While the Republicans diddle, refusing to defund ObamaCare, Urkel is moving right along funding it. Stealing another billion from your children and grandchildren, Obama wants to “experiment” on how to provide health care considering there will be no doctors by 2014. Oh yeah, I can see some offshoot of ACORN suddenly becoming very interested in learning how to dispense “health care” for a cool $50 million. I don’t know about you, but I have no intention of living in a nation where “clinic managers” and “community workers” are going to be my first line of medical care.

Obama administration to announce effort to expand health-care workforce

The Obama administration will announce Monday as much as $1 billion in funding to hire, train and deploy health-care workers, part of the White House’s broader “We Can’t Wait” agenda to bolster the economy after President Obama’s jobs bill stalled in Congress.

Grants can go to doctors, community groups, local government and other organizations that work with patients in federal health-care programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. The funds are for experimenting with different ways to expand the health-care workforce while reducing the cost of delivering care. There will be an emphasis on speed, with new programs expected to be running within six months of funding…

At the same time, the country faces a doctor shortage. The Association of American Medical Colleges projects that the United States will have 63,000 fewer doctors than it needs by 2015. That shortage will grow to 130,600 doctors by 2025.

The need for a larger health-care workforce will probably become particularly acute in 2014, when the health-care overhaul is expected to expand health insurance coverage to millions of Americans…

That has left federal agencies looking to alternative ways to deliver care, ones that may rely more on community-based care and less on trips to the doctor’s office. Under this new program, organizations may be able to explore how community workers, volunteers, pharmacy techs or clinic managers could play a larger role in the health-care workforce.

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  1. otlset says:

    Former ACORN community organizer Demetrius “phat-D” Johnson sees his first patient… “Yo, I’m Dr. “D” Johnson, certified heart-lung specialist and bone surgeon to do your exam. You got them clothes off? Cause I need to do some palpatin’…”

  2. Kat says:

    I guess this is what they really mean by “Nationalized Healthcare”…..everyone in the nation can supply it! How forward thinking….no Doctors because we will be able to perform our own heart transplants! Great idea…..NOT!!!!!

  3. dennisl59 says:

    But there’s an ‘upside’…

    All the ‘new’ health care workers will come from all the VoTech grads that can’t find jobs in the profession they were specifically trained and where an advanced combo ‘skill set’ curriculum ‘might’ apply.

    Here are a few for your consideration:

    Medical Records Assistant/School Bus Driver
    Dental Assistant/Welding Apprentice
    Practical Nursing/Dessert Chef
    Nurse’s Aide/Automotive Collision Repair Tech
    Surgical Assistant/Barber
    Vision Care Technican/Diesel EngineTechnican
    Pharmacy Technican/Forklift Operator

    Of course all are eligible for Federal Student Loans!

    Don’t forget to use your coupon for the free oil change after your physical!

    posted 11/14 830pm Texas [Where’s my Pell Grant?] Time

    • I really think yer on to something! Sign me up for a BA in Pharmacological Fork lifting! Tis the way of the future! The way of the future. The way of the future…

      Maybe BO wants our hospitals to morph into that movie “Idiocracy” where you explain your symptoms to a moron, who tries to press the button on the “treatment machine” with the closest sign or symbol that best represents your problem. twas one of the more funny parts in that movie:)

      • dennisl59 says:

        Both a Howard Hughes(The Avator)reference AND an Idiocracy reference?LOL!

        “Because Brawndo’s got electrolytes!”

        Look for the future “Playskool” Toy “Lil’ Doctor Person’ for training future doctors with the huge color-coded ‘symptom’ buttons with voice responses. Batteries and ‘Scrubs’ not included.

        posted 11/15 Texas[Now with more MOLECULES!] Time

  4. Kat says:

    LOL dennis159! I must add….that pic of the DB dressed as a Dr will give me nightmares for years to come!!!!

  5. iris354 says:

    Hey, why not? I mean if a former Community Organizer can become the President of the US, Commander in Chief of the greatest military on earth, and chief executive of the executive branch (without any executive experience) it stands to reason that a “community worker” can become a doctor or nurse practitioner. Stroke of the pen, law of the land.

    But seriously, this is starting to sound a lot like the health care delivery system common in some parts of Africa (like, say, Kenya).

    • Can you imagine how BO would have preferred to have taken out Bin Laden? Maybe drop in the boys and girls from Acorn into the compound. You know? The ones that should be as well funded and as well equipped as our military? Once inside the gate everyone starts chanting.
      mic check! MIC CHECK! This will only talk a minute!

  6. Alain41 says:

    My cynical take: This ties in with Urkel’s lazy comment. The lazy comment is a setup for more immigration (legal & illegal), ie, the recent Congress bill to allow permanent residence to those who buy an expensive house (attract the investment that Americans have been too lazy to attract). Now if you give money to ‘community workers’ (some of whom will just happen to be illegal immigrants) they will be making an ‘investment’ in America just like the people who buy houses. So shouldn’t the workers supplying healthcare to America get permanent residence, the same as a rich person who only bought a mansion?

  7. sandyl says:

    I think the key word in this story is “experimenting” which means they will poor millions of dollars into this experiment, and it “unexpectedly” won’t work. Can you say “Obama 2012 Campaign Slush Fund?”

  8. Ken-P says:

    Some may not remember that The Three Stooges were entrepreneurs and I believe among their exploits was an episode being medical doctors. Liberals in government always remind me of them, but when we’re talking about them being MY DOCTOR, somehow it stops being funny. In the last years of the Soviet Union we learned that average folks were into “ironic” humor. No doubt that included gallows humor. Remember Yakov Smirnoff? (Okay, I’m dating myself.) He got out of there. Where’s that poor guy gonna go now? I wanna know because I might be going with him.

    • dennisl59 says:

      The Three Stooges movie short you’re referring to is called: “Men in Black”(1934).They’re hired, after ‘graduating’ from Medical School, at the Los Arms Hospital. This one has the now famous recurring dispatcher line “Calling Doctor Howard, Doctor Fine, Doctor Howard!”.

      “For duty and humanity!”

      posted 11/16 715am Texas [nyuk, nyuk, nyuk] Time

  9. Kat says:

    BTW….Mom will be sooooo happy…..she always wanted me to marry a doctor…now Hubby will fit the bill!!!!LOL!!

  10. thierry says:

    this reminds me that here at the glorious launch of Rombamacare-MA- the first thing we lost was the local healthcare clinic that served an underinsured, poor community. it was a brand new facility and less than a year after romneycare was signed into law it was closed down. not that people have anywhere else to go-its impossible to get a primary care doctor which is required by insurance companies.people are going to appointments as a group already-not enough doctors and most of them will not take new patients.

    my cats get better,quicker care- and the vet makes house calls.

    better off sticking with chanting, witch doctors, and smudge sticks . it’s like the dark ages all over again. tell me again why these people are referred to as ” Progressives”?

  11. padrooga says:

    This would seem to defy the laws of physics:
    The funds are for experimenting with different ways to expand the health-care workforce while reducing the cost of delivering care.

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