it could be a deal killer if she changes her mind.

    When Reagan fired the air traffic controllers, they stayed fired. The news of that single act was heard around the world and set the tone for his entire presidency.

    I want a president who says no and means no. I do not want a president who says no and means maybe.

    Kevin Forrester

  13. katieh09 says:

    Were there strong conservative candidates that could have been better than current announced candidates that didn’t run because they thought Palin was running?

    Just wondering…

  14. cactuswren says:

    I want to say how much I appreciate Tammy and especially her 2 hour show on Friday and the weekend update. My young grandson is a huge Palin supporter and I was so proud of him starting early his political “education” and activism. I was very worried about the reaction to his young heart. He was over that day and we talked, then lo and behold started listening to Tammy’s show together. Can not tell you how much it helped both of us to come to grips with a new reality. We *must* fight on, whether that fight is in trying to get the Governor to change her mind, or working hard to get the rght people elected to the congress. I agree with so much of the above posts (even conflicting ones because I can sometimes see both sides of the coin) so will not repeat much of what I would have added. I’ll wait and see what shakes out 🙂 Again, thank you Tammy. We TAMs and Palinistas will get through this together come what may.

  15. Kat says:

    Dear Tammy,
    First I want to thank you for the therapy sessions you have given us TAMS since Wednesday, not sure where we would be without them! After listening to last nights Palin Report/Weekend Update I got the impression that you feel responsible for us TAMS/Palinistas emotions after hearing Gov. Palin’s announcement Wednesday and that you feel you should have given us some kind of “heads-up”! Personally, Tammy, I do not believe you misled us TAMS at any time or that you could have been a mind reader and given us the afore mentioned “heads-up”! I therefore certainly hope I am wrong regarding the sense of guilt I hear you expressing! Because none is required, on my behalf anyway!
    I have come up with an analogy with how most of us have been feeling since Wednesday (I hope I don’t get “fired” for giving it….LOL)! I look it like this: you and your bff in high school have talked for years about attending the local college and rooming together! You and your bff haven’t made definite plans your Sr year but nothing was ever mentioned that your plans would change! Then the night of graduation your bff tells you she received a full scholarship to a college in another state and she is going to go there and she has sent in her acceptance letter last week! You are stunned, your bff never mentioned applying to another college and even though you know this is a great opportunity for your bff, you are still extremely hurt! You still love your bff and wish them well but your relationship feels like it will never be the same and it probably won’t be same!
    Anyway, this is how I look at the events this past week! BTW, I love these new movements “Draft Sarah Palin” and “We Are The Eartquake”, I see them as an opportunity for us Palinistas to show the Governor that we still have her back no matter her decision!
    I believe I am now done rambling….take care TAMS…Love to one and all!

    • Tammy says:

      Thank you Kat, I truly appreciate your comments 🙂 And your analogy is a very good one. I have to say, while I was impressed with the TAMs before this, having experienced our reaction to bad news, I’m even more honored that we’ve created this wonderful Fellowship. Thanks 🙂

      • Kat says:

        You are most welcome! This past week is proof positive you didn’t “raise” us TAMS to be “sheeple”! Well Done!!!!

      • Ladybug13USA says:

        Your comment reminded me of something my Scots-Irish grandmother told me fifty years ago….”Good times bring people together but it’s the bad times that make them close.”

  16. otlset says:

    As I saw it the past several years, Governor Palin was definitely setting up to run for president since the election in ’08, and was proceeding along exceedingly well as she made an undeniable impact on the 2010 elections, supposedly collecting future allegiances from those she basically put into office — Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry most notable among them for this rant.

    In my opinion, besides the ongoing irrational hate-filled smears from the left and their media enablers, as well as the establishment GOP’s shameful efforts to hamstring her in subtle ways (and who knows what threats behind the scenes), there were two major betrayals of Governor Palin along the way that impacted her timing and ultimate decision not to run:

    1) Michele Bachmann, out of the blue shortly after Palin helps her get elected starts to glom onto the Tea Party and publicly ingratiate herself on the movement (to the extent of forming the failed Tea Party “Caucus”). Then she shortly after formed exploratory committees and voila — otlset has his “WTF!” moment as this unforseen and early presidential announcement is made by Bachmann! A betrayal it appeared to me, and I bet it took Governor Palin by surprise too. I believe when Palin campaigned for her in 2010 Bachmann was absolutely starstruck by the gigantic and adoring crowds Palin was able to attract, was envious, and somehow got the idea that SHE had that same charisma, and SHE wanted…more…more of that adulation and excitement that Palin brought. So she tried to usurp and steal that energy, and all the efforts that Palin had made to that point. And of course the media were all too eager to sweep Palin aside as they began substituting Bachmann in all their narratives of “Tea Party favorite” and most visible conservative woman politician, and the rest of the usual LSM BS.

    2) The second betrayal was from the boneheaded lying Texas snake-in-the-grass governor who not only lied to Palin, but he lied to Texas and the whole country when he stated he categorically would NOT run for the presidency. Yet, as Bachmann declined from her fifteen minutes of popularity, Perry jumped in anyway. Governor Palin even remarked on her surprise that the lying Texas numbskull (not her words exactly, heh) jumped in the race after he said he wouldn’t. This betrayal really threw her plans off-track, as Perry took off and started gaining donors and further stealing her thunder — that she had worked for to that time. She had to step back once again, delay and regroup, as the acculmulated effect of both betrayals forced a wait-and-see, let them get vetted-out mode of inaction. Meanwhile the smears intensified (crazy Joe McGinniss, Bristol’s barroom fracas, Maher’s hate-fest, and on and on. By the way, the stellar nature of her emails as governor being made public seemed to have no positive effect. More media blackout *sigh*).

    You might think I dislike Bachmann and Perry. You are right, I dislike them immensely. Throw in Governor Haley’s and Sen. Ayotte’s silence in Palin’s hour of need (the Tucson massacre where she was hung out to dry with outrageous accusations her website inspired the carnage from that apolitical madman) after they were boosted to office by Governor Palin’s efforts, and you have my bitter view now of ‘politics as usual’ and the corruption the thirst for power brings.

    • dennisl59 says:

      About Point #2: Totally agree, Perry IS a ‘snake-in-the-grass’ and a faux-cowboy nitwit to boot. I had predicted(hoped) that he would, as Chairman of the Republican Governors Committee, ‘be smart’, stay in that position, rally the Governors, and help Palin get the votes at the Convention to get the nomination. And of course, be rewarded with a position in her Administration. Nothing wrong with that, that’s politics; happens all the time.

      Well, the Dimwit Texas Faker has grossly miscalculated and he’s going to get his well deserved political humilation and arse kicking at the Debates and from the LSM.

      And it can’t come soon enough for me.

      posted 10/9 808pm Texans for [Fill in the Blank] Time.

  17. dennisl59 says:

    This video of Sarah Palin’s speech at the “Defending the Republic” event was just posted both on Breitbart and Palin-TV. Here’s both links in case one or the other doesn’t work for you. Both allow commenting.



    ‘We’ll always have Madison…” (sigh)

    posted 10/9 510pm Texas for [Fill in the Blank] Time.

    • flaggman says:

      Watching the speech now. Kills me that this is not a Presidential candidate. If she hadn’t said on Wednesday she’s not running, I’d still be 100% sure she was. Such a great stump speech!

      • I still support Sarah very much, but I need a break from hearing her speeches. I just cant seem to bring myself to watch. Maybe when the genius, or some hidden benefits of her decision become more apparent, I can get back on the Palin train whole heartedly. I just need some more time I guess.

        • paul14 says:

          It would take an earthquake to get me to listen to her now! My new DVD, “The undefeated” is still in the box, it was shipped in!

          • ok, i got curious, and watched “most” of the defending the republic speech. Good stuff, but thought it strange that she spent so much time here and there talking about her background and upbringing. It was as if she was still selling herself as a candidate or as a celebrity while at the same time pushing her ideas. Now that she is not running, I am not so interested in hearing about her upbringing. I would still love to hear stories from her about her time in office and what she has accomplished.

  18. imacat says:

    Tammy, thank you for talking through your process with us these past few days. I was right there with you when Jedediah came on to offer her calm approach, and I really appreciate especially what you said in the first hour of Friday’s “therapy” podcast about needing to find meaning. I’m still feeling emotionally fragile, almost like I did for a long time after my cat died suddenly a few years ago, except not quite that bad because I know Sarah is still out there, and more importantly we are all still here and have just as much opportunity to make a difference if we can figure out where to channel our energy. Just like with a death or a breakup, it is so important to have understanding friends to talk to and hang out with, and I am so thankful that you and the TAMs are here!

    • It was really great hearing from all of these great people. I agree with 99% of the sentiment expressed in the podcast. I just disagree with (was it? Stephen Bannon?) those of us that are really hurting about Sarah’s decision need to just get a life, and that the draft movement is a waste of time. We are hurting for our county not so much for Sarah. And the painful issue is more of how we found out and the timing of it all. That will still take some time to get over. Of course Stephen just wants all the whining to stop now. It surely hurts his DVD sales!! No big deal for him, when the country goes to sh_t, he will still have money and a nice house. SP’s Earthquake will send a respectful and positive message. If we get millions to join, of course it still doesn’t mean that she will run, but it will send a good message to the other GOP candidates that we are not going to scatter and run to them. We will maintain our core values. Even though Mr. Singleton is taking this very well, it was still heart breaking to contemplate how he must have felt, and feeling the need to down the drinks. I hope he and others like him get a thank you call from Sarah VERY soon. He certainly deserves so much more.

  19. Ladybug13USA says:

    PalinisTAMs: This is a very good 84 min show by Roderic Deane. He interviews Peter Singleton who is very upbeat. They are still going strong in Iowa, not for the Presidential but to keep and build the network to elect people to Congress. Nicole Coulter of C4P weighs in. MrL is on discussing the Earthquake Facebook page. Other guests are Ron Devito and Steven Bannon. Haven’t finished listening to it yet. I stopped to get it posted for you. 🙂 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rodericdeane/2011/10/09/the-roderic-deane-show

  20. ChuckLit2 says:

    I now think that Sarah has entered the long list of potential candidates who once “ran for VP” and have now been forgotten. I hope she proves me wrong, but snipping at disappointed supporters is not a good sign.

  21. mediachristian says:

    Hi, everyone…hope you had a great weekend. Here in Southern California, fall has taken a brief break and at least for a week, summer has returned.

    Looking forward to chatting with you all tomorrow – as of show time the countdown will be 393 days before voting out, and 468 days before throwing out, the Dumb Bastard and his jumping jack Guiness world record seeking just now proud of America Target shopper. Those who have tomorrow off because of Columbus Day being observed, enjoy.

    Have a good night!

    Posted at 2033 Pacific Daylight Tammy Time 10/9/11

    • Ladybug13USA says:

      You have a good night too mediachristian! And thanks for the countdown. We have to keep our #1 focus of throwing out DB. BTW Love your spot on description of “Thing2”. 🙂

  22. Murray says:

    Tammy you are becoming a bore on what till October 5 has been commendable radio programming – up there with Levin. But I’m beginning to see the Liberal veneer in you brought on over this issue of the Palin announcement. You’ve complained more about Sarah within the last few days than in memory regarding the Bushes, the establishment or any of your Fox buddies who have chronically sniped at Palin since she arrived on the national scene. Are you soured because she didn’t personally communicate with you on not running(?) Then perhaps you should get off your duff and contact her like Greta did. I further suggest you look at some of your friends like Singleton, Bannon, Devito, Coulter, Bila and the unqualified class they have shown at this difficult time, unlike you. Is it any wonder Sarah trusted Mark Levin to make the announcement and not perhaps, the Tammy show. Here’s a tip (?): you and your crony chat friends stop supervising Sarah Palin. If you cannot show more support and respect for the Palin family then put a cork in it.

  23. otlset says:

    Shoot, talk about barbarians at the gates — I had to interrupt my lounging to chase off several stinky younguns who said they were here to “Occupy the Tammy Blog”. Dang, one thing after another, guess I should wash my hands now…

  24. paul14 says:

    For Sarah so loved her family she was willing to hand them a Marxist America!
    Sarahcuda just turned into a Goldfish! The family should be excited when guns, & hunting are banned! At least they won’t be harassed, thank god for that!

  25. pochitatwo says:

    Tammy, please take this as someone who cares. The Palin report was scarey. Back away for a while. no support of Palin or draft. Feels too much like Whitney and Bobby. We have been hurt, the past is good predicter of future. Walk away, and if a miracle happens and she does something to address the past in a believable way, then reconsider. Be strong. We need you more then she needs you.
    Thank you for everything.

  26. Ladybug13USA says:

    I am testing a new avi.

  27. Maynard says:

    I’m reading reports of the negative impact of the occu-pests on adjacent small business, and in particular how they dominate and damage private restroom facilities.

    Last year I attended a Tea Party event where Pat Boone spoke, and he described a Tea Party rally he hosted in his hometown of Beverly Hills. He said they held him to a strict regulatory standard, even insisting he set up port-a-potties. He said that it was a brief event that didn’t need that sort of rigamarole, a “Tea Party, not a pee party,” he joked. But he complied.

    I’m obligated to do my part for the nation, and I’m glad I’m able to pay taxes. But I think a lot of us feel like there are two sets of rules, one for us and one for the other guys. I don’t mind being held to a high standard, but why isn’t that standard universal? Especially since I’m endlessly proclaimed to have fallen short of that standard, and the others are viewed as passing by definition. Where do these rules come from? Who makes for a better neighbor, a Tea Party or an Occu-pest gathering?

  28. Maynard says:


    A 6th grade student from Springfield, New Jersey, who asked Gov. Chris Christie for campaign advice, wound up losing his election for student council. Worse still, he asked President Obama for economic advice and he now owes his school $14 trillion.

    Saudi Arabia has given women the right to vote, but there’s a catch. The only form of ID accepted at the polling station: Driver’s licenses.

    That terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed last week, was American-born and was a top recruiter for al-Qaida. You don’t often see an American taking a foreigner’s job.

    In spite of the poor economy, almost 70 percent of Americans occasionally splurge on luxury items — like a blanket on a plane, or a peanut.

    They say Chris Christie decided not to get into the presidential race because he has no shot at winning. That’s not stopping President Obama though.

    Ben Bernanke told a congressional committee that the economic recovery is close to faltering. On the bright side, most Americans won’t be affected because we had no idea there was a recovery.

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