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How soon did the American people know they had been conned by the Obama election? The first sign of the awakening was July 2009 when this now iconic poster of Obama as the Joker first surfaced in Los Angeles (of all places!). This poster was the first glitch in the Obamas carefully managed stagecraft meant to make dissent and critique of Obama too dangerous to put forward. So, an anonymous poster that said it all was the first sign that Americans had already realized we had been duped.

Now the dissent is not anonymous, more specific and damning. Ranging from Democratic pollsters, to the normally genuflecting MSM, to Americans at NASCAR and even a Russian television anchor, the Obamas are finally getting a well-deserved and needed dose of reality about what we, and the world, think of them. And it’s not good. Not good at all.

When Chris Matthew, one of Obama’s more serious Bromances, turns on his Prince Charming, you know he’s in trouble. From this past weekend.

Michele Obama being booed at NASCAR. After all, what exactly is there to cheer about? Here’s a bit from Rush explaining why exactly MObama was appropriately booed.

My favorite no-nonsense (and non verbal!) commentary from a Russian television anchor.

Two Democratic pollsters tell Obama to step aside as if he wins in 2012 he will not be able to govern:
WSJ: The Hillary Moment: President Obama can’t win by running a constructive campaign, and he won’t be able to govern if he does win a second term.

New Hampshire Union Leader) Page One Editorial: Primary voters rejected Obama

These students, their generation and all Americans are facing an uncertain, perilous future.In large part, it is because we have a nice-talking, but unprepared man in charge.

Listen to President Obama today and he will lay blame on everyone but himself. His only plan will be to spend more money that we don’t have.

Four years ago, primary voters here tried to tell the nation that this wet-behind-the-ears socialist wannabe was the wrong man. (They picked Hillary Clinton in the primary.)

Here is hoping that seven weeks from today, primary voters here will put the nation on a path to unseating this glib, clueless disaster of a President.

Welcome to the Real World Barack and Michele Obama. We’ve had enough of you, and will very much enjoy firing both of you next November.

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  1. Trish S says:

    It’s staring to trickle out…the truth about Obama. Of course, he needs to be defeated! I worry though what he’ll do between losing the election and his last day in office. Look at what he is doing right now!

    • Trish S says:

      Also, the DB approval numbers are rising. WTF?

      • wubblephutz says:

        WTF for sure Trish. It’s the logical whiplash of the reality you see where Mr&Mrs DB are despised by everyone you meet and yet there’s this “approval” number. Hmmmmm…

        Tammy touched this (again) the other day, that the polls are not to be trusted. Rush has also talked about this in the past where the leftmedia uses polls to make up news. Logically to make up the news you want the next short step is to make the polls say what you want. As the media no longer practices pure classic journalism but are propaganda machines this all flows far to logically to deny (at least for my simple mind).

        As Tammy, and others, have also discussed if you just scratch the surface of the specifics of the poll results/methodologies the evidence of the manipulation is there to see. The problem is that the poll “results” are what is broadcast as “news” so the public at large only hears the big lie and then it’s off to the next shiny object.

        Thanks to Tammy for taking the backhoe of truth to the poll results and exposing the lies that those of us pulling the cart would never see.

  2. Nemesister says:

    I’d be curious to know why the “dumbinsky bastardinsky” newscaster flipped big-O off. Shouldn’t the Russians be happy that the US is being brought down? Weren’t they happy when big-O agreed to downsize our nuclear arsenal when they didn’t? What’s their beef with him, anyway?

  3. Ayeboots says:

    Russians have many of the same problems that we have including terrorists (Cheschans)
    They recognize Obama’s weakness and lack of understanding and that he poses a threat to the world because of it. They are not dumb but we are if we re-elect this creep. So here’s the universal finger Mr. O., long may it wave.

  4. otlset says:

    Look, since he took office he’s plunged us nearly 5 trillion dollars more in debt with nothing much to show for it, pitted race and class against each other so that race relations are worse than ever, ruined what’s left of our foreign prestige, groveled to our enemies, abandoned our friends, cleverly lied about almost everything including his promises of “transparency” — I could go on.

    Excuse me for not feeling sorry for “how bad” it’s getting for King Barry . I feel sorry for our country he’s destroying instead.

  5. mediachristian says:

    “Welcome to the Real World Barack and Michelle Obama. We’ve had enough of you, and will very much enjoy firing both of you next November.”

    YES!!!!!!! Thank you, Tammy! And that firing occurs in exactly 350 days!

  6. rosebud2186 says:

    I think it was the very first Obama State of the Union address when he put the American people “on notice”. At the time I thought – how arrogant. It was just the beginning.

  7. Shifra says:

    June 4, 2008
    “This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.” — The DB

    When I heard these words, I almost fell of my chair laughing. And I thought everyone else would laugh, too. But the crowd did *not* laugh; they were enchanted, mesmerized. And they voted for him.

    And when Candidate DB stood before AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and affirmed his belief that Jerusalem will “always be the capital of Israel,” the next day, Hamas threw a temper tantrum, and the DB recanted, saying he did not really quite mean what he said. And I thought all the Jewish Democrats will now realize what a lying phony he is, but they kept silent. And they voted for him.

    So, he gets elected with something like 95% of the black vote, and what is one of the first things he does in the WH? Cancels the voucher program for five thousand disadvantaged black kids in DC who were hoping to get into top schools. And they still supported him.

    When I heard the crowd boo MO, I realized that “this is the moment when everyone came to their senses, and the country began to heal.” 🙂

    • dr4ensic says:

      Oops. I misunderstood the crowd. I thought they were “MOO-ing”. Thanks for clearing that up, Shifra.

      You know, some days you’re the pigeon and some days you’re the statue. Wonder how Boo and Moo liking being “statuesque” now?

  8. Kat says:

    The Lame Stream Media claims booing Moochelle was disrespectful! To me, LSM, disrespectful is adding 4 Trillion dollars to the National Debt in less than 3 years! Disrespectful is turning the “People’s House” (the White House) into your own “Party House” while the people are struggling to put food on their table and keep a roof over their heads! Disrespectful is taking vacations that cost the tax payer millions of dollars when most tax payers only dream of taking a vacation! Disrespectful is shoving Obamacare down the throats of Americans who clearly let it known it was not wanted because they knew it would ruin the best healthcare system in the world! Disrespectful is calling patriotic Americans, who chose to let their voices heard in a peaceful and respectful way by joining the tea party, Tea Baggers! Disrespectful is stuffing your face with whatever food you wish while telling free Americans not to eat the same! Disrespectful is apologizing for America to every third world leader you meet!
    Even though I could go on and on and on, I believe I have made my point! Too bad the LSM could care less how we “Bitter Clingers” really feel! However, I must say I do feel some what better after venting! Thanks Dr. Tammy it was therapeutic! 😀

  9. I hated him all along so I don’t know whether to welcome these latecomers or throw monkey poo at them.

  10. wubblephutz says:

    I give the DBs the middle finger salute every single day. Harry, Princess Nancy, Chuckie, and the rest of those putrid losers in Washington too. I even do it in English so no translation is required.

  11. dennisl59 says:

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  12. strider says:

    She’s showing the way to the North Pole.

  13. Conservatarian says:

    For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of the Ruskies!

  14. FrankRemley says:

    Moochelle went to that NASCAR event expecting to be booed. It was all a set-up so that she could gain sympathy and the media could pour it on the rednecks who attend stock car races.

  15. makeshifty says:

    I saw this clip with Matthews earlier, where he says, “Give us our orders. Where are we going?” What?? It’s stuff like this that makes me feel sorry I ever listened to Matthews (the last time I did was several years ago). Giving him his due, though, he occasionally comes up with some good thoughts that are right in line with mine on Obama. I remember in ’09 when he was asked to talk about Obama’s accomplishments so far as president, he said, “I thought what he did with the situation in Haiti was great,” but he had little else to compliment him on.

    He astutely observed in this interview that, “Once he got elected, that seemed to be it for him.” He was able to connect with the American people in ’08, but afterwards, he didn’t need us anymore. Exactly. I picked that up from him in ’08, after listening to him talk to some people in Iowa. His campaign was saying, “Yes we can,” but the way he was acting in his policy presentations was anything but that. Instead what he presented was “I’ll do it for you.” There was no “we” in his plans.

    The best part of the Matthews interview was at the end of the clip, where he says that nobody in congress has heard from Obama in a long time. I’ve heard stories like that from Republicans in the House for at least a few months. The first report of this I heard about was that people in Obama’s *cabinet* hadn’t heard from Obama in months! That scared me! Matthews said, “He doesn’t like their company… That’s a problem.” Yes indeed it is, not just in the sense of good government, but in the foreboding sense of the kind of government Obama really wants. He’d just assume get rid of congress altogether. It would just be him running everything…

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