Audio: Gingrich Floats Sarah Palin As Possible Vice President Pick

Is he serious or just pandering to Palinistas? if you’re a Palinista, does this affect your willingness to support Gingrich? Would she do it? Remember, if Newt is the eventual nominee he’d have the very same GOP machine helping him as McCain. Would she go through that again as second fiddle? Should she?

Newt Gingrich tells a tele-townhall that Sarah Palin is someone to be considered for the vice presidency or energy secretary.

Caller: If you’re fortunate enough to be nominated, would you consider having Sarah Palin as your running mate?

Gingrich: She is certainly one of the people you would look at. I am a great admirer of hers, and she was a remarkable reform governor of Alaska. So, she’s somebody that I think brings a great deal to the possibility of helping in government, and that would be one of the possibilities. There are also some very important Cabinet positions that she could fill very, very well. I can’t imagine anybody who would do a better job of driving us to an energy solution than Gov. Palin, for example. So, tell her she certainly would be on the list of one of the people we would consider.

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  1. I would be much more positively inclined toward voting for Newt Gingrich if Sarah Palin was willing to be part of the Administration. I haven’t a clue as to how she would feel about it.

  2. jmm says:

    I think Newt is testing the waters.

    If i were Newt’s advisor i would say West, Rubio or Ryan. Young and energetic and a compliment to Newt who is viewed as the mature older guy with experience.

    The Palin Brand is beyond taking the VP spot. She can still influence the voter this year, but i believe she will wait until its her time. Maybe a cabinet position as a grooming spot for 2016.

    As much as i would like to see a strong woman on the ticket, there is still a bias against a woman running. Hillary couldnt break the ceiling even with the help of Bill.

    The number 1 goal in 2012 is to remove urkel and his cronies. GOP has to be strategic and stop turning the other cheek.

  3. Artgal says:

    I am not supportive of Palin as a VP candidate – again! She’s ‘been there/done that’ and though the McCain machine was a learning experience for her, she would still be subjected to keeping herself in line so it would not muck up things for Newt. Perhaps she would handle it differently than in 2008 after having such an experience, but I still do not want her to be the reoccurring VP pick. Having said that, I could certainly see her as the Energy Secretary. She would be extraordinary!

  4. HiramHawk says:

    Gov. Palin is honorable and I sincerely doubt that she would consent to being associated with Newt now. Especially after what Sarah went through with McRINO in 2008.

    I know a lot of my old “friends” and so-called “conservatives” on the Palin blogs have been calling me names and expressed their hate toward me, simply because I have not jumped-in with them to support Newt. I also am not at all impressed with the current field of GOP candidates.

    I only mention this, because I am concerned about what has happened to honor and conservatism that I saw expressed when Sarah was in the picture? So I wait for Governor Palin and I am not going anyplace.

  5. Ellen says:

    I tend to lean towards pandering, but I don’t think it matters much.

    Palin didn’t want to be shackled by the title of President, so I don’t see her accepting a VP or any other cabinet position.

    • Trish S says:

      Pandering, must smart and necessary pandering if he wants to better his chances of winning the presidency!

      • Piratin says:

        @Trish: I don’t think Newt was pandering. He was being “diplomatic”. He didn’t want to throw a “NO” in the tele-townhaller’s face, but he made it VERY clear that he wants Palin as Energy Secretary, which is a better spot for her anyway (unless Newt would suddenly die in office, in which case we’d all be lamenting that she’s not vice).

        Btw, aren’t “tele” and “townhaller” contradictory terms? Townhalls are supposed to be spontaneous and grass roots, but once something hits the “tele” status, can we be sure it’s not orchestrated?

        To the ppl saying Allen West for vice (wouldn’t we want him in a Defense position??):

        I love(d) Allen West! But he co-authored and voted for — as did NEARLY EVERY REPUBLICAN SENATE MEMBER — for the Indefinite Detainment Act, UNDER THIS PRESIDENCY, NO LESS!!!

        That is CLEARLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL and may very well prove to be one of the single, most devastating acts to have been passed in this…decade? past 50 years? longer?

        I fear it CAN be used to silence/imprison/ultimately “do away with” (by whatever means…how would we know if Americans are freighted off to Guantanamo or elsewhere and no one even knows?) dissenters. THAT, my friends, is the beginning of the FOURTH REICH.

  6. dennisl59 says:

    My $0.02:

    OK, so why did Gingrich ‘take the bait’ of the question in the 1st place and then not give the proper ambigious, non-committal, neutral, wait and see, political answer? I cringed when he did the same thing dropping John Bolton’s name for S.o.S.

    Have any of the other candidates dropped names like this? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think so.

    He needs to do a sanity check here: he’s won nothing, running on a shoestring budget and the Full Metal Jacket Crackpot Ron Paul has a well-organized cult following. Not to mention the Republican Establishment backing Romney(The Faux Conservative RINO and former Governor of the Democratic Republic of Taxachusetts).

    For what they’re worth, Polls have shown that Palin polarizes the Electorate. You either love her or hate her(thanks to the successful character assasination squads of the Democrat-Media Complex).

    Listen, Palin, herself, and much to our dismay, decided to go low profile and put her family ahead of the country. If I were her, I’d call Newt and ask him not to mention me at all again until when and IF he wins the nomination, though he had the audacity of stating, he would. Another Big Arrogant Mistake.

    Otherwise his loose comments will be used against him by The Usual Suspects of the Washington-New York Media Axis of Evil.

    And one more thing…No Crying!

    posted 12/30 810pm Texas [pass the tissues] Time.

    • sandyl says:

      I disagree Dennis. The people chosen by the candidates to be on their team, now or later, give me insight as to who they are.
      Is Newt pandering or answering honestly? Don’t know for sure. We only have our gut to trust. I do know that choices Bachman and Romney have made spoke volumes to me. Frankly one of the reasons I am in Newt’s camp for now is that, even if he is pandering, he is aware of the shift in the country and knows what we want to hear. All others seem to be oblivious to the shift, and continue the old, stale pandering as a “moderate” and as someone who will “work with the other side.” They are trying desperately to erase the last 3 years. So whether it’s pandering or truth I like his answers for now. I also happen to think Palin is a perfect choice for energy secretary! I don’t think she would be polarizing in that position (anymore than any other conservative in that job).

  7. sohali99 says:

    You are brilliant DennisL59. And I agree. Newt is unfocused right now. Sarah Palin is too big for a Newt cabinet or VP potential spot. Those still waiting for a phone call from her also need to get real. SH.

  8. Teri says:

    I will selectively listen to media the next 11 months. I will listen to Tammy, of course. The ands, if or butts have me worn out completely as I write this. I will pray more than anything that God help us. I will use my common sense to figure out what is happening around us in these uncertain and maddening times. Inner peace my fellow TAMs. We are in for the fight of our lives. For our country, for our souls.

  9. imacat says:

    I would love to see Governor Palin in either position that Newt mentioned, and I think she would accept IF she were given free rein to do it the way that comes naturally for her. I think she did not see herself at the top of the ticket at this time, but she has not ruled out serving in a lesser role if asked to do so.

  10. paul14 says:

    Wonder what reaction Newt would have got, if he had answered no??

  11. LJZumpano says:

    I sure do hope he spoke to her before “floating” her name. It would leave a mark if she comes out now and laughs at the audacity of him trying to use her. (Remember “floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee”. Don’t want no Mama Grizzly stinging you at this point.)

  12. flaggman says:

    If I were an American voter (and maybe I could be…you guys don’t check I.D.’s), I would be more inclined to vote for Newt based on his support for Palin. He has always spoken very kindly for her, and in the past three years that’s become my litmus test for decency. His only slip was when he suggested she’s only pretending to run for President for book sales…but I think in the end that was just projection from a guy who makes a living in publishing. There’s a great video on C4P today of Newt being interviewed at the 2008 convention by MSNBC, and fighting back hard on behalf of Palin against the smear that she’s unqualified. In fact, looking at him go after Obama on that video, I’m more inclined to want Newt regardless of his kind words for Palin, because he knows how to throw a punch. But I think his praise for Palin is genuine, and that is important, because the rest of the jackasses in the field have taken the easy way out and gone along with the silence or the cheapshots, whichever is easiest at the time.

    • flaggman says:

      And that being said…no, I don’t think Palin should accept VP, nor do I think she’d want to be energy secretary right now. If she’s really bowed out for family reasons, then I don’t think she’ll do anything that would take her out of Alaska for 4-8 years.

  13. shellym says:

    As a Palinista, I applaud Newt for bringing Gov. Palin into the conversation, but the other part of me says it’s pandering by a shrewd politician.

    I do NOT want to see SP in the VP slot, nor do I think she’d accept it. Been there, done that. No rinse and repeat, thank you.

    However, her expertise and knowledge with energy issues makes her a very appealing candidate for Sec. of Energy. I have no doubt of her ability to make a huge impact in this area and by extension, our economy as a whole.

    However, given her stated reasons for not running, why would she accept a role in DC regardless?

  14. ROD says:

    Newt Palin got my Vote

  15. RedMoonProject says:

    The important part of Newt’s response is his mentioning the position of energy secretary. By doing so he is showing that he understands both the importance of developing our own energy resources to help get the economy going again, as well as the importance of having Tea Party people at the highest levels of his administration. Any conservative is going to need Tea Party support, and Newt is showing that he understands this. Very smart.

  16. srrchl says:

    Palin as Secretary of Dept of Energy would be tremendous. She could develop a US energy independent policy and oversee dismantling of the bureaucracy. But, it is unlikely she would want to live in DC and be part of that culture. Why is this being considered pandering? Because Newt has indicated that he wants John Bolton and solid tea party people in his administration? Or, is a Mitt Romney administration with Nikki Haley, John Sununu, Michael Chertoff, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie more palatable?

  17. Kat says:

    I love and respect Sarah Palin, but I dont see her playing second fiddle again! Especially since she decided not to be the “top fiddle”! Would love to see her as Energy Secretary, she would be AWESOME!
    As for a VP if Newt gets the nomination….Susanna Martinez or Allen West (I really would love to see him as Speaker of the House)…. whomever it may be, Newt will need to pick either a female or a minority or both IMHO!

    • Ayeboots says:

      Tammy lets get down to it; Palin as vice-President would be in position
      to become President next time around. As to “second fiddle” I prefer
      to think of it as First Fiddle and Newt as Conductor a much more positive
      Analogy. You said yourself that the establishment had to be involved; so
      let’s use them to get Newt and Sarah elected and can all this negative
      Hassari! (Pardon me Shifra if I miss spelled it.) I like the sound of it;
      Newt and Sarah, Newt and Sarah! It’s euphonious!

  18. Gingrich didn’t explicitly indicate Palin as a choice for energy secretary, but that he could see her working with energy issues in some capacity. I haven’t followed all of Gingrich’s policy plans super closely, but I’ve heard he may have some revamping plans in mind when it comes to energy bureaucracy anyway (i.e. moving the EPA to be under the control of the Interior Dept etc). Governor Palin has expressed that she thinks the Department of Energy should be nixed herself, so I don’t think she would accept such a position if any President offered it to her. I wouldn’t think she would want to play second fiddle again either with a VP position.

    This doesn’t change anything as far as my decision for the primary, but I do give the Gingrich campaign props for recognizing the policy and reform chops of Governor Palin and the importance and “power” of the Palin supporter vote. He did even praise her Iowa speech before she said she wasn’t running, so I don’t think he’s necessarily full out pandering by these types of comments.

  19. tamcat says:

    Sarah Palin doesn’t want to run for President, she is not going to accept any other job that would shackle her to public office. Only the highest office would of been right. Who knows, maybe in 20 years Sarah will have different priorities.

  20. Ernst1776 says:

    I would totally dig Gingrich/Palin on one condition…. That Sarah Palin is allowed to be Sarah Palin. That said, I am still holding on to hope that conditions will arise where Sarah Palin enters the GOP race.

  21. MaryVal says:

    Newt’s running on at the mouth, the way he does. I seriously doubt there have been discussions of any kind with Gov. Palin. When would Newt have had time for discussions, with the current pace of everyone’s campaigns? Newt has not won the nomination, this is not the time to be choosing running mates or interviewing potential VPs. It’s name-dropping, mild pandering. It’s Newt being Newt: you expect a certain amount of blatherskite. Palin for VP will never happen, no matter who the nominee is. She’s associated with the failed McCain campaign (that disgusting foul tempered, foul mouthed, vindictive old RINO).

  22. alQemist says:

    I don’t think Sarah will ever run for public office again. I do think she would be the best candidate for Secretary of Energy. She has demonstrated that capability and if you listen to her it is one of her most consistent talking points – Energy Independence !

  23. Ayeboots says:

    Tammy lets get down to it; Palin as vice-President would be in position
    to become President next time around. As to “second fiddle” I prefer
    to think of it as First Fiddle and Newt as Conductor a much more positive
    Analogy. You said yourself that the establishment had to be involved; so
    let’s use them to get Newt and Sarah elected and can all this negative
    Hassari! (Pardon me Shifra if I miss spelled it.) I like the sound of it;
    Newt and Sarah, Newt and Sarah! It’s euphonious!

  24. strider says:

    Newt seems to have a nice fluid intellect and I don’t mind a little verbal spillover over once in a while. Could be that Gov. Palin crossed his mind as VP and he just mentioned it – that might be insensitive.

  25. Trish S says:

    IF this primary truly becomes a choice between Newt and Romney, then I’ll pick Newt. He isn’t afraid to put ideas out there. Both men are NOT to be trusted; but by Newt putting more out there for us to see makes me trust him more than a sneaky Romney who plays the waiting game. In addition, the establishment hates Newt and that makes me think he has a better chance of beating Obama, which is MANDATORY! The Palin comment is just another idea Newt is throwing out there. Newt is smart,and so is floating the Palin idea:) As for Palin playing in the sandbox with the other boys, that remains to be seen. The candidate who deals with the “crony capitalism” concept head on, is the ultimate patriot and smarty pants!

  26. sandyl says:

    I am not a cheerleader for Newt, but I feel like defending him on this issue. Many here are saying that Newt shouldn’t name drop or assume he has the nomination yet. In this clip I read, he is doing neither. He was asked IF he got the nomination, would he consider Palin as VP? He was very diplomatic and successfully changed the topic from VP to energy secretary, while giving Palin kudos for her strengths. Just MHO-bservation.

  27. chris1058 says:

    Until I see a large enough of base of clear thinking, clear-frigging-speaking politicians that can make the case for Sarah Palin, Allen West, John Bolton, etc. any of them would be insane to accept speculation or a cabinet/VP nomination. Look what happened with Bolton. Look at the weak kneed republicans/”conservative” to the Obama supreme court nominations! For cryin out loud!
    The person who comes the nearest to laying out a reasoned case for their decisions most often is Gingrich. But he needs people around him in the Senate and House who are well spoken AND unhestitant to jump and refute the putrid stream of BS that the MSM and Liberals pump at us all day. We need daily pallette cleansing!

  28. bcintn says:

    She would be an excellent cabinet member. Can’t imagine a better Secretary of Energy.

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